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Regis Quirin
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP
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(Director of Finance at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP)
By December 31st 2014, companies that utilize the 1992 COSO Internal Control—Integrated Framework are expected to have fully transitioned to the 2013 framework.  If you are...
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Jane Levin
Title: Corporate Controller
Company: Private
(Corporate Controller at Private)
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I am CFO of an early stage, post Series-A SAAS startup. The set of offerings and description of the product segments has shifted significantly over the past year, so we are about to...
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Lee Qiu
Title: Head of Global Audit
Company: Trading Technology Company
(Head of Global Audit at Trading Technology Company)
We are a medium sized technology company with offices across three continents.  We have about 60 regular travelers globally and USD $1.5MM annual T&E budget. Right now we are...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at
And your reasoning for or against. If for, how many of your relationships also use this technology?
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C. Baylis
Title: Consultant
Company: Baylis Consulting
(Consultant at Baylis Consulting)
I am building an excel spreadsheet to recognize subscription revenue (including annual renewals) for use in a forecast model.  Our subscriptions are generally annual, and are at...
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Greg Collins
Title: President
Company: Sirona
(President at Sirona)
I am working with an early stage/startup medical device company that has never been audited. They are in the process of raising capital. Historically they have capitalized patent costs...
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(Corporate Controller)
My company is going thru a "right-sizing" exercise and we are looking for updated benchmarks for IT, marketing, finance and HR spend as a % of net sales.  I know...
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From a business intelligence point of view, when do you use one or the other or are they the same thing for the same purpose? Sorry for the confusion, but must admit I don't really...
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Anders Liu-Lindberg
Title: Regional Finance Business Partner
Company: Maersk Line Northern Europe
(Regional Finance Business Partner at Maersk Line Northern Europe)
There are certain traits about management that we keep discussing and agreeing on that this is not the right way to manage such as promoting technical specialists to managers without...