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Ronald Pressler
Title: Senior Accountant
Company: in-between
(Senior Accountant at in-between)
I am looking for budgeting and forecasting guidance on how to budget an income statement, balance sheet and prepare a cash forecast. I just started my job and need to put together...
Anonymous Member
(Financial Analyst)
Hi all, Kindly assist on the correct treatment of directors loans on the balance sheet. Do we present it under short term or long term liabilities?
Anonymous Member
So if I pay my suppliers with a purchasing card (Visa/MC/AMEX) how is that payment treated? Meaning if it is considered a “trade receivable” and millions of dollars are...
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Dan Ryan
Title: CFO
Company: Privately held
(CFO at Privately held)
We have recently gone through a restructuring that resulted in a number of write-offs of assets and taking charges for the estimated cost of transition of certain employees. Are these...
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Patricia Shepherd
Title: VP Finance/CFO
Company: XAware, Inc.
(VP Finance/CFO at XAware, Inc.)
I have a quick question I'm hoping someone can assist me with.  We had paid a security deposit to our landlord many years ago.  This was booked on the balance sheet...
Anonymous Member
I was wondering if you could help me out with a financial statement question for a possible job interview? My question is if you were a bank and a company was trying to borrow money...
Anonymous Member
(Sr. International Accountant)
They should go to other comprehensive income (PL) account. Right? our funcational currency is USD . Thanks for any guidance.
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Wende Mutschler
Title: President
Company: Basic Bookkeeping Inc
(President at Basic Bookkeeping Inc)
Anonymous Member
(Senior Director)
Hello, Our Company is in the process of enhancing our bookkeeping and accounting processes. Historically, we have done pro forma bookings and income projections in excel, but now we...
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Bryan Frey
Title: VP Finance/Corp Controller
(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
Confusing, I know. The story is that my company books many service deals. Some are collectible before services have been rendered, some after. So the revenue recognition is separate...