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Lynn Fountain
Title: MBA CGMA CRMA, Past Chief Audit Executiv..
Company: Business Consultant
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(MBA CGMA CRMA, Past Chief Audit Executiv.. at Business Consultant)
A woman's  place in the workforce has evolved over the past thirty years. What hasn't changed is the existence of the "good ole' boys club" and the...
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Diane Robbins
Title: VP Finance
Company: Private
(VP Finance at Private)
We've all been a part of meetings that seem to accomplish nothing more than wasting our time. So what do you do to make sure all your meetings are productive as possible? Do you...
Anonymous Member
I am just tired of hearing a few "catch phrases" and about a few topics at work and I wanted to see if others were having the same experience and/or had other phrases that...
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Randall Bolten
Title: CEO
Company: Lucidity
(CEO at Lucidity)
I am speaking next week at the annual national conference of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) in Washington, DC. Since financial planning & analysis (FP...
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Tim Williams
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private)
I just had to deal with a few of my colleagues as they had done one of the worst thing anyone can do at work, lie. There was an issue, and when investigating what happened I saw a few...
Anonymous Member
I work in an environment where the shareholders & executive director compromise my ethical & moral code on a consistent basis through their continued tax evasion practices,...
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Ernie Humphrey
Title: CTP, Experienced Financial Professional
Company: 360 Thought Leadership
(CTP, Experienced Financial Professional at 360 Thought Leadership )
This week’s Thought Leadership in Finance blog will feature a review of a Proformative webinar which focused on how an effective accounting close is accomplished in theory and...
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(Company Secretary)
The Company is planning to provide an interest free loan to its group company in Manila,Philippines. The Company which is advancing loan is a company incorporated in Delware as an LLC...
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Alisanne Gilmore-Allen
Title: Consultant
Company: RoseRyan
(Consultant at RoseRyan)
We often hear more about fraud at large companies because of the hefty price tags involved and the large number of investors who may be affected. But the sad fact is that when small...
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Samuel Dergel
Title: Director - Executive Search
Company: Stanton Chase International
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(Director - Executive Search at Stanton Chase International)
As someone who creates content aimed at the CFO and other senior finance executives, understanding what Senior Financial Officers like to consume as content is important. There is...