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Given the following facts, when should the invoice date be? 12/31/14 or 1/1/15? *Contract signed/executed 12/31/14 (i.e., bookings count toward 2014 sales quota) *Contract term start 1...
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Let me first say that I really enjoy my job and feel committed to the company I work for and the people I work with. I've been here for a couple of years. About 4 months ago they...
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Rick Bigelow
Title: C0O
Company: LSSM
(C0O at LSSM)
Does anyone have a template of FAQ's that can be used in addressing employee questions after an acquisition?  I cannot locate the list I formulated years ago. Any assistance...
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(Finance Manager)
We use QuickBooks Enterprise as our accounting system and we are planning to roll out a new budgeting system in the next month or so. Do you use the budgeting and forecasting tools in...
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Andrea M.
Title: Accounts Payable Rep.
Company: rather not say
(Accounts Payable Rep. at rather not say)
I'm an Accounts Payable professional and have worked in the industry for over 10 years and consider myself very ethical in doing my job. I recently started a new job and am unsure...
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(VP, Finance)
We are a small business (10 employees) across two locations. Right now, I am the only person who can create purchase orders and the approval process is manual. I am looking for an...
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Curtis Verschoor
Title: CEO
Company: C. C. Verschoor & Associates
(CEO at C. C. Verschoor & Associates)
A new survey highlights ways companies can improve their corporate culture, while governments try to hold individuals more accountable with oaths, delayed bonuses, and penalties....
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Jerry Goldberg
Title: Principal
Company: Strategic Capital Corp
(Principal at Strategic Capital Corp)
I am trying to help (pro bono) a local organization develop a business plan for a social media app. Other than thins like # users, cost per user acquisition, and a few others, does...