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Dominic Nunez
Title: Assistant Finance Manager
Company: Philex Mining Corporation
(Assistant Finance Manager at Philex Mining Corporation)
We have 30 warehouses with over 50,000 items. Our ERP is not yet in place so roll forwarding is quite tricky since withdrawals and receipts are not recorded real time. Previous counts...
Anonymous Member
(Finance Manager)
A $30,000 invoice was accidentally paid 2 periods early and affected other operating expenses for the period (i.e. payroll). I know a loan will probably have to be initiated in order...
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Liz Armstrong
Title: Controller, consulting
Company: Consulting
(Controller, consulting at Consulting)
My client is implementing a cloud based (SaaS ) financial system and wants to capitalize the implementation costs under the computer software developed or obtained for internal use...
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Laresa McIntyre
Title: Vice President Finance
Company: Infinity Sales Group LLC
(Vice President Finance at Infinity Sales Group LLC)
Here are 10 accounts payable best practices in no particular order.  Hopefully your A/P department can put a check beside each of these items.   1. Always pay from original...
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Jerry Goldberg
Title: Principal
Company: Strategic Capital Corp
(Principal at Strategic Capital Corp)
I have a client who is paying an outsourced development firm on a monthly basis to develop a proprietary software platform. Total time will be 24 months at #240K total, and then...
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Lee Andrews
Title: P/T CFO, Business Consultant
Company: Pacific Bag, Inc./Other Clients
(P/T CFO, Business Consultant at Pacific Bag, Inc./Other Clients)
Hypothetical #1 -- say a company is in the business of making auto wheel rims and uses lathes in the manufacturing process. If they sell off a used lathe, then I have always...
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Stephen Helfrich
Title: CFO/Consultant
Company: In Transition/Consulting/Interim CFO
(CFO/Consultant at In Transition/Consulting/Interim CFO)
I recently started working for a company that has a Mexican Mequilladora operation and they have not been correctly implementing FAS 52 as it applies to financial statement...
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Tim Williams
Title: Treasurer
Company: NA
(Treasurer at NA)
I am being asked to "shop for" an audit firm that can handle the growth we plan  to experience. What are the main differences between the big four accounting firms?...
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Margaret Hsia
Title: Financial Consultant
(Financial Consultant)
My understanding is that audit/tax fees no longer need to be accrued for a monthly basis but expensed in the period incurred.  Do you have a guidance reference that supports...
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Jean Chidley
Title: CFO
Is anyone aware of an accounting policy statement supporting treatment of credit card fees as an offset against revenue (e.g., cost of services sold) as opposed to an operating...