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We consolidate as many as 12 to 15 companies on a monthly basis.  Not all companies use the same ERP/accounting software, so right now we require them to submit a monthly trial...
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Ivie Wu
Title: Senior Accounts Executive
Company: CBSA Berhad
(Senior Accounts Executive at CBSA Berhad)
Recently, I am in charge for preparation of consolidation accounts with other companies which using different currencies. How do I record the translation differences? Is it same...
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Leena Mansharamani
Title: Corporate Controller
Company: Deeya Energy
(Corporate Controller at Deeya Energy)
We are a small late stage start up company about 6 months from commercializing our product. We are currently using quickbooks to maintain our books and records. we currently have 1...
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Carolyn Winder
Title: Accountant
Company: Red Wolf LLC
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(Accountant at Red Wolf LLC)
Whether cash basis or accrual basis, is it ever acceptable to wait until the bank statement arrives to BEGIN reconciling cash?? Secondly, if multiple checking accounts exist (with only...
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(Manager of Financial Reporting)
If we have a 60% owned consolidating entity, and purchase the remaining 40%, is this the correct entry to book to eliminate non controlling interest properly on the parent's books...
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Any time-saving tips for simplifying the consolidated financial statements reporting process? In terms of just the software piece of it, I feel like we’ve outgrown QuickBooks....
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Does anyone have any suggestions for using the Chart of Accounts and Class function to set up a 'single' Company File to handle the consolidation of 6 subsidiaries? I prefer to...
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Our primary business is in the US and we consolidate our financials into USD. We opened another branch in CAD and due to regulatory reasons, set it up as a separate entity. We have two...
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Lynn Koll
Title: Accounting
Company: Live Better Brands
(Accounting at Live Better Brands)
We are in the USA and acquired a canadian subsidiary. The canadian company is using Premier 2014 and we have access to their books via the Internet cloud. Our main US company is using...
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matt shore
Title: ceo
Company: upper chord
(ceo at upper chord)
I've spent some time recently looking at the implementations of a few different driver based forecasting and budgeting tools (mostly Hyperion Planning and a couple SAP BPC.) While...