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Andrew Jesse
Title: VP
Company: Basware UK
(VP at Basware UK)
Invoice fraud is one of those topics that most CFOs are aware of, but one which few ever think they will really be targeted by. You know who your suppliers are, and you have stringent...
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Charles Swan
Title: CFO
Company: The Virtual CFO
(CFO at The Virtual CFO)
Does anyone have a template for the purchase of a building and improvements. This should include cash flows from financing and tax benefits
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Barry Wallace
Title: Controller
Company: Utilicom Supply Associates, LLC
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(Controller at Utilicom Supply Associates, LLC)
Our company is considering offering discount terms to our customers in hopes of encouraging them to pay sooner. How do I go about performing an analysis to determine the effect on cash...
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David Maitland
Title: General Manager EMEA
Company: Couchbase
(General Manager EMEA at Couchbase)
In the ultra high-speed world of financial services, a fraction of a second can be a lifetime. Long gone is the outdated view of banks and other financial institutions as dusty old...
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Joanie Mann
Title: Principal Consultant
Company: Cooper Mann Consulting
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(Principal Consultant at Cooper Mann Consulting)
My Love/Hate Relationship with Partner Programs I love Partner programs. You know, those business opportunities to get involved with a product or solution and earn revenue selling it...
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Mollie Mossman
Company: Mossman Commercial
(CPA, CMA, MBA, CREB at Mossman Commercial)
We have a legacy AS 400 (Microsoft) and a newly created data warehouse but need to get a quick to implement dashboard up for ourpresentations to the CEO. What software have you...
Anonymous Member
(Business Analyst)
Hello - we are in the process of evaluating new Budgeting software to perform an integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow at store and product level. We also want to use this for...
Anonymous Member
Hello everyone, we are going to change our CPM, we are hesitating between adaptive, anaplan or TM1 on saas, can anyone give me a feedback on each experience, that can help us to make a...
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Ahmed Almaghaslah
Title: system Analyst
Company: Saudi Aramco
(system Analyst at Saudi Aramco)
I am working in KPI management and I am looking for a tool that I can use to help me do the following: 1. Create and define new KPIs. 2. Tool should integrate with Databases such as...