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Robert Kugel
Title: Senior Vice President
Company: Ventana Research
(Senior Vice President at Ventana Research)
Optimization is the application of algorithms to sets of data to guide executives and managers in making the best decisions. It’s a trending topic because using optimization...
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Mark Von Der Linn
(Principal at
I HIGHLY recommend installing "Quickbooks Search powered by Google Desktop".  So much easier to search for checks, dollar amounts, invoices, anything. I couldn't...
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Mike Kennedy
Title: Analytics Evangelist & Dir. Marketing
Company: Talent Analytics, Corp.
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(Analytics Evangelist & Dir. Marketing at Talent Analytics, Corp.)
By: Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp.   I had yet another call today with a brilliant data scientist working inside of a Human Resources Department of a major business....
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Sudhir Singh
(Director at Excelict Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)
Project Management, Cost-estimations, Inventory, Purchases, multiple sites(temporary location) are focus areas. It seems most are fitting in Manufacturing, Retail or Utility.
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Roberto Canales
(CFO at WorldVentures Holdings, LLC)
There is discussion amongst the CTO and Sales President that Finance should be a customer to BI rather than being the owner of analytics (Business Partner) to all functional groups....
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(Sr. Accounting Manager)
I've been tasked with developing compared options for our CFO and others to consider. I'm interested in some guidance on a considerations, best practices, tips or insights for...
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Anonymous Member
I have tried to make it through webinars focused on big data. What does this term actually mean? What is the value of what they call "unstructured" data? How can an SMB get...
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Wayne Spivak
(President & CFO at
Would you trust credit decisions from a company whose data is so corrupt? I was doing a Google on myself and I came across this website:
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(Business Process Analyst)
I am looking for a good software for my company.  We are currently on Quickbooks and have grown beyond it.  I need a good accounting package (that can handle...
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(HR Consultant)
We are looking for a cloud based, Saas HRMS solution that covers from recruit to retire. I have done alot of research and spoken to quite a few and narrowed our search down to 6 -...
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Danielle DehmlerBuckley
(VP Finance at BlogFrog, Inc.)
We're a fast growing tech start-up and want a tool that pulls our financial, salesforce, and analytics data.  We'd like the data real time and in the cloud so we can give...
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Steven Prevost
(CFO at The Signorelli Company)
Greetings - I recently became CFO for a home builder and noticed that the company’s “Shared Drive” is in a state of disarray – project documents are located in...
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Mark Valderrama
(Finance at Manufacturing/Ecommerce)
I work for a mid-sized manufacturing/e-commerence company and I am looking at both PlanGuru and Adaptive Planning as possible budget software upgrades to replace our excel budgets....
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Doug Thompson
(Director of Revenue at Castlight Health)
How much upfront, how much over time, and for how long into the future.
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James Myers
Title: Director
Company: FP&A Strategy Consulting
(Director at FP&A Strategy Consulting)
The great news is that all finance professionals can use validated learning 1 to impact business decisions, support them with data, then guide their organization through times of...
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Alan Peck
Title: CFO
Company: BrandProtect
(CFO at BrandProtect)
As the executive officer in charge of a company’s financials, the CFO is in a unique position to understand risk management – from the growing list of threats themselves,...
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kaycee Lane
(accountant at KT Tape)
I just want a system that will match receipts with credit card transactions from purchasing card. We don't have any travel reimbursements, everything is on card. Is there a way to...