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Customizing Your Resume for Each Position: I Just Disagree ...

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Have you gotten this advice from a job search coach?  

“Customizing your resume for each position you apply to can be critical in today’s job search.”

If you are changing your resume every time you send it out, it just might indicate that you have:

No focus

Corporate Loyalty and CFOs

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Bob (not his real name) recently landed a job after a very proactive and anxiety-ridden search, and just completed 5 weeks of very intensive training. As I was congratulating him on completing that training, he told me that his boss in this new company was just fired.

The Job Search Is Really a Career Journey

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Even though it is after the election (thank goodness), I couldn’t help but be drawn in by this article by Dorie Clark. The comparisons she makes of the job search to a permanent political campaign are quite fascinating. And, legitimate!  

Only “Sitting” CFOs Need Apply!

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I recently had a call from a recruiter who places CFOs. He was looking for a particular type of CFO with specific industry experience. And a CPA. It’s a mid-six-figure salary. And oh ... any referral candidates must be sitting CFOs!

Sitting. Employed. Passive. Desirable.

Top Talent Is Ready to Move!

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Are recruiters calling you?

The Linked In Profile of a CFO

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Those of you who know me, know that I am a straight-talking truth-teller. So let me just say this as clearly (okay, and bluntly) as I know how.

The only thing worse than having no Linked In profile is having one that is completely incomplete.

CFO Differentiation

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Some interesting comments have been posted to a recent question on Proformative around

Networking ... It’s a Verb!

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The words “networking is a verb” were rolling around my head yesterday during a coaching session with one of my clients. It is not at all unusual for me to encounter resistance to networking from my CFO clients. For many, it just isn’t in their DNA. In fact, for some it is way, way outside their comfort zones. Or, they are just too busy in their jobs to network ...

Executive Job Market Intelligence Report

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Career practitioners eagerly await publication of Execunet’s Job Market Intelligence Report every year. But, Execunet has released some new trends from its 20th annual issue, and with its permission, I’m sharing that info with you as well.

When the Person and the Paper Don’t Align

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A recent question on Quora asked ...