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Please give your advice on this situation. A small US company is in a contract to be a representative for a foreign company. This US company sells consigned products for the overseas...
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Regis Quirin
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP
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(Director of Finance at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP)
Pricing is a critical task that all businesses manage.  However, there are many different ways to approach the pricing requirement.   In simple terms, price = cost of...
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Mariann Cumbo
Title: AR/AP Manager
Company: Clarke
(AR/AP Manager at Clarke)
Currently, we require our staff to submit receipts for expenses $50 and over. This is only when they are using their corporate purchasing/T&E card. What do other companies require...
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Shannon Mathews
Title: Controller
Company: AKT LLP CPAs and Business Consultants
(Controller at AKT LLP CPAs and Business Consultants)
What expectations do you have at your company/firm to turn expense refunds? Currently we pay employees back through payroll so we give a deadline of 5 days before payroll to get...
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Yana McConaty
Title: Partner
Company: Neubrain
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(Partner at Neubrain)
With the stagnant economy, cost control has become the new mantra of every business. Businesses are deploying various strategies to contain costs and maintain profitability. Amongst...
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Lynn Fountain
Title: MBA CGMA CRMA, Past Chief Audit Executiv..
Company: Business Consultant
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(MBA CGMA CRMA, Past Chief Audit Executiv.. at Business Consultant)
I've written a couple blogs on workplace behavior. Seems only logical to dream up a few rules for the workplace etiquette. (My advance apologies to the bible). 1) Thou shalt not...
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Barry Wallace
Title: Controller
Company: Utilicom Supply Associates, LLC
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(Controller at Utilicom Supply Associates, LLC)
Our company is considering offering discount terms to our customers in hopes of encouraging them to pay sooner. How do I go about performing an analysis to determine the effect on cash...
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Anders Liu-Lindberg
Title: Finance Manager
Company: Maersk Drilling USA Inc
(Finance Manager at Maersk Drilling USA Inc)
I recently concluded my first management position, an expatriation to USA from Denmark as a Finance Manager. Needless to say I gained a ton of experience and learned a lot in the past...
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Keith Perry
Title: VP Finance
Company: Rexanto
(VP Finance at Rexanto)
We are selling enterprise software in Europe. Moderate size deals, both full-payment up-front and subscriptions. Some of our European customers don't like to send money overseas....
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at
Which do you find better: NPV or the IRR and if IRR, do you consider MIRR?