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I am working on a performance appraisal for the AR clerk and I have to come up with goals for her position. She is in her late 50's and has little to no ambition to improve her...
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General background: We use Quickbooks. Our home currency is USD. We invoice clients in Euros, GBP, and USD. Sometimes our clients pay the invoices in other currencies, for example,...
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Simon Westbrook
Title: CFO
Company: Aargo Inc.
( CFO at Aargo Inc.)
I am preparing K-1s for investor members of an LLC. The Company has losses for the year ended Dec 31, 2014, which are allocated proportionally to member interests. What restrictions,...
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Matus Porubsky
Title: Founder
Company: s.r.o.
(Founder at s.r.o.)
Does your company sales team's KPIs include collection related metrics, or you leave dealing with overdue receivables to the collection department and credit risk prevention (and...
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A large multinational corportation is making a claim that I owe them money for servcies that they provided . They claim that I owe them over $6,000 dollars. I need to know...
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Chris Shumate
Title: Corporate Accountant
Company: Redline Contract Services, LLC
(Corporate Accountant at Redline Contract Services, LLC)
Are you on the board for a nonprofit, or have you been? If so, what KPIs are or were you most interested in knowing? Are there any leading or lagging measures that are most important...
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Alex Nguyen
Title: General Ledger Accountant
Company: Flagship, Inc.
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(General Ledger Accountant at Flagship, Inc.)
Hi, We are a service company and provide services to other companies. We clean and maintain other companies restroom. We have a contract with a company to clean their restroom and...
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Jenna Alcantara
Title: Bookkeeper
Company: Nick&susie
(Bookkeeper at Nick&susie)
Bookkeeper in one state Accountant in another Needing the accountant to be able to see the books and make changes
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at
And so are graphs, tables and charts and now the SEC agrees (to a point). But the filer still needs to have ASCII data that is searchable. What do you think, for those who file the...
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I have contracted a supplier to design develop and host our new website. What should be the treatment of the design and development costs