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This event occurred February 13, 2014. Videos & presentations from the sessions are now available on-demand. If interested in sponsoring an event with Proformative, please contact

ProformaTECH sponsors are industry leaders in corporate finance, accounting and treasury technologies. The complete listing of 2014 sponsors will become available here.

ProformaTECH 2014 Sponsors

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NetSuite - NetSuite Inc. is the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suites. In addition to financials/ERP software suites, NetSuite offers a broad suite of applications, including accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Ecommerce that enable companies to manage most of their core business operations in its single integrated suite. NetSuite's "real-time dashboard" technology provides an easy-to-use view into up-to-date, role-specific business information. For more information about NetSuite, please visit

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Aria - get paid. again and again.

Aria - Aria Systems transforms businesses by creating new revenue opportunities, improving customer relationships and providing more business predictability. Aria Systems helps companies get their subscription and usage-based products to market quickly, grow and maximize their recurring revenue streams and increase their customers’ lifetime value. Aria provides the only cloud billing solution that enables timely launches, the seamless handling of both subscription and usage billing, 24 hour turn-around for product and service changes and lastly, complex channel management. Brand name companies such as AAA NCNU, Experian, Pitney Bowes, Telekom Denmark, Red Hat, Ingersoll Rand, VMware and HootSuite use Aria’s cloud billing solution to meet their recurring revenue needs. For more information, visit


Ariba - Ariba is the world’s business commerce network. Ariba combines industry-leading cloud-based applications with the world's largest web-based trading community to help companies discover and collaborate with a global network of partners. Using the Ariba® Network, businesses of all sizes can connect to their trading partners anywhere, at any time from any application or device to buy, sell and manage their cash more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Companies around the world use the Ariba Network to simplify inter-enterprise commerce and enhance the results that they deliver. Join them at:


Changepoint - Changepoint, the leader in Professional Service Automation (PSA) software empowers financial executives by providing enterprise wide visibility into the organization's financial operations. Changepoint’s hundreds of thousands of users around the globe realize the benefits of managing complex operational data in one source. Consistent and reliable data, streamlined invoicing, in-depth financial reporting and dashboards give financial executives the ability to maintain top-line revenues with bottom-line profitability. To learn more about Financial Management with Changepoint visit us online at


Domo - Domo is a new form of business intelligence (BI) unlike anything before - an executive management platform delivered as a service that helps managers and executives transform the way they run their businesses. Domo is the user experience BI has been waiting for for 25 years. Today, business data lives in silos: on premise, in the cloud, in spreadsheets and dictionary-sized reports...hard to search, and hard to make sense of it all. By the time you get the data you want or need, the information is inaccurate, irrelevant or has been massaged and manipulated so much that you don't have confidence in it or the level of transparency you want. With Domo, all the information you need is in one place. No more searching. No more asking. No more doubt. For more information, visit


Intacct - Intacct is the cloud financial management company. Bringing cloud computing to finance and accounting, Intacct’s award-winning applications are the preferred financial applications for AICPA business solutions. Intacct applications, used by more than 7,300 organizations from startups to public companies, are designed to improve company performance and make finance more productive. Hundreds of leading CPA firms and Value Added Resellers offer Intacct to their clients. The Intacct system includes accounting, contract management, revenue management, project and fund accounting, inventory management, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation and financial reporting applications, all delivered over the Internet via cloud computing. Intacct is headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, visit


SOFTRAX - For almost twenty years, SOFTRAX revenue recognition and enterprise billing solutions have fundamentally changed the way companies manage, analyze, report, and forecast their revenue. SOFTRAX solutions automate the entire revenue cycle, from revenue recognition, reporting and forecasting, through complex billing and contract renewals.

SOFTRAX provides a range of products that integrate with and augment existing ERP and other financial systems to expand their capabilities and help them meet your business needs. Hundreds of corporations benefit from using SOFTRAX to optimize their revenue, reduce operating expenses, comply with revenue recognition regulations and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, and gain unprecedented visibility into their business performance. For more information, visit


Transverse was founded in 2008 by billing experts who saw an opportunity to make sophisticated billing capabilities available to more businesses. TRACT Billing from Transverse is the only all-in-one, activity-based billing platform that can meter, rate, and bill based on customer behavior. Unlike basic subscription or expensive legacy billing systems, TRACT provides a simple solution to complex billing challenges while empowering companies to gain a clear view of customer activity and use that data to capture new revenue streams as well as rapidly monetize the launch of new products and services. For more information, visit today.


