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We consolidate as many as 12 to 15 companies on a monthly basis.  Not all companies use the same ERP/accounting software, so right now we require them to submit a monthly trial...
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Any time-saving tips for simplifying the consolidated financial statements reporting process? In terms of just the software piece of it, I feel like we’ve outgrown QuickBooks....
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Barbara Petracca
Title: Chief Baking Officer
Company: Magnolia bakery
(Chief Baking Officer at Magnolia bakery)
We have units in the US and in 7 different countries using different POS systems. We are searching for a program that will allow us to consolidate the reporting for sales, product mix...
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Bob Fullington
Title: Executive VP, Chief Strategy & Technolog..
Company: Fortegra Financial
(Executive VP, Chief Strategy & Technolog.. at Fortegra Financial)
What are the top consolidation software applications?  We currently are using NAV and have other transaction based systems?
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(Senior accountant)
we are Paints and ink manufacturing company own by 2 directors it is a two in one company : one Company manufactures ink the other one deals with paint. the two have separate bank...
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Carolyn Winder
Title: Accountant
Company: Red Wolf LLC
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(Accountant at Red Wolf LLC)
Whether cash basis or accrual basis, is it ever acceptable to wait until the bank statement arrives to BEGIN reconciling cash?? Secondly, if multiple checking accounts exist (with only...
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Title: Accounting Consultant
Company: Self Employed
(Accounting Consultant at Self Employed)
I am the Controller for a start up US parent software development company that has a wholly owned India sub. The India sub incurs expenses, like consultant fees, in India, but the...
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(Finance Director)
I am reviewing year end entries from last year. There is an audit adjustment between a foreign sub in Euro and the US parent for the intercompany accounts, a note payable and the...
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George Gacungu
Title: Finance Manager
(Finance Manager at KAPI LIMITED)
I am managing two sister companies.At the moment one company bills the other for monthly Administration expenses. For example: One company manages the accounting department of the...
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