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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
Company: SBA * Consulting LTD
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(President & CFO at SBA * Consulting LTD)
I've seen time and time again the number of people you have managed being a metric used in the hiring process. I haven't quite figured out how that makes you a better...
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Karoline Mello
Title: Director, FP&A
Company: Apollo Group
(Director, FP&A at Apollo Group)
We are switching to UltiPro for payroll processing. Has anyone used UltiPro? What did you think of their accuracy and service? One of our challenges is paying non-exempt over time to...
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Peter Schwoerer
Title: Regional Software Technical Sales || Pr..
Company: Peter Schwoerer Consulting LLC
(Regional Software Technical Sales || Pr.. at Peter Schwoerer Consulting LLC)
The main solution is a SaaS based solution that ideally the company wants to sell a minimum one year deal, but would accept a month to month if needed to close a deal and as they grow...
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Nazareth Tankarian
Title: Student
Company: London Business School
(Student at London Business School)
A Venture Capital firm has verbally offered me the role of CEO for an investment it has made into a scientist's innovative industrial technology. The company has not been formed...
I am curious as to whether we have the right to recognize revenue in the following scenario: -We are a management company (may be analagous to a property manager of an apt complex). -...
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Scott Manson
Title: Consultant
Company: American Fuel Distributors LP
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(Consultant at American Fuel Distributors LP)
We are a company of about 100 employees all in one state about 1/2 exempt and 1/2 not  Any recomendations on a good payroll software.
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Mark Sutherland
Title: CFO
Company: Profit By Design CFO & Controller Servic..
(CFO at Profit By Design CFO & Controller Servic..)
I have a new mfg/dist client, 25M in annual revenue, S-Corp. I've always worked in service businesses(no inventory), so I'd like your opinions. They stock of lot of inventory...
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Leena Mansharamani
Title: Corporate Controller
Company: Deeya Energy
(Corporate Controller at Deeya Energy)
We are a small late stage start up company about 6 months from commercializing our product. We are currently using quickbooks to maintain our books and records. we currently have 1...
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Mulekye Mukoko
Title: President
Company: Uzima Int'l, Inc
(President at Uzima Int'l, Inc)
Please state the advantage of these two type of Business structures: "LLC vs Corporation" In term of retain earnings or profit. Just also curious can a corporation be created...
If two companies merge, would you put the consolidation costs (approx the same as merger costs) as a separate line item as part of operating income? Maybe: operating income before...
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Frank Armenio
Title: Senior Consultant
Company: Accounting Management Solutions, Inc.
(Senior Consultant at Accounting Management Solutions, Inc.)
There have been recent discussions about the CPA certification and its relevance to the hiring process.  Many of the discussions involved the debate on whether a CMA vs Certified...
We are a mid-market IT services firm looking to establish a subsidiary for offshoring certain components of our business in Argentina. We plan to transfer a few employees down there...
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Christie Jahn
Title: CFO
Company: Atlantic Wireless Communications
(CFO at Atlantic Wireless Communications)
Curious how companies that have multiple locations handle getting the written authorizations required for payroll deductions? We were advised by an Attorney that sending an email to...
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Shahrose Azam
Title: Audit Executive
Company: RSM International
(Audit Executive at RSM International)
Hi Everyone, I am currently working in a Chartered Accountant firm which is a medium sized entity. Not small nor big in structure like PWC, KPMG or EY as a Assistant Manager Consulting...
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John Web
Title: MD
Company: N/A
(MD at N/A)
Hello, Can you please advise all templates needed to run a RE agency? They must produce P&L and Summary Balance Sheet. Thank you.
(Financial Analyst)
Hi all, Kindly assist me on this. My company planned to launch a product on Feb this year. However, due to internal processes problems, The company could not to launch product on time...
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Keith Perry
Title: VP Finance
Company: Rexanto
(VP Finance at Rexanto)
The means for adding staff seem to be evolving pretty quickly. For junior to mid-level staff (say up to 6 yrs exp) I used to use Monster+Craigslist+Peers. More recently I've begun...
(Assistant Controller)
I'm hoping someone can help me with an excel formula issue. I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that can calculate a bonus based on three different tiers. Each tier has two...
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Marty Koenig
Title: CEO and CFO
Company: cxotogo
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(CEO and CFO at cxotogo)
Do I just deposit in a bank account? How does FDIC cover this for the banks? What other considerations are needed. Obviously informing the bank will be necessary. What other questions...
So two non-for-profits walked into a bar . . . and merged. They would like to show the operating margin before and after the merger on the financials. What do you think? I think for...