It's 5:00 PM. Do you know where your money is going? Better find out before nightfall!

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Healthedge, a healthcare software provider, released a survey that states that a majority of payers are preparing to support new healthcare models.  Plans for an Accountable Care Organization model (ACO) is in the works at 54.4% of the payers.  A Payment for Performance (P4P) model is in the works at 50.5% of the payers.  Two rather mysterious catagories, "other healthcare reform initiatives", and "other involving new payment approaches" clock in at 64.1% and 51.5% respectively.

Any adult that has dealt with teen-agers knows the pleasure and frustrations of dealing with them.  You can love your teen-ager but still be concerned about the unexpected consequences of their decisions. (Yes, you should love your payer.  After all, they pay the majority of the bills submitted by Independent Practice Associations.)  Usually it pays to keep an open eye around them to see what is really going on.

Have you been receiving inquiries or instructions from your payers about new payment models?  If so what have they been saying?  Let's share the facts so that hopefully we can avoid that dreaded call after midnight.



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Most probably people does not care for these things but while investing they think for more times. Very few people considers where they have invested and where their money is spending. This article makes reader to think on the same thing. It's quite interesting as it is different type of discussion.