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Peggy Wiley
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Vista Center for the Blind
(Director of Finance at Vista Center for the Blind)
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(Sr. Accountant)
Hello folks, could you help me in listing important files/documents that need to be included in the closing package for management (it's for a small not for profit). thank you.
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Jin Cha
Title: Manager
Company: Wilshire Associates
(Manager at Wilshire Associates)
Hi, We're re-negotiating our office lease and, in the process, incurring legal costs.  It's an operating lease.  Our CFO wants to capitalize this cost but I...
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Will Hogoboom
Title: CFO
Company: ZBB Energy
(CFO at ZBB Energy)
How does a company without history of option exercises estimate the expected term of stock options for valuation and accounting?
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Diane Robbins
Title: VP Finance
Company: Private
(VP Finance at Private)
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Richard Friedman
Title: CFO
Company: Greens Landing Acres
(CFO at Greens Landing Acres)
Has anyone dealt with the problem of employees who travel and work in multiple states, even in the same pay period. Think - consultants, professional athletes (remember Alex Rodriguez...