Technical Accounting

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Will Hogoboom
Title: CFO
Company: ZBB Energy
(CFO at ZBB Energy)
How does a company without history of option exercises estimate the expected term of stock options for valuation and accounting?
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Diane Robbins
Title: VP Finance
Company: Private
(VP Finance at Private)
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Richard Friedman
Title: CFO
Company: Greens Landing Acres
(CFO at Greens Landing Acres)
Has anyone dealt with the problem of employees who travel and work in multiple states, even in the same pay period. Think - consultants, professional athletes (remember Alex Rodriguez...
Anonymous Member
Valuation of balance sheet accounts when preparing foa an asset purchase presents unusual dynamics under percentage of completion accounting for long term projects.
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Neil Brown
Title: CFO & CIO
Company: KatalystFP
(CFO & CIO at KatalystFP)
We have been paying a company to add new custom features to our business process system. Do we have to capitalize it all? Can we expense some of it? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Cielo I.
Title: Sr. Accounting Manager
Company: ABX
(Sr. Accounting Manager at ABX)
As per the company policy assets are depreciated using the straightline method and depreciated in service date. However, in the JDE system we used straightline but have two...
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Jack Ormberget
Title: CFO
Company: Color Star Growers of Texas, Inc.
(CFO at Color Star Growers of Texas, Inc.)
Who pays business property tax on leased equipment? We are about to lease a piece of equipment for our manufacturing process.  It's an expensive machine and the lease extends...
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Justin Moore
Title: Student
Company: University of Missouri
(Student at University of Missouri)
For example, if a company was acquired while there was still an amount sitting in deferred rent being amortized every month, what would be the impact of purchase accounting? Does the...
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John Veloski
Title: CFO
Company: MCN Healthcare
(CFO at MCN Healthcare)
I started with a SaaS company a few months ago. Their typical sale is a 3-year SaaS subscription which locks in the first year with material penalties if a customer cancels out in year...