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I am having an issue with my boss. His designation is OPERATIONS MANAGER and he thinks too much about himself. He always passes nasty comments about the company general manager and the...
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Carrie Roesner
Title: Controller
Company: Centro
(Controller at Centro)
We are trying to shorten our month-end close time and one of the areas we've identified that drags things out is our expense reimbursement timeline. I would like to propose that we...
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(Accounts Receivable Officer)
Hi all. Im about to take over a chief accountant role, and will have to manage older people than me. The company is in a process of implementing new ERP and I expect eventual...
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Robert Greenway
Title: CIO
Company: Private
(CIO at Private)
One of the businesses I'm involved with (on the tech side) is kind of stuck. It has some good opportunities, but insufficient capital to properly pursue them. It's investors...
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I have a person that works for me that is continuously causing problems in the company. Talking about everyone (badmouthing) people in the company and constantly whispering how someone...
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Henry Dietz
Title: CFO
I have a client looking to raise some capital and need a private placement memorandum template.
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
Company: SBA * Consulting LTD
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(President & CFO at SBA * Consulting LTD)
Interesting article in the Harvard Business Review. The questions revolve around actually talking to everyone in the organization, from your direct reports to the janitors or drivers...
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Lynn Fountain MBA CGMA CRMA
Title: Past Chief Audit Executive
Company: Business Consultant
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(Past Chief Audit Executive at Business Consultant)
If at first you don't succeed, try...try again. That may be something you heard your parents say when you grew up. We would often be told "There is no shame in failure as long...
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Mollie Mossman
Company: Mossman Commercial
(CPA, CMA, MBA, CREB at Mossman Commercial)
We have a legacy AS 400 (Microsoft) and a newly created data warehouse but need to get a quick to implement dashboard up for ourpresentations to the CEO. What software have you...
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Peggy Bucholz
Title: Chief Administrative Officer
Company: Grizzly Discovery Center
(Chief Administrative Officer at Grizzly Discovery Center)
We are trying to track manufacturer coupons and payments. Currently use an excel spreadsheet but with 35 stores this has become difficult. Does anyone have ideas how we can streamline...