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Joanie Mann
Title: Principal Consultant
Company: Cooper Mann Consulting
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(Principal Consultant at Cooper Mann Consulting)
My Love/Hate Relationship with Partner Programs I love Partner programs. You know, those business opportunities to get involved with a product or solution and earn revenue selling it...
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Denise Loter-Koch
Title: President/CEO
Company: ebs Associates
(President/CEO at ebs Associates)
Similar to a well maintained engine, a business’s books will continue to run correctly when they get the attention they need. Start neglecting little issues here and there, and...
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(Communications Coordinator)
I'm wondering if anyone considered moving from a fully insured medical plan to a self-funded plan for your 2014 plan year. If so, did you make the switch? Why or Why not?
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(SVP, Director of Corporate Fin)
We bill out clients based on actual hours incurred and when time sheets lapse we can't invoice or record the appropriate income. Recently switched systems and having a very...
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(VP, Finance)
We have just implemented health, dental and vision benefits for our 10 person company. Our health plan has a default one-month waiting period for new hires, but we can waive this so...
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Karen Adams
Title: Owner
Company: KJA Associates, LLC
(Owner at KJA Associates, LLC)
I have a manufacturing client who builds molds for customers using third party fabricators and then manufactures product for the customer using the mold. The customer is charged for...
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susan lucas-conwell
Title: Board Member
Company: Growth Resources Inc
(Board Member at Growth Resources Inc)
reimbursement for employee policies? State-mandated policies? or?
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Margaret Hsia
Title: Financial Consultant
(Financial Consultant)
My understanding is that audit/tax fees no longer need to be accrued for a monthly basis but expensed in the period incurred.  Do you have a guidance reference that supports...
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Richard Rafdahl
Title: President
Company: Cost Reduction Specialists Inc.
(President at Cost Reduction Specialists Inc.)
Prior to embarking on any new bid or negotiations effort, there are 5 main factors that should be considered in order to determine what is working in your favor and if it is prudent to...