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Particularly interested in initiatives that corporate finance can drive, but any proven winners would help.
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(Financial Analyst)
Do you track only the finished goods or do you include WIP in your metric?
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Karen Adams
Title: Owner
Company: KJA Associates, LLC
(Owner at KJA Associates, LLC)
I have a manufacturing client who builds molds for customers using third party fabricators and then manufactures product for the customer using the mold. The customer is charged for...
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Denis Cash
Title: Director Risk Management
Company: in-between
(Director Risk Management at in-between)
Can anyone recommend a good commercial real estate leasing and property management software? I have recently begun working for a group of family-owned LLCs that lease and sell...
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(Beer Numerologist)
We have an employee that we added his personal phone to our company cell phone plan however, he is no longer required to use the phone for business purposes. If we keep him on the...
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Jeff Chase
Title: CFO, CPA
Company: Anametrix, Inc.
(CFO, CPA at Anametrix, Inc.)
I recently got asked regarding the selection or bidding of an ERP system for a fabless semiconductor company - I recently helped a semi with this and found that...
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Richard Rafdahl
Title: President
Company: Cost Reduction Specialists Inc.
(President at Cost Reduction Specialists Inc.)
The following are a number of common cost improvement opportunities that I have witnessed when working with my various clients.   This list, by no means, covers all the...
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Christie Jahn
Title: CFO
Company: Atlantic Wireless Communications
(CFO at Atlantic Wireless Communications)
In Jan 2014, as a result of Obama Care; employer paid health benefits will be taxable as a fringe benefit. I'm looking at it from the perspective of increased tax brackets possibly...
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Steve Siino
Title: Workforce Mgt Consultant
Company: Independent
(Workforce Mgt Consultant at Independent)
I am seeking the opinions of the group regarding experience with specific PEO providers, the general model, and recommendations specific to a company's size (0-49, 50-99,...