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(Financial Manager)
We are a church that oversees, as part of its complete ministry, a sending Mission Board. This Mission Board is set up to support missionaries administratively and manage their support...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at
I have yet to reconcile these expenditures which belong to the landlord with GAAP requiring capitalization. If you are dealing with a Lender or Creditor, first thing they do is...
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Michael Goldberg
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: MG Financial
(Chief Financial Officer at MG Financial)
We are an educational software development start up company that is developing a library of digital assets that will are planning on minimally customizing and reselling with for other...
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(Corp Controller)
My company entered into a contract w/ a customer who pays their invoice in USD but the functional currency (and expenses borne to service the customer) is Euro. As long as the...
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Doug Sleeter
Title: President
Company: The Sleeter Group, Inc.
(President at The Sleeter Group, Inc.)
From time to time, practitioners ask me my opinion about partnerships – specifically, should they enter into a partnership arrangement with another CPA or accountant? I think...
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Jenna Alcantara
Title: Bookkeeper
Company: Nick&susie
(Bookkeeper at Nick&susie)
My family has a very small rental business and uses quickbooks 2015 for the bookkeeping. We have book keeper in one state, an a accountant in another. I'm wondering if the multi...
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Douglas Ryan
Title: CFO
Company: with Private Equity Experience
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(CFO at with Private Equity Experience)
During the past week I have heard about three privately-held companies which are experiencing 60+ day closes. Two are in the process of being converted from cash/tax-basis to accrual-...
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one of our shareholders just paid us $5,000 for consideration for stock warrants that expire in 5 years with a $1.00 strike price. i calculated the FMV of the warrants, but was...
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Ken Stumder
Title: Controller
Company: Sprinklr
(Controller at Sprinklr)
Would like to hear thoughts on how to properly price an A/P outsourcing model. Speaking to a specific firm, and the hourly rate they are extending out to an annualized fee feels too...
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Peter Strang
Title: SVP
Company: Navient
(SVP at Navient)
We just acquired a Company and was wondering if anyone had a post merger accounting checklist for the integration of the acquired company on our systems.