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Ken Kaufman
Title: President & CFO
Company: Aribex
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(President & CFO at Aribex)
Although the phrase “working capital” is common in business and finance circles, it is often very misunderstood.  Here’s an example: if I was to ask you if you...
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Hello. I was wondering what I need to do if I want to legally prepare income taxes in California? I am a CPA so I figure all I need is a PIN #? Do I need to register with FTB or apply...
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Title: Accounting Consultant
Company: Self Employed
(Accounting Consultant at Self Employed)
I am the Controller for a start up US parent software development company that has a wholly owned India sub. The India sub incurs expenses, like consultant fees, in India, but the...
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An RMA is issued and the inventory is sent to customer before they've returned the items to us. How are folks accounting for this inventory in transit? (well, RMA in transit). Our...
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Annette Nellen
Title: Professor
Company: San Jose State University
(Professor at San Jose State University)
On December 31, 2013, 57 provisions in the federal tax law expired. Many had expired before and been renewed.  While there was discussion in the congressional tax committees since...
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Steve Jackson
Title: Consultant
Company: RoseRyan
(Consultant at RoseRyan)
As the temperatures start to cool (even in California), the leaves on the trees are turning beautiful colors. And we’re also turning the corner to the new year. I believe...
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Rose Robbins
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private)
It’s a holiday week here in the US, so I thought I’d lighten things up by asking for your favorite accountant jokes. I always hear a few when I visit family this time of...
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Denise Loter-Koch
Title: President/CEO
Company: ebs Associates
(President/CEO at ebs Associates)
Taking the occasional break to read news, reviews or even whimsical stories from colleagues can be beneficial to your professional development. Getting insight and ideas into the...
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Broniec Associates
Title: Auditor
Company: Broniec Associates
(Auditor at Broniec Associates)
Those who handle the financials of a company are not easily replaced, especially in a short-term pinch. But, professionals in every department, even AP, need their vacation time. So,...
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