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Greg Collins
Title: President
Company: Sirona
(President at Sirona)
I am working with an early stage/startup medical device company that has never been audited. They are in the process of raising capital. Historically they have capitalized patent costs...
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Title: General Accountant
Company: TMS
(General Accountant at TMS)
Hi, I would like to know if anyone has any advice. We had expense incurred in December but I received the actual bill [invoice] from supplier end of January. If I enter the expenses as...
Anonymous Member
My company is purchasing a 60% stake in another firm.  This is effective at year end.  Currently we have an arrangement with this company where they are paid a % of gross...
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Example : rebuilding the network infratructure .The project includes servers, WIFI stations, phones etc... all under your current policy level . Capitalize as a group? Should a group...
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Neil Brown
Title: CFO & CIO
Company: KatalystFP
(CFO & CIO at KatalystFP)
I am wondering if others are experiencing problems with potential candidates having poor algebra skills?  In hiring for our accounting and underwriting skills it seems that people...
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Lauren Kelley
Title: CEO
Company: OPEXEngine
(CEO at OPEXEngine)
We are building a product that pulls public company data automatically into an analysis spreadsheet, with certain calculations done automatically.  One of the calculations is...
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Julie Hammeras
Title: Manager of Financial Services
Company: Park Water Company
(Manager of Financial Services at Park Water Company)
I was looking for some accounts payable best practices ideas about setting stronger controls over our AP vendor files and found the table of contents to BNA's 2006 ...
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Matt Treat
Title: Sr. Accounting Manager
Company: Private
(Sr. Accounting Manager at Private)
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George Gacungu
Title: Finance Manager
(Finance Manager at KAPI LIMITED)
I am managing two sister companies.At the moment one company bills the other for monthly Administration expenses. For example: One company manages the accounting department of the...