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dave green
Title: director
Company: meclabs
(director at meclabs)
Assume an agency between $5MM and $20MM with a very healthy investment in content marketng (so that we have lots of incoming inquiries and lots of name recognition in our target market...
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Gloria Vigil
Title: Finance Manager
Company: Nelson Family of Companies
(Finance Manager at Nelson Family of Companies)
Can anyone share the top 3-5 KPI's for the staffing industry?
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Christie Jahn
Title: CFO
Company: Atlantic Wireless Communications
(CFO at Atlantic Wireless Communications)
Does any one have experience with analyzing pay rates? Last year we decided we wanted to bench mark our associates pay against industry averages to determine how we pay compared to...
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Regis Quirin
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP
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(Director of Finance at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP)
Successful companies conduct competitive analysis on an ongoing basis.  It is important to review how you compare to like companies with respect to the product or service you...
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Charles Lambert
Title: CFO
Company: Novella Clinical
(CFO at Novella Clinical)
I am wanting to benchmark the three elements of compensation (salary, variable and LTIP) for the C suite in a $100m revenue private co. i am looking for a specialist consulting firm...
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