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We are in the process of building a sales database and reporting tool that crosses two ERP systems.  Our goal is to be able to have quick and meaningful business intelligence around our top line.  We have selected Microsoft Sequel Server for the "back end" storage solution and are now evaluating a "front end" reporting and analytics component.  There are thousands of these packages available and the choices are a bit overwhelming.  So, I'm looking for experts that have experience with a number of these solutions that might advise/consult to help us make an informed purchase decision.

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We performed a similar search, but more for a true CRM solution and settled on Microsoft CRM. Our sales group loves the product, but we don't necessarily use it for sales reporting as we just performed the install. This may be used at a later time for sales reporting. The Microsoft package was economical and appears to be an effective tool. For most of our sales reporting, we use a tool called Stratum that we use on our JD Edwards (now part of Oracle) and PRMS systems. We use this for everything from commissions to executive reporting. It is not developed specifically for sales reporting, but serves as a tool to pull a lot of operational data from our systems.