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Noel Bryan
Title: Financial Lead
Company: gravitytank
(Financial Lead at gravitytank)
We are a professional services 90+ employees firm (NOT in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction industry) and are changing financial systems from QuickBooks. We are evaluating...
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Charles Schrock
Title: SVP - Risk Management
Company: Inland Bank and Trust
(SVP - Risk Management at Inland Bank and Trust)
This post continues my “essence of ERM” series. The goal of this series is to address all manner of risk management topics in small sensible components. I’m writing...
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Daniel Berube
Title: Controller
Company: Tensoft, Inc
(Controller at Tensoft, Inc)
 I recently read an interesting blog post by Omer Gotleim discussing how Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors manage to  give customers the individual attention they need,...
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Pat Voll
Title: Vice President
Company: RoseRyan
(Vice President at RoseRyan)
It’s time to test your current events knowledge: Which major retailer acknowledged having to spend $88 million related to a mega data breach in its most recent 10-Q, with more...
Anonymous Member
(Accounts Receivable Officer)
Hi all. Im about to take over a chief accountant role, and will have to manage older people than me. The company is in a process of implementing new ERP and I expect eventual...
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Brian Thomas
Title: Controller
Company: Seifert MTM Systems, Inc.
(Controller at Seifert MTM Systems, Inc.)
Does anyone know how to stop MS Outlook from adding single quotation marks from the beginning and end of e-mail addresses? I have searched and read through many forums but found no...
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Dominic Nunez
Title: Assistant Finance Manager
Company: Philex Mining Corporation
(Assistant Finance Manager at Philex Mining Corporation)
We have 30 warehouses with over 50,000 items. Our ERP is not yet in place so roll forwarding is quite tricky since withdrawals and receipts are not recorded real time. Previous counts...
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Mollie Mossman
Company: Mossman Commercial
(CPA, CMA, MBA, CREB at Mossman Commercial)
We have a legacy AS 400 (Microsoft) and a newly created data warehouse but need to get a quick to implement dashboard up for ourpresentations to the CEO. What software have you...
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scott graves
Title: CFO
Company: Duke Manufacturing
(CFO at Duke Manufacturing)
We are in the process of implementing Performance Boards in the Finance / Accounting department to document, track and drive performance.  Initially, we discussed tracking on a...
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Bob Stenz
Title: Controller
Company: Silicon Valley start-up
(Controller at Silicon Valley start-up)
Excel and data management (including working with large volumes of data and databases) skills are often assumed upon finance and accounting professionals. However, some...