Xero Add-ons Reflect a Robust, Global Ecosystem

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Synchronizing Core Values the Key to Effective Execution

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Think of the times when you have interacted with someone where one of you weren’t using their native language. The conversation is choppy, there is a lot of effort invested in simplifying your message to make it easy for the recipient to understand. You have to listen more actively and may repeat what they have said to make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings.

Ethics Missteps Damage Brand Value

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The 2014 list of “Most Damaged Brands” includes companies whose unethical actions damaged their brand image. Instead of being forthright and direct, these companies failed to act on internal warnings or outright lied to the public. They are now paying the price.

Starbucks College Plan and Taxes

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The essence of ERM

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Career Undertow

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If you've ever swam in the ocean and had the mis fortune to get caught in an undertow, you know those brief and scary moments where your mind is racing, your body is searching for the right direction to swim and your lungs begin to feel like they will burst. Then there is that moment of calmness when you allow yourself to give in to the wave, seemingly like you have given up.

Cash method for small businesses

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On July 10, 2014, the House Small Business Committee's Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax and Capital Access, held a hearing - Cash Accounting: A Simpler Method for Small Firms?  Congressman Tom Rice opened the hearing noting that he i

Is your performance management driven by strategy?

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As more and more companies focus to increase their productivity and the overall performance of their organization, it is important for them to realize that performance management is at the heart of their success.

Reasons To Outsource Your Bookkeeping & Tips For Selecting A ProAdvisor

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Similar to a well maintained engine, a business’s books will continue to run correctly when they get the attention they need. Start neglecting little issues here and there, and the problems compound. Next thing you know, you’re in the shop needing a complete, and costly, overhaul.

Clean Up Your Marketing

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Now that spring is here, we can mark the end of the first quarter in 2014. This is a great time to evaluate your marketing initiatives for the year and take note of things that have been working for your business (or not) and see how you would like to move forward for the rest of the year. We will discuss 4 marketing initiatives to ensure your business’ online success.