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Melissa Giguere
Title: Controller
Company: Spray Systems Environmental
(Controller at Spray Systems Environmental)
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Mary Cowan
Title: Accounts Payable
Company: HasOffers
(Accounts Payable at HasOffers)
We purchased software licenses (with no life term length) for clients, but are not charging for the service. How do I account for these expenses? Amortize over expected life length?...
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Michelle Ou He
Title: FP&A Manager
Company: Axion Services, LLC
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(FP&A Manager at Axion Services, LLC)
What is a good accounting system for a small business (~ 40 employees) that integrates with a CRM system, does commissions and manages inventory? Do they need an ERP system to do all...
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Todd Rodenberg
Title: Managing Member
Company: Bene Immobili, LLC
(Managing Member at Bene Immobili, LLC)
I am seeking some advice regarding financial dashboards. I am working with an entrepreneurial company that owns various real estate (primarily purchased single family REO, office...
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Srini Janaswamy
Title: Director of Finance
Company: CounterPath Corporation
(Director of Finance at CounterPath Corporation)
Hi there, I work for a SaaS company and we are capitalizing development costs in line with ASC 350-40. Could some one please direct me to some material and/or literature that deals...
Anonymous Member
Background: 80 person company with $10,000,000 in gross revenue currently on QuckBooks, but upgrading within a year, platform tba.
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Mallika Arora
Title: Financial Analyst
Company: AON
(Financial Analyst at AON)
How can capitalizing software development costs help a company hire more developers. If a company has $2M budget for hiring, and has the option to capitalize 40% of the S/w development...
Anonymous Member
When looking at the invoice for the Google Apps for Business there is a time period noted on the invoice, so I would assume this should be treated as a prepaid expense and amortized...
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Vish Pattanashetty
Title: Director of Business Systems and Solutio..
Company: Demandbase
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(Director of Business Systems and Solutio.. at Demandbase)
Have you used Intacct along with Saas Optics? Are they compatible? What is your experience like?
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Jennifer Spencer
Title: Director of Marketing
Company: nettime solutions
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(Director of Marketing at nettime solutions)
When was the last time you thanked your payroll department for getting your paycheck right? Unfortunately, we don’t take the time to say thank you when things go well...