Debt Financing

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Kerry Fabor
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Risk Evaluation and Design LLC
(Director of Finance at Risk Evaluation and Design LLC)
Are synthetic letters of credit widely used?   What are the negatives for a beneficiary who accepts one as collateral?  If I understand correctly, the ...
Anonymous Member
Anonymous Member
(Director of Finance)
When calculating normalized EBITDA for bank covenants or valuation, do you exclude FX gains or losses? Situation: US corporate sells in Mexico and Canada and sales and receivables are...
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Thomas Wallace
Title: Treasurer
Company: Katun Corporation
(Treasurer at Katun Corporation)
Does anyone have a written justification for cross-charging foreign subsidiaries for HQ managing credit agreement negotiations and securing financing on behalf of the global...
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Patricia McMillan
Title: President
Company: McMillan Consulting LLC
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(President at McMillan Consulting LLC)
Necessity is the mother of invention and the liquidity drought, coupled with the capital adequacy requirements of Basel III, have made many banks increasingly reluctant to lend to...
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Ben Chang
Title: Director of Finance and Accounting
Company: Transportation & Logistics
(Director of Finance and Accounting at Transportation & Logistics)
I have recently moved to a small business (less than $20m in revenues) and am used to seeing bank covenants use trailing 12-month earnings (EBITDA) as a measure for leverage and debt...
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Gary Honig
Title: President
Company: Creative Capital Associates Factoring Co..
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(President at Creative Capital Associates Factoring Co..)
Does your company have an emergency package? You know where they tell you to have all your most important documents in one box so just in case you have to flee the facility in a panic...
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Jumaane Dyson
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: Consulting Firm
(Chief Financial Officer at Consulting Firm)
I called Bank of America and the representative stated that she never heard of a P-Card.
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Vernon Reizman
Title: CFO
Company: RCM Industries, Inc.
(CFO at RCM Industries, Inc.)
I am interested in examples of how others have altered their accounting departments and financial reporting as a result of lean initiatives at their company.
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James Weber
Title: President
Company: New Century Dynamics Executive Search
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(President at New Century Dynamics Executive Search)
I have a CFO search where the client's requirements for experience managing compliance with bank debt covenants seems to be a major hurdle. Clearly an important task, but setting...