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Carol Johnson
Title: Controller
Company: Private
(Controller at Private)
How do you handle employees who return from maternity leave and need to take a break every few hours because they need to pump? Do you offer a "mom's room" in the...
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Matt Dawson
Title: CFO
Company: Dcs
(CFO at Dcs)
Hi.  My young company has handled corporate cellphone policy (reimbursement) inconsistently over the years.  Currently we have employees with their own phones and plan that...
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Paul Remington
Title: CFO
Company: Westbrook Technologies, Inc
(CFO at Westbrook Technologies, Inc)
We have had a policy for working from home of not allowing employees to work from home.  However, I have discovered under certain circumstances (child sick, bad weather and...
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Steve Siino
Title: Workforce Mgt Consultant
Company: Independent
(Workforce Mgt Consultant at Independent)
I am seeking the opinions of the group regarding experience with specific PEO providers, the general model, and recommendations specific to a company's size (0-49, 50-99,...
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Madan Aggarwal
Title: VP Operations
Company: Unify Square, Inc.
(VP Operations at Unify Square, Inc.)
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Sherry Hudson
Title: Payroll Manager
Company: Sequenom, Inc
(Payroll Manager at Sequenom, Inc)
Are company's allowed to deduct fees (fines for tickets & tolls) from employees expense reimbursements? Are there any laws restricting this? What are some of your practices for...
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Carrie Scott
Title: VP Finance
Company: Private
(VP Finance at Private)
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Jennifer Duff
Title: Partner
Company: Management Stack, LLC
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(Partner at Management Stack, LLC)
I am looking for ideas on putting together a comprehensive new hire process from the requisition stage all the way through onboarding/orientation. Does anyone have flowcharts or...
Anonymous Member
(Human Resources )
We are creating an employee handbook from scratch. Any advice about things to include/ not include in the handbook? Advice for how to roll it out to employees?
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Simon Westbrook
Title: CFO
Company: Aargo Inc.
( CFO at Aargo Inc.)
I have started a project with a pre revenue company that is expecting its first revenue within the next few months. They currently have no systems and procedures since they have...