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Michael Goldberg
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: MG Financial
(Chief Financial Officer at MG Financial)
How simple are they to implement and monitor? How dynamic are they for a CEO that might want to check the data regularly? Are they targeted to large or small companies and could they...
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone on this forum has had experiencing working with the ADP GL interface of ADP to create your journal entries for payroll. My company uses ADP GL, but we...
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Dipak Bhakta
Title: Controller
Company: Private Company
(Controller at Private Company)
Can anyone who is currently using A/P Automation software provide comments (good and bad) as to their experience with their particular software?  By A/P Automation, I mean...
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Joanie Mann
Title: Principal Consultant
Company: Cooper Mann Consulting
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(Principal Consultant at Cooper Mann Consulting)
Everything Old is New Again: Big Fat Phones and Desktop QuickBooks in the Cloud Every year that passes leaves some reminder of the time – some person or occurrence which...
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Laurie Gray
Title: Assistant Treasurer
Company: Floridia OC
(Assistant Treasurer at Floridia OC)
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Anders Liu-Lindberg
Title: Regional Finance Business Partner
Company: Maersk Line Northern Europe
(Regional Finance Business Partner at Maersk Line Northern Europe)
Some weeks ago Samuel Dergel, Executive Search Consultant and author of “Guide To CFO Success” posted a story proposing a new name added to the executive table –...
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Zul Wahab
Title: Global Process Expert
Company: AZ
(Global Process Expert at AZ)
All, I am wonder if anyone can help me on below. I tried to find the benchmark number for below KPIs. What will be the appropriate/reasonable number for me to set as the target for...
Anonymous Member
When an employee drives their own car to see clients the company reimburses them for part of their mileage. Is it considered taxable income or a reimbursed expense?
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Bob Fullington
Title: Executive VP, Chief Strategy & Technolog..
Company: Fortegra Financial
(Executive VP, Chief Strategy & Technolog.. at Fortegra Financial)
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Christie Jahn
Title: CFO
Company: Atlantic Wireless Communications
(CFO at Atlantic Wireless Communications)
We have a need to hire a company to write a software program for us. Can anyone recommend anyone or a company that does this? Horror stories?