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Event Questions
Title: Event Questions
Company: Proformative
(Event Questions at Proformative)
There is just too much going on in the world of fintech today. I can't keep up. How do you stay on top of all the available tech given mobile, cloud, etc.? This question was asked...
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Gregory Q. Jenkins
Title: President & CEO
Company: Quentasia Industries Inc.
(President & CEO at Quentasia Industries Inc.)
Part I: Introduction Productivity software has made an enormous contribution to the workplace.  Tasks that formerly took hours or days to complete can now be completed in minutes...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at
It seems where ever you read, from newspapers to journals, Big Data is the new "in" term and process. Big Data is not for everyone, according to an article in June 2014 CFO...
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Albert Alvarez
Title: Director of Finance
Company: TargetSpot
(Director of Finance at TargetSpot)
Does anyone know of a cloud based accounting software that has multi-currency function and I can separate a parent from a sub (uk). Currently we use QB Online which was fine... until...
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Doug Sleeter
Title: President
Company: The Sleeter Group, Inc.
(President at The Sleeter Group, Inc.)
  Earlier in July, two tech titans announced a new partnership – “MobileFirst for iOS.” Over the past two years, IBM has developed more than 100 native iOS...
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Daniel Berube
Title: Controller
Company: Tensoft, Inc
(Controller at Tensoft, Inc)
 I recently read an interesting blog post by Omer Gotleim discussing how Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors manage to  give customers the individual attention they need,...
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David Putt
Title: CFO
Company: Data-Mail, Inc.
(CFO at Data-Mail, Inc.)