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(Financial Analyst)
Hi all, Kindly assist on the correct treatment of directors loans on the balance sheet. Do we present it under short term or long term liabilities?
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Thomas Sherlock
Title: Assistant Controller
Company: Evergreen Enterprises
(Assistant Controller at Evergreen Enterprises)
I am looking at both these software platforms to provide KPI information to my executive team and to collaborate on projects across departments. I am looking to see if anyone has a...
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Peter Strang
Title: SVP
Company: Navient
(SVP at Navient)
We just acquired a Company and was wondering if anyone had a post merger accounting checklist for the integration of the acquired company on our systems.
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Robert Kugel
Title: Senior Vice President
Company: Ventana Research
(Senior Vice President at Ventana Research)
Ventana Research recently released the results of our Next Generation Business Planning benchmark research. Business planning encompasses all of the forward-looking...
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Serge Golovach
Title: Founder & CEO
I am raising a capital for my project - manufacturing of a deficit industrial product in Vietnam. It is really difficult to find a REAL investor as maybe 99% of all offers are some...
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John Erickson
Title: Owner
Company: iStrat Systems, LLC
(Owner at iStrat Systems, LLC)
Looking for some good examples for acquisitions -- ideally template/worksheets for Internet Subscription/Re-Occurring Revenue Models .... Thanks, John E ...
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Jennifer Duff
Title: CFO
Company: MPAY Inc.
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(CFO at MPAY Inc.)
Business as usual in the software world is coming to an end. Today's environment is one in which customers want to use a web browser, rather than on-premises software, to meet...
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Rajan Shah
Title: Audit Manager
Company: No company
(Audit Manager at No company)
Accounting treatment in following situation: Year-ending is 31-Dec-20xx. Fire occurred in factory on 11-Dec-2013. Audit report for 31-Dec-2013 has been issued with ‘disclaimer...
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I am about to co-found a company with someone i know professionally. We agreed on an intial 2:1 distribution of shares with him getting approx. 66.66% and me 33.33%. In this case he...
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I'm in negotiations with a Series B startup whose valuation I do not know. What information should I ask for?