Has anyone looked at Anaplan vs Adaptive vs Host?

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AnaPlan vs Adaptive Planning vs Host AnalyticsWe are going to evaluate all 3 options and would like to know what the relative plus/minuses are. 


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I can't help you with the comparisons but I was a long time Hyperion user that, due to cost considerations at my new company, had to utilize a cloud solution. I had to make a quick decision and actually used some blind faith to go with Host based on a Host having a number of former Hyperion employees with whom I'd worked with previously. I have subsequently switched companies and I'm now completing my second Host implementation. I have obviously been happy with the product.

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Here is a free white paper that may help you decide:

"Nucleus Research Report — The ROI of Cloud ERP for SMBs"


Proformative also offers online courses, including this one titled,

"Investor Relations Analytics: Getting the most from your IR investment"


And, here is a video introduction. to this Proformative Academy course.

Enjoy! Best... Sarah

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It's not clear whether you have already defined your organization's key functional and technical requirements, because those really are key to answering your question on the "...relative plus/minuses..."
Example: what's more important for you: consolidating or forecasting?
Or, do you wholly own your subs, or do you need to track progressive changes in % ownership
Or, do you need foreign currency capability in consolidation?

Adaptive Planning started as a forecasting tool and last year added consolidation functionality; Host Analytics has both sets of features and their consolidation module has been around longer.
Both are very good products, in the end it's the fit with your needs that determines which you should choose.

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I have worked on around 100 projects related to Adaptive Planning, so know the functionality of that product very well. I have also dealt with Host Analytics and Anaplan with my consulting firm.

Adaptive Planning will launch it's dedicated Consolidations tools in March 2013 (so later this month). Previously, you could conduct consolidations using Adaptive's planning application, but the new Consolidations tool will make consolidations even easier in Adaptive and so make it more equal (or some might argue superior) to Host Analytics which has offered Consolidations as a stand-alone module for years.

Anaplan can perhaps be characterized as not having the specific financial functionality quite as developed from a formal product perspective, but the end user can build this. And thus Anaplan might today be characterized as equally suitable (or perhaps even better suited) for Operational Planning than Financial Planning.

I would encourage you to check out the Proformative Marketplace for Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting systems which I helped them develop. You can find that here:


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I have been using anaplan for over a year now. anaplan is not user friendly, not capable of handling concurrent user requests, has very poor reporting capabilities, no audit trails, and there's data redundancy everywhere due to not having a relational database. All data is kept in "lists" that are nothing more than flat files.

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