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Martin van Wunnik
Title: Experienced Financial Projects Manager
Company: ARSIMA Projects
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(Experienced Financial Projects Manager at ARSIMA Projects)
Dear All, One of my customers has defined a new set of mouvement extensions in Cognos Controller. We now try to alter the existing accounts by re-generating them, but Cognos keeps the...
(Partner/Sr Advisor)
GAAP Geek question: Have company with contract for 1000+ phones used as rental devices (i.e. generating revenue.) Contract has no cost on phone (normally a $700+ smartphone) but $350...
(Co-Founder & President)
How do you contain the exposure of granting online account access to service providers. Accounting temps, PEOs, financial BPOs etc? Let's say outsourced teams need access to...
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Jim Torpey
Title: VP of Sales & Biz Dev.
Company: InsynQ
(VP of Sales & Biz Dev. at InsynQ)
More and more businesses are looking to the cloud as a way to reduce costs, increase security and improve their internal IT infrastructure. When considering this change it's...
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Yana McConaty
Title: Partner
Company: Neubrain
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(Partner at Neubrain)
CHALLENGE A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, what if that picture can provide a snapshot of your company’s financial state, multi-process correlations, and business...
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Daniel Clymer
Title: Automation Intern
Company: IPR International
(Automation Intern at IPR International)
I work for a Data Protection and Recovery Company that offers a range of services from co location to networking. Currently we are looking for a billing system that will come with a...
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Elena Thomas
Title: COO
Company: Plan Management Corp.
(COO at Plan Management Corp.)
I've recently acquired a Chromebook to have something light and easy for travel purposes. I obviously will not be doing heavy-lifting analytically on the machine, but would like to...
(Vice President)
Hello - I missed today's webinar. Is there a way that I can access a recording of the webinar ?
(Business Process Analyst)
I am looking for a good software for my company.  We are currently on Quickbooks and have grown beyond it.  I need a good accounting package (that can handle...