We’ve just finished our first XBRL filing and it was harder than it needed to be. How do you see the future changing for the XBRL process? Will it continue to be an addon at the end...
(Revenue Controller)
Our current billing system is geared to subscribers but we have larger customers now who add seats all month long and upgrade packages and who demand custom type invoices. We are...
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Dan Morgan
Title: VP Finance and Accounting
Company: Lytro
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(VP Finance and Accounting at Lytro)
I am reading a lot about Dodd Frank, but as a VP of Finance at an operating company outside of financial services I'm interested in hearing about what other folks outside of...
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Matt Dawson
Title: CFO
Company: Dcs
(CFO at Dcs)
Would anyone have a good excel model for calculating/analyzing discounts for subscription based revenue? Thanks!
I have been tasked to implement the Resolve Request Porfolio Maximiser software. This is a senior-management reporting software for our company engaged in Real Estate Investments. The...
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John Kogan
Title: CEO/CFO
Company: Proformative, Inc.
(CEO/CFO at Proformative, Inc.)
I don't like using the mouse. I guess that makes me a PC guy (as opposed to a Mac guy). I find it more efficient to keep my fingers on the keyboard at all possible times. My...
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Cliffordd Bacsik
Title: Interim CFO
Company: Visible World, Inc.
(Interim CFO at Visible World, Inc.)
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Scott Gunn
Title: Treasury Manager
Company: in-between
(Treasury Manager at in-between)
I have been telling my Controller about how the Proformative community helps me out with operational issues and he asked that I ask the group for assistance in finding whitepapers and...
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John Webb
Title: Partner/Sr Advisor
Company: Strombeck Consulting CPA's
(Partner/Sr Advisor at Strombeck Consulting CPA's)
Have a channel partner grilling us on component costs (to get overall costs down) and a solution we're looking at is a cost-plus supply agreement wherein we would be free (and...
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I would like to personally welcome everyone to the MidMarket Alliance Group and I am confident that this group in conjunction with everything that Proformative has to offer can have...
ASC 815 40 (aka EITF 07-05) requires that the anti-dilution provision for down round price ratchets be fair valued and recorded as a derivative liability. Is anyone aware of an Excel...
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Brenda Morris
Title: CFO
Company: 5.11 Tactical
(CFO at 5.11 Tactical)
As the end of the calendar year draws near (I know it's hard to believe!) everyone should be thinking about and planning the budget process for their organization, if you haven...
(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
How can you get people to open your networking e-mail requests? People I thought would open these frequently don't. Am I missing something?
(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
What actions make a networking meeting truly useful?
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Jon Paul
Title: President
Company: Value Added Finance Resources
(President at Value Added Finance Resources)
Here is the announcement posted to FLA members on LinkedIn: Time flies! It’s almost 10 years since we started the Finance Leaders Association. Along the way we have made many...
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Tim Williams
Title: Treasurer
Company: NA
(Treasurer at NA)
It seems as if moving finance and accounting to "The Cloud" is becoming more main stream. I am curious as to the current state of the union in terms of SaaS based...