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Steven Hansen
Title: Consultant
Company: Foundation
(Consultant at Foundation)
I have not used QuickBooks in quite a while. I am doing consulting work for a Non Profit. They have 4 locations in South America and want a P&L (loss technically) for each as well...
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Asmaa Awad
Title: enternal auditer
Company: Jordan
(enternal auditer at Jordan)
Anonymous Member
(CFO/ Finance Director)
We are about to go public and while working on the IPO preparations and processes, I would like to know what are the key positions needed after the IPO. This is my first IPO and I...
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Tami Smith
Title: owne
Company: Mystical Gifts & Memories
(owne at Mystical Gifts & Memories)
I purchased the program and POS system from a store that went out of business and I am trying to set up my company in Quickbooks and it won't let me. Am I missing something?
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John Fischel
Title: Finance Supervisor
Company: Crosswood, Inc. DBA The Pathways Schools
(Finance Supervisor at Crosswood, Inc. DBA The Pathways Schools)
What experiences have you folks had with Prime Pay? I'm comparing to Paylocity and Paychex.
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kathy marquis
Title: Admiinistrative Assistant
Company: 1953
(Admiinistrative Assistant at 1953)
looking for a online training course for quickbooks, the business i will be setting this up for is a small physcotherapy counseling service.
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Title: Dedicated AM
Company: Aspen
(Dedicated AM at Aspen)
Hello, I'm working with a Medical Practice in Africa. We are a very small high end clinic specializing in top notch western care and evacuation services for our clientele. We need...
Anonymous Member
i.e. enter opening balances from last balance sheet.
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Len Green
Title: Performance Improvement Consultant and E..
Company: BT Partners, LLP
(Performance Improvement Consultant and E.. at BT Partners, LLP)
Who should be responsible for drafting/developing goals for the Board of Trustees of a school district? Case in point: local school district board is stuck on finalizing its annual...
Anonymous Member
A customer terminated a management services agreement today (signed by both parties). The customer settled and agreed to pay my Company $500,000. The remainder of the agreement (before...
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David Wagner
Title: SVP & CFO
Company: Entrust, Inc.
(SVP & CFO at Entrust, Inc.)
We are looking to hire a contactor (or employee) in Dubai to support our customers in the Middle East.  Does anyone have a firm that the can recommend to contract the employee...
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Regis Quirin
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP
LinkedIn Profile
(Director of Finance at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP)
Audits were reported for three of the four "Big 4" firms. "The 28 deficient audits the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board found in its 2013 inspection of the firm...
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thomas cortese
Title: director
Company: Cortese & Associates
(director at Cortese & Associates)
My client is a startup with 10 b2b customers coming on stream in next 45 days. Must select an accounting package and want b2b eCommerce for customer orders and tracking integrated with...
Anonymous Member
(Test Analyst)
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Title: Consulting CFO / Board Member/Advisor
Company: C-Suite Services
LinkedIn Profile
(Consulting CFO / Board Member/Advisor at C-Suite Services)
I'd like to hear the thoughts of our members on the "trend" of appointing Investment Bankers as CEOs.
Anonymous Member
(VP of Finance)
Is the contribution deferred until offset with claims? If an employee leaves before using the full contribution, is it then expensed (like an accrued vacation payout)?
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Christopher Webb
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Private
(Accounting Manager at Private)
Anonymous Member
(Director of Finance)
If you are a 15 year old software company and you still have not IPO'ed, been acquired, gotten investment, can you still be called a startup?
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Richard Rafdahl
Title: President
Company: Cost Reduction Specialists Inc.
(President at Cost Reduction Specialists Inc.)
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Matt Dawson
Title: CFO
Company: Dcs
(CFO at Dcs)
Hi.  My young company has handled corporate cellphone policy (reimbursement) inconsistently over the years.  Currently we have employees with their own phones and plan that...
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