Technical Accounting

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John Veloski
Title: CFO
Company: MCN Healthcare
(CFO at MCN Healthcare)
I started with a SaaS company a few months ago. Their typical sale is a 3-year SaaS subscription which locks in the first year with material penalties if a customer cancels out in year...
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Chris Shumate
Title: Corporate Accountant
Company: Redline Contract Services, LLC
(Corporate Accountant at Redline Contract Services, LLC)
According to what I have found in the U.S. Master Tax Guide for 2014, it says that documentary evidence is not generally required for expenses that are less than $75. We have a policy...
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Anonymous Member
An employee earned wages that the company could not pay during the year. To evidence the liability, the company issued a note payable to the employee. The employee sold the note to a...
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Donald Koscheka
Title: Principal
Company: Bluecloud Communications
(Principal at Bluecloud Communications)
I am working with a non-profit organization that needs assistance implementing an account system that will integrate seamlessly with on-line credit card processing services. Their...
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Mary Cowan
Title: Accounts Payable
Company: HasOffers
(Accounts Payable at HasOffers)
We purchased software licenses (with no life term length) for clients, but are not charging for the service. How do I account for these expenses? Amortize over expected life length?...
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Cheri Phillips
Title: Senior Manager Finance
Company: Society of Petroleum Engineers
(Senior Manager Finance at Society of Petroleum Engineers)
We are a global non profit with about 250 employees with corporate credit cards and expense reporting responsibilities. We have heavy international travel and primarily use VISA in USD...
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Paul Shapiro
Title: Consultant
Company: Paul G. Shapiro, CPA
(Consultant at Paul G. Shapiro, CPA)
If an employee leaves in 2012 but has 90 days to exercise their vested ISO's, do we show their unvested shares as Cancelled as of 12/31/11, or do we have to wait until the...
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Martin Moran
Title: Executive Vice President of Global Selli..
Company: ServiceSource
(Executive Vice President of Global Selli.. at ServiceSource)
When you hear the word ‘subscriptions’, what’s the first thought that enters your head? Perhaps your thoughts will turn to a favourite personal magazine or newsletter...
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Ken Bires
Title: Owner
Company: B2 Partners LLC
(Owner at B2 Partners LLC)
I am working with an associate on understanding the taxation of dividends received in a US parent company from its Swiss finance company... The Swiss company is in the business of...