Corporate Governance

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Christie Jahn
Title: CFO
Company: Atlantic Wireless Communications
(CFO at Atlantic Wireless Communications)
Do you do anything special for your team during the holidays?
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I am just tired of hearing a few "catch phrases" and about a few topics at work and I wanted to see if others were having the same experience and/or had other phrases that...
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Our company has made just about every mistake possible with business gift giving. We’ve given liquor to recovering alcoholics, we’ve given men’s cologne to ladies (...
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Tammy Buchanan
Title: Controller
Company: Northern Credit Union
(Controller at Northern Credit Union)
Does anybody have any suggestions on how to present the monthly financials to the board without getting too much into details? Any thoughts on more analysis, variance explanations,...
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Simon Westbrook
Title: CFO
Company: Aargo Inc.
( CFO at Aargo Inc.)
I am working with a Company that really hasn't addressed the issue of formal internal controls, documentation and compliance. Does anyone have a Sarbanes Oxley checklist, ...
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Tim Williams
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private)
I just had to deal with a few of my colleagues as they had done one of the worst thing anyone can do at work, lie. There was an issue, and when investigating what happened I saw a few...
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Teresa Bockwoldt
Title: CIO & Co-Founder
Company: Vibato, LLC &
(CIO & Co-Founder at Vibato, LLC &
Entity Level Controls Entity-level, or “tone-at-the-top,” controls define an organization’s corporate culture. They establish guidelines for an organization’s...
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Lynn Fountain
Title: MBA CGMA CRMA, Past Chief Audit Executiv..
Company: Business Consultant
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(MBA CGMA CRMA, Past Chief Audit Executiv.. at Business Consultant)
A woman's  place in the workforce has evolved over the past thirty years. What hasn't changed is the existence of the "good ole' boys club" and the...
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Curtis Verschoor
Title: CEO
Company: C. C. Verschoor & Associates
(CEO at C. C. Verschoor & Associates)
An increasing number of companies around the globe are using integrated reporting as part of their annual reports, but the initiative is making slow progress in the United States....
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Anders Liu-Lindberg
Title: Regional Finance Business Partner
Company: Maersk Line Northern Europe
(Regional Finance Business Partner at Maersk Line Northern Europe)
There are certain traits about management that we keep discussing and agreeing on that this is not the right way to manage such as promoting technical specialists to managers without...