Xactly - With Xactly, companies unleash the motivational power of their incentive compensation. For many companies today, compensation has become inefficient, unpredictable, and disconnected from objectives. Our customers, including leading FORTUNE 500 enterprises, count on us to enable accurate, rapid, and impactful compensation on the industry’s only secure, completely cloud-delivered platform. By streamlining and automating the way they pay, they cut costs, save time, and eliminate risk. By designing more effective compensation plans, they inspire new levels of achievement and drive satisfaction among employees, partners, and agents. Xactly helps customers take control of their incentive processes and inspire performance. For more information, visit


Zuora - Zuora is the global leader in subscription commerce, billing and finance, helping companies in every industry transition to the Subscription Economy. Enterprise leaders and high-growth companies alike use Zuora's multi-tenant cloud platform to launch, scale and monetize their subscription services. Zuora's applications work where traditional ERP applications fail: Subscription pricing, quoting, orders, billing, payments and renewals. Built from the group up by SaaS industry veterans from, PayPal, and Netsuite, Zuora series innovative customers like Informatica, Tata Communications, Box, Xplornet, Ustream and Reed Business Information. For more information, visit

Silver Sponsors

Axiom EPM

Axiom EPM provides sophisticated, flexible performance management solutions that empower finance professionals to analyze results, model the future and optimize organizational decision making. Solutions for budgeting & forecasting, reporting & analytics, strategy management, consolidations, capital planning, profitability & cost management are delivered on a single unified platform. Axiom EPM embraces and extends familiar Microsoft Excel® functionality, allowing finance professionals to manage data in a familiar environment – while providing unmatched modeling flexibility and enterprise performance. For more information, visit

BlackLine Systems

Ninety percent of Fortune 1,000 companies still close their books manually using Excel. The BlackLine Financial Close Software Suite automates the entire financial close process to help improve controls for accounting and compliance staff in mid-size to large companies. Delivered via a SaaS/OnDemand platform, BlackLine complements GRC and ERP systems, eliminating Excel from what has been a laborious, error-prone, manual process. For more information, visit


Iconixx is a total solution provider for compensation management. Drawing on over 15 years of experience, Iconixx also partners with clients to accelerate their business growth through actionable intelligence. Whether it’s using Iconixx technology or leveraging a client’s current investment, Iconixx’s expertise can drive efficiencies for their compensation environment. For more information, visit today.

Mindstream Analytics

MindStream Analytics is a leading consulting firm focused on helping clients improve business understanding and decision making. With years of experience in the analytics and Business Performance Management area, MindStream offers services ranging from software selection and implementation to best practices for financial planning. For more information, visit today.

Bronze Sponsors

AICPA - The AICPA is the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession, with more than 394,000 members in 128 countries and a 126-year heritage of serving the public interest. AICPA members represent many areas of practice, including business and industry, public practice, government, education and consulting. To find out more, visit

Chesapeake System Solutions - Chesapeake System Solutions is a leading provider of integrated financial and treasury management software solutions utilized by today’s forward thinking financial professionals. Chesapeake’s solutions automate financial governance, risk management, and compliance functions, allowing for increased productivity, lower costs, and documented regulatory compliance. To find out more, visit

FENG - The FENG is the world's largest networking group of senior financial officers. Our members are primarily CFO's, Controllers, and VP's of Finance, Treasury, Tax or M&A. We exist to create an opportunity for senior financial professionals to network, share job leads and friendship with peers. To find out more, visit

Kardin Systems

Kardin Systems provides budgeting and forecasting software for the commercial real estate industry. These computer-based systems assist real estate property managers construct operating budgets and more. For more information, visit today.

The Payments Company

The Payments Company (TPC) facilitates electronic payments between businesses and their vendors and employees. TPC provides a complete accounts payable disbursement solution that includes software integration, vendor enrollment, payment processing, and reconcilement. For more information, visit today.


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