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Annette Nellen
Title: Professor
Company: San Jose State University
(Professor at San Jose State University)
  To help more people obtain health insurance, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a subsidy in the form of a refundable, advanceable tax credit - the Premium Tax Credit (PTC...
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(VP, Finance)
We are looking at this software as a way to streamline requisitions and approvals across multiple offices. Has anyone used this software and does it integrate with your accounting...
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If my company replaces earned vacation with an unlimited PTO policy, will there be any income statement impact? We won't be accruing any vacation expense and we won't have to...
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Veena Gundavelli
Title: CEO
Company: Emagia
(CEO at Emagia)
By 2020 the amount of data saved and collected will be about 35 trillion gigabytes, reports World Economic Forum. Big Data is getting classified as a new asset. Learning from...
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Margaret Hsia
Title: Financial Consultant
(Financial Consultant)
My understanding is that audit/tax fees no longer need to be accrued for a monthly basis but expensed in the period incurred.  Do you have a guidance reference that supports...
Anonymous Member
The company I work for owns multiple businesses located across the province. In 2012 we transitioned from separate bookkeepers in each location to centralized accounting. We employ 4...
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Dale Bolen
Title: CFO
Company: -
(CFO at - )
Does anyone have recommendations or advice for implementing a centralized payroll solution for a global workforce? Workday's marketing collateral says their system can handle...
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Ernie Humphrey CTP
Title: CFO
Company: Biz Dimensions
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(CFO at Biz Dimensions)
In having the opportunities to be involved in multiple start-up companies over the past six years, I have an educated opinion to offer, customer service in almost every industry...
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Penny Morrow
Title: Accounting Manager
Company: Brentwood Services
(Accounting Manager at Brentwood Services)
We have a client that wants us to handle their S&A payments. In the contract, we pay their employee, withhold and remit the taxes, supply W-2 etc under our FEIN. HR doesn't...
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Phil Schwier
Title: retired
Company: Retired
(retired at Retired)
My wife and I are retired from the same large company. She was covering her great niece who she had guardianship over on our health care plan. The great niece was also adult not living...