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Sandra Maxey
Title: VP Treasury and Planning, Asst. Corporat..
Company: Cobra Electronics
(VP Treasury and Planning, Asst. Corporat.. at Cobra Electronics)
I work for a mid-size global consumer electronics company and need more functionality that excel for budgeting and planning. I am interested in hearing from anyone that has familiarity...
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Charming Shah
Title: Practice Head
Company: IGATE
(Practice Head at IGATE)
We would like to know details of process , procedure , steps to create FP&A COE Also, references of companies those who can help develop and implement strategy to build FP&A...
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Atul Madahar
Title: Director
Company: Anonymous
(Director at Anonymous)
Dear Proformative Friends and Neighbors, Thank you for your responses to my previous questions... very, very helpful. My current firm is considering forming a new company to address a...
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Sara Larsen
Title: Accountant
Company: BWS Inc
(Accountant at BWS Inc)
Hello everybody, Where can I find excel-based financial modeling templates? Thank you for your time! Sara
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(Director of FP&A)
I have Googled this and I am finding it very difficult to find an answer. Thanks.
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I am having an issue with my boss. His designation is OPERATIONS MANAGER and he thinks too much about himself. He always passes nasty comments about the company general manager and the...
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Charles Schrock
Title: SVP - Risk Management
Company: Inland Bank and Trust
(SVP - Risk Management at Inland Bank and Trust)
This post continues my “essence of ERM” series. The goal of this series is to address all manner of risk management topics in small sensible components. I’m writing...
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The majority of the causes for a conflict between CFO and CEO could be on account of disconnects related to governance, operational control, processes & procedures, decisions on...
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I have a person that works for me that is continuously causing problems in the company. Talking about everyone (badmouthing) people in the company and constantly whispering how someone...