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(Regional Finance Business Partner)
We will soon be engaging with Concur to automate our expense reporting and I was wondering if any of you had some experiences with the company that you could share?
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I have tried to make it through webinars focused on big data. What does this term actually mean? What is the value of what they call "unstructured" data? How can an SMB get...
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Steve Cavalieri
Title: Accountant
Company: Stuart Edelstein Linderman LLP
(Accountant at Stuart Edelstein Linderman LLP)
We have a new company with conditional restrictive Class C Capital stock incentive compensation. It vests after three years. Do I need to account for it before it vests? When I do...
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Don Rudd
Title: General Manager
Company: Nundah Activity Centre Inc
(General Manager at Nundah Activity Centre Inc)
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James Morales, CFA
Title: FP&A Manager
Company: Simply Health Care Plans
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(FP&A Manager at Simply Health Care Plans)
Looking to revamp how we plan and forecast our FTE headcount. Looking for ideas on how you do this in your shops, specifically: - Do you use any planning software besides Excel to...
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(Financial Analyst)
Hi all, I work at a small startup that is a joint venture between multiple companies. The management of one company acts as management of my company, and on occasion will accidentally...
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Edward Abbati
Title: Vice President of Finance
Company: Location Labs
(Vice President of Finance at Location Labs)
We just acquired a 45 person software development operation in India.  I am in the process of allocating the tangible and intangible items against the purchase price.  ...
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Gloria Vigil
Title: Finance Manager
Company: Nelson Family of Companies
(Finance Manager at Nelson Family of Companies)
Can anyone share the top 3-5 KPI's for the staffing industry?