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Joanie Mann
Title: Principal Consultant
Company: Cooper Mann Consulting
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(Principal Consultant at Cooper Mann Consulting)
Migrating Business Data to the Cloud When businesses elect to have their desktop applications hosted in the cloud with a hosting service provider, they are also electing to have...
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Doug Sleeter
Title: President
Company: The Sleeter Group, Inc.
(President at The Sleeter Group, Inc.)
The term “cloud” has been applied to all sorts of online or Internet-based application models, and there are a great many approaches to developing cloud-based services...
Anonymous Member
My Consulting firm is about 70% involved with Billing our clients at their site for Professional services performed (we do Datawarehousing software tool implementation &...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
Company: SBA * Consulting LTD
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(President & CFO at SBA * Consulting LTD)
In a Dec 2013 article entitled Grabbing the Silver Lining, found in the Government Finance Offices Association Magazine, Rob Roque writes: "Despite the many benefits cloud...
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Roger Frederick
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private)
The more we look at vendors and implementation, the less sure we are of the system we thought we were decided upon. Clearly we have to get both right... right system and right...
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M. Feldman
Title: Controller
Company: Private
(Controller at Private)
WordLens has been helpful when traveling abroad to translate printed words to English with a camera. I just started using SpeakToIt, which is a handy voice-activated virtual assistant...
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Stephen Helfrich
Title: CFO/Consultant
Company: In Transition/Consulting/Interim CFO
(CFO/Consultant at In Transition/Consulting/Interim CFO)
I am in the interview process with a company that uses Syteline as an ERP System but they haven't kept up with the various upgrades over the years. It is estimated that upgrades...
Anonymous Member
I have been tasked to implement a senior-management reporting software for our company. The question I have is: What should be the keys points to focus on when considering data...
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Robert Kugel
Title: Senior Vice President
Company: Ventana Research
(Senior Vice President at Ventana Research)
In the wake of the past year’s usual crop of failed ERP implementations, I’ve read a couple of blogs that bemoan the fact that ERP systems are not nearly as user-friendly...
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Whitney Vickrey
Title: Chief Service Officer, CPA
Company: GCE
(Chief Service Officer, CPA at GCE)
Security concerns rank as the top reason that companies choose to keep their financial data holed up in their basement servers rather than launching it up into the cloud. Accounting...