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Nicole Lucarelli
Title: Director
Company: Financial Services
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(Director at Financial Services)
Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics....and Savings Calculations.   With all due respect to Mark Twain, the propensity of Procurement organizations to rely on savings as a proof of the...
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Sami Abulehya
Title: Chief Accountant
Company: Laf
(Chief Accountant at Laf)
What are the responsibilities of an accountant in preparing company's policies and procedures. and how he/she gain a solid information in internal controls?
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(Partner/Sr Advisor)
Wondering if anyone can help with developing the policy/process for a breach of personally identifiable information -- assessment of breach, notification, etc. Seems to me most of this...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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Susan Kelly penned this article Oct 16th, 2013 for Treasury & Risk magazine. "Putting a treasury’s policies and procedures into written form seems like a good idea, but...
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Christopher Webb
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Private
(Accounting Manager at Private)
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Lynette Luong
Title: Accountant
Company: Self
(Accountant at Self)
What are the criterias used to define if the money comming from customer is revenue or NRE for a semiconductor company?
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raaj g
Title: accountant
Company: chevron
(accountant at chevron)
Hi   I have done my 4 years of bachelors of economics and majored in accounting from Canada. I am pursuing my CMA certification in canada.   Finally i m going to move to...
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David Casebere
Title: CFO Business Advisor
Company: B2B CFO
(CFO Business Advisor at B2B CFO)
I have a new client who needs a total overhaul of her accounting system.  I want to use process maps to demonstrate what her accounting processes look like today and what they...
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Shane Patrick Connolly
Title: Chief of Staff
Company: Council District 10, City of San Jose
(Chief of Staff at Council District 10, City of San Jose)
I'm new to the start-up realm and have what may be a rather simplistic question. If individuals or another entity (LLC) that preceded a C-Corp's formation put forth funds for...