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Konrad Sosnow
Title: Revenue Recognition Guru
Company: Konrad M. Sosnow & Associates
(Revenue Recognition Guru at Konrad M. Sosnow & Associates)
Vendor provides an integrated solution which requires a SaaS application, hardware, and installation service in order to provide functionality.  The SaaS application does not...
Anonymous Member
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Michael Dunn
Title: Director of Finance
Company: CaliCo Design
(Director of Finance at CaliCo Design)
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Jason Rollins
Title: VP Finance
Company: Virginia Clothing Company
(VP Finance at Virginia Clothing Company)
Looking for strategic retail solutions.
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Robert Miller
Title: CPA
Company: Private
(CPA at Private)
I have a client who has asked me to look into an erp software comparison, but I don't really have the time to talk to every ERP system provider and get their individual quote. It...
Anonymous Member
(Sr. Manager Financial Planning)
My question concerns when E&O inventory reserves can be released. I understand that E&O reserves can only be reversed if the reserved inventory has been disposed or consumed....
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Tom Treinen
Title: CFO
Company: Southern California Gastroenterology Ass..
(CFO at Southern California Gastroenterology Ass..)
I am investigating the use of this program and was curious if anyone has recent experience with the package. The comments I found on this site, were from 2010. Speed and multitasking...
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Mark Valderrama
Title: Finance
Company: Manufacturing/Ecommerce
(Finance at Manufacturing/Ecommerce)
Hello All, I have been trying to get a Business Requirements document example that I could use as part of the vendor identification process for an ERP system (Netsuite for example...
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Emily Ehrenfeld
Title: Vice President
Company: New Objective
(Vice President at New Objective)
My small business will be switching from Peachtree to Quickbooks Enterprise due to fuller functionality on specific topics. For those who have come before me on this path, what do I...
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Dan Jones
Title: Accountant
Company: Deliotte
(Accountant at Deliotte)
I am looking to build some analysis of the companies route sales for our DSD division. We currently have very little statistics that we analyze. Is there a resource that can point me...