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Hi all, I'm the recently hired Controller of a new spin off company.  They currently don't have an accounting system (accounting is being handled by the TopCo) and I'm...
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Peggy Wiley
Title: VP Finance
Company: Cellscape Corporation
(VP Finance at Cellscape Corporation)
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craig kensek
Title: ceo
Company: cdk
(ceo at cdk)
What do you feel is the most valid way to value an IPO? What do you feel is the most dubious, though the market may love it?
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Andrew Rosenberg
Title: Financial Analyst
Company: NorthStar Financial
(Financial Analyst at NorthStar Financial)
I'm looking for any type of available resource or documentation, that explains some processes for forecasting cash flows.  Thanks.
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Ivie Wu
Title: Senior Accounts Executive
Company: CBSA Berhad
(Senior Accounts Executive at CBSA Berhad)
Recently, I am in charge for preparation of consolidation accounts with other companies which using different currencies. How do I record the translation differences? Is it same...
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Okay, this may sound like whining and maybe it is, but really I’m just trying to describe the situation accurately to get the best advice. I’ve been with this employer for...
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Matt Treat
Title: Sr. Accounting Manager
Company: Private
(Sr. Accounting Manager at Private)
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Anders Liu-Lindberg
Title: Finance Manager
Company: Maersk Drilling USA Inc
(Finance Manager at Maersk Drilling USA Inc)
I recently made a minor change in my LinkedIn profile and have increased my appearence in search results by 46%. The change I made was simply adding the phrase "value adding...
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(Vice President of Finance)
I am a software/SaaS company and below $50M in revenue. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I am looking for a template that could get me started.
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Irv Williamson
Title: Owner
Company: Growth Guidance Solutions
LinkedIn Profile
(Owner at Growth Guidance Solutions)
I provide part time CFO services for several clients.  Some of these clients want me to use their email address.  I Understand how to set my Outlook settings so several...
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Neil Brown
Title: CFO & CIO
Company: KatalystFP
(CFO & CIO at KatalystFP)
I am wondering if others are experiencing probrems with potential candidates having poor algebra skills?  In hiring for our accounting and underwriting skills it seems that people...
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(Sr. Accountant)
Hello folks, could you help me in listing important files/documents that need to be included in the closing package for management (it's for a small not for profit). thank you.
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Peter Schwoerer
Title: Regional Software Technical Sales || Pr..
Company: Peter Schwoerer Consulting LLC
(Regional Software Technical Sales || Pr.. at Peter Schwoerer Consulting LLC)
The main solution is a SaaS based solution that ideally the company wants to sell a minimum one year deal, but would accept a month to month if needed to close a deal and as they grow...
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Amit Mamgain
Title: Consultant
Company: Not working
(Consultant at Not working)
As a finance deptt manager do I have to legally enter into a non-disclosure agreement with external auditors every year before the audit work is started?
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Len McDermott
Title: Controller
Company: Mohawk Rubber Sales
(Controller at Mohawk Rubber Sales)
We currently use Paychex and we were reasonably happy with the service. PayCom was persistent but pleasant enough so I made time to discuss their product. The product seemed very easy...
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Francis AO
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: not disclosed
(Chief Financial Officer at not disclosed)
Does anyone know if there is a free people soft demo that one can learn for on how the software works? I am assuming a new role that needs knowledge of people soft. Thanks
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Event Questions
Title: Event Questions
Company: Proformative
(Event Questions at Proformative)
What are the top metrics that companies use to successfully track and manage professional service projects (e.g. utilization, profitability, customer satisfaction)?  Are good...
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Our primary business is in the US and we consolidate our financials into USD. We opened another branch in CAD and due to regulatory reasons, set it up as a separate entity. We have two...
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Konrad Sosnow
Title: Revenue Recognition Guru
Company: Konrad M. Sosnow & Associates
(Revenue Recognition Guru at Konrad M. Sosnow & Associates)
Vendor provides an integrated solution which requires a SaaS application, hardware, and installation service in order to provide functionality.  The SaaS application does not...