Breakout Track: Change Anticipation & Readiness

Successfully anticipating and preparing for business transformation by leveraging corporate finance technology. Learn from skilled Subject Matter Experts along with Practitioners on how they identified the need for change all the while building the right execution strategy and plan to be successful.

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how other finance practitioners were able to tackle change and the challenges they faced
  • Gather insights on best practices to leverage during your journey to achieve world class
  • Understand the do's and don'ts of change and becoming a better leader in driving successful change
10:15 AM – 11:05 AM

Office of the CFO Panel - Building the Business Case for Technology

Bruce Lynn
Managing Partner, Financial Executives Consulting GroupModerator: Bruce Lynn,
Managing Partner, Financial Executives Consulting Group
John Slusser
Assistant Controller, Quest Diagnostics John Slusser,
Assistant Controller, Quest Diagnostics
Tracy Mey, Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer, USEC Tracy Mey,
Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer, USEC
Bill McDougall, CFO - Oil & Gas Group, MasTec, Inc. Bill McDougall,
CFO - Oil & Gas Group, MasTec, Inc.
Meg Sollod, CPA CITP CGMA, Controller, IEM Meg Sollod, CPA CITP CGMA,
Controller, IEM

Few would dispute the need for technology, but just like any capital expenditure investing in the “latest and greatest” has to have a strong relationship to the business at hand and contribute to that business’s risk adjusted return.

Come listen to the lessons learned from a panel of large, public companies on how they were able to initiate technological change and what impact this change had on their lines of business.

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11:30 AM – 12:20 PM

Automating Account Reconciliations to Mitigate Compliance Risk

Michael Gilmartin, Solution Consultant Manager, BlackLine Systems Michael Gilmartin,
Solution Consultant Manager, BlackLine Systems

Today’s CFOs are challenged with meeting tight deadlines, operating with limited resources and serving in more strategic roles. In this session you will discover how leveraging technology and automating traditionally manual accounting processes, like account reconciliations, can help optimize the financial close process and free up some of the critical time needed from accounting and finance teams. You will learn how your organizations can virtually eliminate spreadsheets and the errors and headaches that come with them; increase control and visibility; facilitate timely, accurate and documented communications between all stakeholders; gain exceptional ROI in a very short time; improve the accuracy and timeliness of compliance reporting; define responsibility and process ownership; and manage compliance while serving multiple locations.

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1:30 PM – 2:20 PM

Drilling Down Into Big Data to Manage Variable Incentive Risks

Marisa Massie, Controller, Bazaarvoice Marisa Massie,
Controller, Bazaarvoice

As a CFO, you are accustomed to checking ratios in regards to expenses, COGS, net income and more. Comparing ratios from publicly available information is a key part of the monthly, quarterly and annual review of firm performance. Some information, however, is not as easily visible when peer comparisons are being made. Take the over $800 billion spent annually on sales compensation. Visibility to variable compensation ROI is hard for companies to measure, let alone drawing comparisons against the marketplace. For example:

  • Do you know what percentile you are paying your sales reps compared others in your industry?
  • How does your quota setting practices match up to your industry peers?
  • What is the optimal compensation plan for your industry?
This session will share new insights into how companies are leveraging empirical big data from Xactly to check their plans, spending levels, and performance to analyze benchmark internal performance against the peers.

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2:35 PM – 3:25 PM

The CFO of the Future

Ash Noah, VP, External Relations — Management Accounting, AICPA Ash Noah,
VP, External Relations — Management Accounting, AICPA

Today’s businesses face rapid economic, technological and social changes. CFOs need to provide decision support that will help their organizations outmaneuver competition whilst managing risk, volatility and uncertainty. The pace of risk and the degree of risk is unparalleled and will only increase and this creates tremendous opportunities for organizations. Ash will share what the American Institute of CPAs and their Joint Venture partners the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants are hearing from Finance Leaders around the world as to how the Finance is evolving and how the CFOs of the future are preparing themselves and their teams – not just to navigate but to actually help steer their organizations to create sustainable value.

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4:00 PM – 4:50 PM

Creating Process Flows to Streamline Year End Close

Jessica Gulliver, Senior Consultant, MindStream Analytics Jessica Gulliver,
Senior Consultant, MindStream Analytics

Having a well documented close process can help companies increase efficiencies during the close cycle. Process flows can be leveraged to ensure consistency and to identify redundancies within the close. We will examine the benefits that can be gained through well documented process and how to create a comprehensive process flow.

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