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Wray Rives
Company: Rives CPA PLLC
If you have been involved with a startup company, you very likely have run into grants of restricted stock and the decision if you should make an 83(b) election. Basically an 83(b)...
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Scott Valentine
Title: VP of Marketing & Communications
Company: Solium
(VP of Marketing & Communications at Solium)
  WHAT IS FATCA? Enacted March 18, 2010, as part of the HIRE Act, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is American tax legislation designed to combat foreign tax...
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Elizabeth Pearce
Title: CFO
Company: Green Jane Inc
(CFO at Green Jane Inc)
I joined a startup with a great concept.  We've got eight people (and a landlord) accepting equity as compensation ... now I've got to put this on the balance sheet. We...
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Joe Wallin
Title: Partner
Company: Davis Wright Tremaine
(Partner at Davis Wright Tremaine)
By Joe Wallin Many times I have seen the following happen: a company is running out of money. In order to keep going, the team is going to have to take pay cuts. The Founder & CEO...
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My company went public many years back under different financial leadership. We are on a major exchange. We had some ups and downs and are now having some ups, happily. We are looking...
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(Senior Director of Finance)
The investor owns 40%, while the 3 founders own 60%. Thank you.
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Mark Webb
Title: CFO
Company: Mindshare Technologies, Inc.
(CFO at Mindshare Technologies, Inc.)
For example, I have employees will multiple exercises under the same grant. Since one of the fields on form requires the "Date option exercised" it looks like I need a separate for...
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Marilo Calabuig
Title: Controller
Company: Axiom
(Controller at Axiom)
I am seeking information on Equity transaction systems for a company that is in a pre-IPO stage. I am very familiar with CapMx from SVB. Their functionality for public companies does...