Quickbooks Pro vs Premier

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We are currently using QB Pro, with two accounting personnel. I am considering upgrading to Premier, but would like some input/advice. We had a situation a year or so ago where an accounting person was caught writing checks to herself and then changing them to look the checks were for vendors. That person is gone and my CPA recommended that I look at ways to restrict tasks within the accounting dept so that one person enters bills, another pays them, etc. But restricting the accounting personnel to not allow them to make any changes causes huge headaches for me, because invariably a change or deletion/void of a transaction will need to be made and I, as the administrator, must do it. Does QB Pro help this situation at all? Are there better controls? Or is it time to move to a different software? Thanks for your help.


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QuickBooks Premier won't give you any additional security. QB Enterprise has a quite a bit more user permissions control, but the problem you cite here is really all about paper checks. Which should be eliminated for the exact reason you cite... Fraud risk.

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