Can I ignore 1099s for non-U.S. residents/entities?

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1099 For Non-U.S. Resident Or Entity

Can I ignore 1099s for non-U.S. residents/entities? We have brought on some service providers in India and the UK this past year.


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You can read the particular dos and don'ts right here on the 1099 form instructions courtesy of the IRS: However, they are not specific about foreign entities on that form. However, in the U.S. you only issue 1099s to non-corporate entities (contractors, consultants, some LLPs and similar entities - read the specifics on the form) that are U.S. entities. So you don't have to complete 1099s for non-U.S. residents.

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Schwartz International

If you are a U.S. company or an individual paying a non-U.S. person (non-citizen and non-tax resident) for services performed outside the U.S., then you will likely need one of the Form W-8s, likely a W-8BEN, to keep on file to support the amount of withholding, which could be zero. I don't think a 1099 would be appropriate. I'd be happy to discuss further if you would like.

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I would modify that a bit to distinguish between US taxpayer non-residents and those who are not US taxpayers. If you have a consultant who is a US citizen or green card holder who happens to live abroad, I think that person should also receive a 1099-misc. The question to ask might be whether the person/entity you are paying has a US taxpayer ID (SSN or FEIN), which gets to the heart of it as a business question rather than a personal question.