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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at
Which methodology do you use and why? Risk Method Historical Method Pareto Method Dart Method
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Daniel Clymer
Title: Automation Intern
Company: IPR International
(Automation Intern at IPR International)
I am looking for ways to improve cash flow and the nature of billing is done in cycles only at the beginning and end of each month similiar to a subscription model. My hopes are that...
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(office manager)
looking for an efficient way to handle ap payments
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I am a bit old school, and I need to enjoy my work. I have been accused of being too close with work colleagues and direct reports, but that is in my nature. It helps drive my passion...
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We have large volume hardware purchases and a manual process for accounting for them as we don't yet have an ERP. About 1/2 the invoices have freight included and the total of the...
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Joe Wallin
Title: Partner
Company: Davis Wright Tremaine
(Partner at Davis Wright Tremaine)
SEC Investor Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the SEC regarding “accredited investor” definition and related considerations No specific changes to financial...
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Daniel Magliari
Title: Principal.
Company: Magliari and Associates
(Principal. at Magliari and Associates)
I am working for a privately held company that has recently acquired a couple of subsidiaries internationally.  We currently need to provide an intercompany loans to two of the...
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(Regional Finance Business Partner)
We will soon be engaging with Concur to automate our expense reporting and I was wondering if any of you had some experiences with the company that you could share?
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Ernie Humphrey
Title: CTP, Experienced Financial Professional
Company: 360 Thought Leadership
(CTP, Experienced Financial Professional at 360 Thought Leadership )
From a young age we are taught that honesty is the best policy. Unfortunately, I have found that during the course of my interesting career that this is not always the case. In today...
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Danielle DehmlerBuckley
Title: VP Finance
Company: BlogFrog, Inc.
(VP Finance at BlogFrog, Inc.)
We're a fast growing tech start-up and want a tool that pulls our financial, salesforce, and analytics data.  We'd like the data real time and in the cloud so we can give...