Technical Accounting

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Paul Shapiro
Title: Consultant
Company: Paul G. Shapiro, CPA
(Consultant at Paul G. Shapiro, CPA)
If an employee leaves in 2012 but has 90 days to exercise their vested ISO's, do we show their unvested shares as Cancelled as of 12/31/11, or do we have to wait until the...
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Regis Quirin
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP
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(Director of Finance at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP)
The concern of all senior finance professionals in 2014 will continue to be the proper management of cash flow in an environment of shrinking margins and soft demand.  To foster...
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Kevin Lalor
Title: CEO
Company: Business Intelligence 101, Inc.
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(CEO at Business Intelligence 101, Inc.)
Our Christmas party is coming up and I want to give each person a few hundred dollars in cash. Looking at last year, the cash was categorizes as part of our travel and entertainment...
(Financial Officer)
I am currently heading a transition to centralized purchasing at a not for profit organization. We provide social services with approx 15 - 20 offices accross the province. We are...
We needed to obtain an assembly permit to hold events in our leased office space. Can the permit and related professional fees be capitalized as leasehold improvements?
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David Young
Title: Financial Analyst
Company: Department of Justice
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(Financial Analyst at Department of Justice)
I am doing some pro-bono finance and accounting work for a non-profit medical clinic. They have an accounting situation that I am unsure how to handle. A piece of hospital equipment...
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Cielo I.
Title: Sr. Accounting Manager
Company: ABX
(Sr. Accounting Manager at ABX)
As per the company policy assets are depreciated using the straightline method and depreciated in service date. However, in the JDE system we used straightline but have two...
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Sami Abulehya
Title: Chief Accountant
Company: Laf
(Chief Accountant at Laf)
How can I determine the percent complete in respect to materials, labor, and overhead
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Title: Executive & Business Coach, Career Trans..
Company: Howard B. Schwedel, MBA / Schwedel Busin..
(Executive & Business Coach, Career Trans.. at Howard B. Schwedel, MBA / Schwedel Busin..)
According to the IRS I must list any goods or services that a donor received in exchange for their charitable contribution. So if I hold an charitable dinner /dance and charge $100 per...