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Madan Aggarwal
Title: VP Operations
Company: Unify Square, Inc.
(VP Operations at Unify Square, Inc.)
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
Company: SBAConsulting.com
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(President & CFO at SBAConsulting.com)
What type of travel policies do you use? Do you require budgets? Have a Per Diem rate, and if so how is that calculated? Lodging, certain hotel chains/star listing/Per Diem? Air, do...
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Matt Dawson
Title: CFO
Company: Dcs
(CFO at Dcs)
Hi.  My young company has handled corporate cellphone policy (reimbursement) inconsistently over the years.  Currently we have employees with their own phones and plan that...
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Mariann Cumbo
Title: AR/AP Manager
Company: Clarke
(AR/AP Manager at Clarke)
Currently, we require our staff to submit receipts for expenses $50 and over. This is only when they are using their corporate purchasing/T&E card. What do other companies require...
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Paul Remington
Title: CFO
Company: Westbrook Technologies, Inc
(CFO at Westbrook Technologies, Inc)
We have had a policy for working from home of not allowing employees to work from home.  However, I have discovered under certain circumstances (child sick, bad weather and...
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Steve Siino
Title: Workforce Mgt Consultant
Company: Independent
(Workforce Mgt Consultant at Independent)
I am seeking the opinions of the group regarding experience with specific PEO providers, the general model, and recommendations specific to a company's size (0-49, 50-99,...
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(Accounting Assistant)
Hello: I'm looking into policies and procedures specific to a professional services company. I've identified three I think are specific: - document and data control related to...
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About 20% of our staff works off-site (out of the area, not telecommuters) and they are reimbursed for a multitude of home office and travel expenses. Some of the staff work remotely...
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In a few of our departments (I'm controller of a large local bank) we've started to have a problem of salaried employees being lax about their arrival/departure times. We don...