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Christopher Webb
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Private
(Accounting Manager at Private)
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Carrie Scott
Title: VP Finance
Company: Private
(VP Finance at Private)
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Rick Bigelow
Title: C0O
Company: LSSM
(C0O at LSSM)
I am working with an extremely cash strapped business that is operating week to week with cash receipts, payroll and A/P.  The company has made major strides on restructuring...
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mike thomas
Title: treasury
Company: mca
(treasury at mca)
We have cash from a sub in Canada that we would like to repatriate to the US for debt payment.   We would like to avoid the FX gain if at all  possible.  I...
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Margaret Hsia
Title: Financial Consultant
(Financial Consultant)
Are you using NetSuite's ARR feature? If so, can you share your experience?  Are there any glitches/considerations I should be aware of before electing to use this...
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Henry Schumann
Title: Manager FP&A
Company: Allscripts
(Manager FP&A at Allscripts)
Without starting a hotly contested debate on which candidate you would prefer to win in November, I'm more curious if strategic planning decisions are being deferred until the...
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Robert Rendzio
Title: President
Company: SRCA
(President at SRCA)
R. Rendzio here. we are working with government contractors who are using Deltek CostPoint for managing aviation inventory.  Our government client wants to have these...
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Kirk Conole
Title: Partner
Company: DCI Solutions
(Partner at DCI Solutions)
Tomorrow we present a 66% reduction in P&C costs to a lower mid-market company where the CEO has insisted that the broker, his personal friend, would always be the broker even if...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
LinkedIn Profile
(President & CFO at
Is anyone getting involved (obvously the new standards haven't been released)? If so, what has your experience been with IFRS for overseas entities?
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Leslie Mendel
Title: CFO
Company: Surgical Anesthesia Services & Surgical ..
(CFO at Surgical Anesthesia Services & Surgical ..)
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Keith Perry
Title: VP Finance
Company: Rexanto
(VP Finance at Rexanto)
As you may have seen from my blog, I'm getting back into Japan, TW, HK and related.  One thing that we'll be doing is developing content/applications for that market....
Anonymous Member
Dear colleagues: Can someone refer a good temp agency or recruiter in NY metro/NJ/CT specialized in accounting/finance? I am seeking a temp assignment as CFO or Controller. During...
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Kwesi Blankson
Title: Financial controller
Company: First Atlantic
(Financial controller at First Atlantic )
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Alan Jones
Title: Controller
Company: Portlandia Restaurant Group
(Controller at Portlandia Restaurant Group)
Anonymous Member
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