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Andrea Bornschlegel
Title: VP, Finance & Administration
Company: Cloudmeter, Inc.
(VP, Finance & Administration at Cloudmeter, Inc.)
Two-part question/discussion about being a CFO/Controller without a CPA, primarily from the small/private company perspective:   1)  Besides bulletins from/consultations...
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Chris Shumate
Title: Corporate Accountant
Company: Redline Contract Services, LLC
(Corporate Accountant at Redline Contract Services, LLC)
I am curious, I have a sort of education-a-holic type thing going on where I continue to want to gain more knowledge. I am working toward my CPA currently. My ultimate goal is to...
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ankit kumar
Title: Assistant Manager-A & F
Company: Tibrewala Electricals
(Assistant Manager-A & F at Tibrewala Electricals)
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Samuel Dergel
Title: Director - Executive Search
Company: Stanton Chase International
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(Director - Executive Search at Stanton Chase International)
Dear CEO, I noticed in the news that the CFO you hired with big fanfare only a couple of months ago has left. Your press release quoted your recently new and currently past Chief...
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Ernie Humphrey CTP
Title: CFO
Company: Biz Dimensions
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(CFO at Biz Dimensions)
In my career I have always been a good "firefighter". I have even had a previous boss tell me "the hotter the fire the better you perform", but that is not a skill...
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Steve Harris
Title: President
Company: The People Advantage
(President at The People Advantage)
Does anyone have a recommendation for a program (or other methods for that matter) for training an experienced business professional who is moving into a controller role as their first...
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(Accounts Officer)
I have been told to list 6 things I want to achieve in my department in the next one year. The company is new and we are trying to set the accounting department. I need ideas outside...
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(accounting supervisor)
I'm currently working as accounting supervisor doing the financial report, payroll and attend employees concerns regarding finanance matters. My boss ask me to prepare 3 goals for...
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I am just not good at going up to people I do not know and starting a conversation. At a networking event or conference how do I start a conversation in an engaging manner, and not...