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Charles Schrock
Title: SVP - Risk Management
Company: Inland Bank and Trust
(SVP - Risk Management at Inland Bank and Trust)
This is the first in a series of posts that attempt to get to the essence of risk management. I’ll touch on various topics as they occur to me. Some of these posts will be on...
Anonymous Member
(Sr. Manager Financial Planning)
Greetings! How is your organization using SharePoint to improve finance and accounting processes and reporting? For example, do you use it for team calendars, dashboards, reports, etc...
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Jared Fowler
Title: Controller
Company: RCI Entertainment of LA
(Controller at RCI Entertainment of LA)
In reviewing our Accounts Payable, I use tickmarks on the invoices to make sure they are entered properly into QuickBooks (date, invoice number, vendor, due date, amount, etc.) and...
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Len Green
Title: Performance Improvement Consultant and E..
Company: BT Partners, LLP
(Performance Improvement Consultant and E.. at BT Partners, LLP)
I am conducting research for a Telco client that needs to move off of Excel for its FP&A functions (from monthly financial and management reporting - incl consolidations- to...
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Shannon Mathews
Title: Controller
Company: AKT LLP CPAs and Business Consultants
(Controller at AKT LLP CPAs and Business Consultants)
Background for my company: I am with a Professional Service firm and we have outgrown our time and billing software. As we started our search I've discovered most of the new PSA...
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Dan Caserza
Title: Consultant
When accruing bonuses, sales commissions, vacations and other forms of employee compensation, is it customary to accrue at the same time the related employer payroll taxes...
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Sonn Nguyen
Title: CFO
Company: Gtel Mobile
(CFO at Gtel Mobile)
I am CFO of a cellular network operator in Vietnam. I'd like to replace our current excel-based budgeting/planning process with Adaptive planning or the similar. Does anyone here...
Anonymous Member
(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
My company has a complex mix of products and verticals. Some of our products have seasonality and a number of assumptions that go into our revenue model. Is Monte Carlo simulation...
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Klien Keen
Title: Financial Controller
Company: ,
(Financial Controller at ,)
I am looking to hire a Financial Modeler for modeling projects. Other than the usual HR type of behavioral questions, what technical questions can I ask to differentiate the better...
Anonymous Member
(Senior DIrector)
My company is looking at TM1 from IBM and comparing it to Essbase (which we have). What are some of the key advantages/disadvantages of the two products?