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Pat Voll
Title: Vice President
Company: RoseRyan
(Vice President at RoseRyan)
It’s time to test your current events knowledge: Which major retailer acknowledged having to spend $88 million related to a mega data breach in its most recent 10-Q, with more...
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We are a small company looking to use a virtual data room and we look at some partnering opportunities. Are there any recommendations? What is typical cost? We are pretty simple. Not a...
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I just joined a software-as-a-service company in the finance department (small company, very small finance department).  I do not have previous SAAS experience as I was...
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Jeffrey Ishmael
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: Cylance, Inc.
(Chief Financial Officer at Cylance, Inc.)
Hoping to solicit feedback from this forum regarding any experience with the NetSuite RevRec module, which we are in the midst of implementing. It has been explained to us that after...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
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(President & CFO at
Which do you find better: NPV or the IRR and if IRR, do you consider MIRR?
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We use Quickbooks. Just plain old QuickBooks. I feel like there must be something I'm missing here about transitioning to the cloud. Why would a business move it's accounting...
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Jyoti Prakash
Title: Sr. Executive
Company: Stellar Data Recovery
(Sr. Executive at Stellar Data Recovery)
  By taking an initiative to develop an accounting software application like QuickBooks, Intuit has created a lot of buzz in the industry. Specifically designed for payroll...
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Doug Sleeter
Title: President
Company: The Sleeter Group, Inc.
(President at The Sleeter Group, Inc.)
As you’re likely aware, you can establish automatic, unattended back-ups of your QuickBooks data. Further, if you’re using the cloud based QuickBooks Online, then...
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Rose Robbins
Title: CFO
Company: Private
(CFO at Private)
Which do you prefer or works better for you: payroll schedule bi-weekly vs semi-monthly?
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Stuart Bilbrough
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: Radius Residential Care Limited
(Chief Financial Officer at Radius Residential Care Limited)
Adding value to historical data tends to provide reactive solutions. Adding value during the financial planning process provides proactive value adding opportunities and therefore...