These Great Tips to Run QuickBooks Smartly can Save Your Time

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The smartest way to work is to get correct information without spending much time. Let us check out some shortcuts to get quick information form the QuickBooks. This amazing software provides you some really easy shortcuts, form where you can get multiple information at a single time. Some of them are:

The Ten Commandments of Workplace Etiquette

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I've written a couple blogs on workplace behavior. Seems only logical to dream up a few rules for the workplace etiquette. (My advance apologies to the bible).

Top Hurdles of Spend Analytics

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Spend_AnalyticsWith the stagnant economy, cost control has become the new mantra of every business. Businesses are deploying various strategies to contain costs and maintain profitability.

Competing on Price is Unsustainable

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Pricing is a critical task that all businesses manage.  However, there are many different ways to approach the pricing requirement.   In simple terms, price = cost of inputs (or raw materials) + profit margin.  Costs include personnel expenses + non-personnel expenses (IT, accounting, compliance, insurance, Infrastructure…); while margin is dependent on your prof

Even in times of oversupply, paying a realistic wage makes good business sense.

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I was talking with a friend who stated that since there is such a glut of available widget-makers, and that salaries have taken a 35-50% decline, that this was to be expected. These out of work widget-makers should take those jobs so they are ahead of the curve.

7 Tips To First Time Managers

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I recently concluded my first management position, an expatriation to USA from Denmark as a Finance Manager. Needless to say I gained a ton of experience and learned a lot in the past 2.5 years so I thought I would share my experiences to help future first time managers deliver great performance.

Better identity theft efforts - S. 2736

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The essence of key risk indicators

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This post continues my “essence of ERM” series. The goal of this series is to address all manner of risk management topics in small sensible components. I’m writing this series to help make risk management a practical tool for organizations of all types.

This post is about key risk indicators.

Intrastate Crowdfunding and the 499 Unaccredited Shareholder Problem

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In prior posts I have lamented the problems with the federal crowdfunding law.  The SEC is still behind on finalizing rules implementing the crowdfunding provisions of the JOBS Act.

Evolution of the Client Accounting Services Model

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