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Bryan Frey
Title: VP Finance/Corp Controller
(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
Having used Business Objects, I love the functionality, but the cost is prohibitive for many of us... and the maintenance (in terms of in-house talent to care for the system, write...
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Scout Young
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private)
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John Kogan
Title: CEO/CFO
Company: Proformative, Inc.
(CEO/CFO at Proformative, Inc.)
It's that simple. My friend is a CFO preparing for a funding and he needs to select and set up a data room. Suggestions and recommendations are welcome. If you have hints as to the...
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William Washington
Title: owner
Company: Bill's Lock & Key, LLC
(owner at Bill's Lock & Key, LLC)
We have a small business that is now LLC. It is a locksmith business. We have used quicken home and business for years, which is a great tool to do both personal and business. But this...
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David Smith
Title: Manager
Company: Private
(Manager at Private)
What advanced Excel abilities do you find employers need most, but often find lacking? Also curious about your views on how the lack of those skills impacts organizations. I have to...
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Lauren Kelley
Title: CEO
Company: OPEXEngine
(CEO at OPEXEngine)
We are building a product that pulls public company data automatically into an analysis spreadsheet, with certain calculations done automatically.  One of the calculations is...
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Greg Kading
Title: Principal
Company: Gregory Kading LLC
(Principal at Gregory Kading LLC)
I've seen recommendations to use the Class field on all transactions, but unsure how that would work with intercompany transactions and eliminations.  Does anyone have...
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Gregory Q. Jenkins
Title: President & CEO
Company: Quentasia Industries Inc.
(President & CEO at Quentasia Industries Inc.)
This is the third part in my series where I am making the case for when a database is superior to a spreadsheet.  I will reiterate: spreadsheets are a great tool for presentation...
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I am CFO of an early stage, post Series-A SAAS startup. The set of offerings and description of the product segments has shifted significantly over the past year, so we are about to...
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Susan Montgomery
Title: VP Finance
Company: SCM Metal Products, Inc.
(VP Finance at SCM Metal Products, Inc.)
My company (manufacturing, multiple legal entities, foreign currencies) needs to change ERP systems to a post-COBOL system.  We have considered SAP, but that seems to be overkill...