CFOs Growing Less Wary of ERP Consolidation

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A big theme for CFOs this year is to reduce enterprise costs. That’s no surprise. But what is new is that CFOs seem to be inching closer to the idea of ERP consolidation—despite the risks and headaches that would surely be involved.

Finance Departments Still Lag in Using Advanced Analytics

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Business computing has undergone a quiet revolution over the past two decades. As a result of having added, one-by-one, applications that automate all sorts of business processes, organizations now collect data from a wider and deeper array of sources than ever before.

The Heartbleed Bug and Business Security

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No, not “Heartburn,” it’s “Heartbleed,” but it’s a security bug that may give you heartburn.

5 Ways CFOs Can Reduce Growing Pains and Make Their Work Easier

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Growing organizations still running entry-level accounting software quickly outpace their systems, which causes a range of ailments for finance. Here’s five ways to make it all better:

Tips to Improve Your Public Presentations

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Cultivating Flow

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Last week we defined the psychological principle of “flow,” how it relates to the business world, and what it might look like to cultivate a work environment more conducive to flow experiences (you can catch up here).

3 Keys to Successful Software Integration

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When it comes to integrating cloud-based software, there are three keys to ensuring your integration will be successful in helping you achieve your end goals. These keys are flexibility, security, and documentation.

The Daily Grind With Office Documents: The burden of spreadsheets on your decision-making

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At the core of nearly every finance and accounting team remains the common spreadsheet—capturing millions of data points each day. Spreadsheets are useful for housing data and incorporating formulas, working out equations, and storing basic business activity.

Tips to Mitigate Technology Implementation Challenges

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Companies continually look for ways to reduce costs, facilitate sales, and increase customer satisfaction.  While there are a multitude of specific approaches that could be utilized to address each issue, all three of these objectives could be achieved at the same time through automation.  Production systems serve to increase sales efficiency and introduce cross-sell opportunities; wh

On-Premise, Hosting and Saas, What Does It Mean for Your Technology? (Part 2 of 3 Series)

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In part one of this blog series, On-Premise, Hosting and Saas, What Does It Mean for Your Technology,  I discussed the benefits and challenges of on-premise technology for your business.