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Mark Von Der Linn
Title: Principal
(Principal at
My wife has a side business selling olive oil for which we set up a simple website ( We didn't intend to really pursue ecommerce, but recently decided to...
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Wayne Spivak
Title: President & CFO
Company: SBA * Consulting LTD
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(President & CFO at SBA * Consulting LTD)
Has anyone dealt with them, specifically the Chicago office. What has been your experience? Do you have the Chicago managing partner's name? Thanks
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Simon Westbrook
Title: CFO
Company: Aargo Inc.
( CFO at Aargo Inc.)
I was surprised to see a client company paying for consultant travel and cell phones. See reply quoted by client below!   Am I cheap, out of touch, or is this normal ?...
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ArLyne Diamond
Title: Consultant to Manager/Founder
Company: Diamond Associates
(Consultant to Manager/Founder at Diamond Associates)
In scanning through this series of blogs, I noticed some questions regarding working with software consultants and IT folk.  I'd like to share one consulting experience I had...
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Pamela Twyman
Title: Business Solutions Analyst
Company: BFDS
(Business Solutions Analyst at BFDS)
I am in search of software for consultants to generate statements of work, track billable & non-billable consulting time, track resource capacity & utilization, ...
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We hire IT consultants and then watch the project scope explode and resulting costs arc out of sight like flaming slow motion Hollywood movie debris. Miraculously, the benefit actually...
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Shawn DeBoer
Title: Accounting Systems Manager
Company: American Family Insurance
(Accounting Systems Manager at American Family Insurance)
My company is a longstanding PeopleSoft Financials shop. Although a quite capable ERP system, its byzantine nature (architecture, components, configuration, etc) makes it unwieldy and...
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Event Questions
Title: Event Questions
Company: Proformative
(Event Questions at Proformative)
With so much tech available for the disparate elements of professional services management, are most companies looking to consolidate on a single platform or cobbling together "...
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Cory Brown
Title: CEO, CFO
Company: Cory Brown Consulting, LLC
(CEO, CFO at Cory Brown Consulting, LLC)
I'm looking for a solid, cost effective inventory management solution that integrates well with Quickbooks. I've seen fishbowl, and many of the others listed on the QB partners...