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Stephanie Clevenger
(Accounting Manager at Sonendo Inc)
I work at a medical device startup and we have just started accepting credit cards from customers to pay their invoices and now I have to book the fees associated with the settled...
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Wayne Spivak
(President & CFO at
It seems in the CFO literature that we CFO's are hoarding cash again. Are we? And if we are (more than usual that is), why? Rainy day fund? Armageddon? The great depression?
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Gregory Q. Jenkins
Title: President & CEO
Company: Quentasia Industries Inc.
(President & CEO at Quentasia Industries Inc.)
In Part I of my Just Make It Happen series, I laid out the proposition that simply telling your staff to "just make it happen" was about the worst thing a manager could say...
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Kim Supercynski
(CFO at Lincolnway Energy, LLC)
What mitigating controls should we have in place if we go to electronic signatures on checks?  How are companies doing electronic signatures. jpeg in the accounting software or a...
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Don Cox
(CFO at DKI)
We need to find a way to issue dual party checks in our business. We don't see a way to do this but this is common in the insurance industry (Issue payment to contractor and an...
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Anthony Pascente
(Director of Finance at Interboro Insurance Group)
At my Company we accept credit cards for payment of premiums for car and home insurance. I am looking to see if there is any service out there with lower fees that would do this...
Anonymous Member
(Accounting Manager)
We are considering implementation of one of these software package for bank recons with activity of approximately 2,000 transactions per day. What vendor did you ultimately select and...
Anonymous Member
(Financial Director)
Please provide substantiated evidence of how to account (Cash Flow Statement wise) a Settling of Accounts between companies. My opinion is that if I have a Vendor that is simultaneous...
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Paul Benedetto
(CFO, Director of Finance, Consultant at iTrellis, Rethink Fabrics, Finance On De..)
Does anyone have experience with paying contractors/vendors within Canada other than via wire? I'm having a heck of a time trying to find a cost and time efficient solution, akin...
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Joan Varrone
(CFO at Cloud Cruiser)
I am working with a company moving to SaaS and they are setting their price (which will be one year up front and not monthly). They are thinking of $25,000 but are not sure if their...
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David Wittenberg
(Financial Strategy at Verax Point)
I am polling CFOs/VP Finance/FP&As for their favorite tools for capital expenditure decisions.  Specifically, how do you create the best understanding of the true business...
Anonymous Member
(Director, International Finance)
We have a number of customers in Argentina that have overdue royalty invoices to our US company. Given the current currency regulations in Argentina, these customers are unable to send...
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Edward Abbati
(Vice President of Finance at Location Labs)
I am in the process of looking to implement a Corporate Purchase Card program in our company.  I have recently found out that a lot our our online services are paid via the...
Anonymous Member
(Assistant Controller)
I've noticed more and more vendors who "require" that we pay them by credit card or ACH payment, in which we are required to give our bank account information for them to...
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Lou Childs
(Director, Marketing and Communications at AOC Solutions)
What makes you crazy about the Accounts Payable process in your organization? What are your blue sky ideas for improving AP and accounts payable software.
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Bryan Frey
(VP Finance/Corp Controller)
I was on a recent webinar on this topic and although a long-time finance leader, I must admit to have particular ignorance on hedging. I always thought it was about making bets on...
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Joseph Anderson
(Consultant at Private)
I consult for a number of firms. My biggest client has working  capital problems, which makes me nervous. I work with the CFO, who is s super nice guy but maybe not the best CFO...
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Regis Quirin
(Director of Finance at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP)
A recent research study "Earnings Quality: Evidence from the Field" September 9 2012 concluded the following -  "(i) high-quality earnings are sustainable and are...
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John Olson
Title: Associate
Company: Radius
(Associate at Radius)
By Priscila Carmona Maya, Director, Tax and Compliance Priscila Carmona Maya - Director, Tax and Compliance RadiusEvery company considering expanding into a new country must consider...
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Felipe Agustoni
After consolidating the balance sheet of a multinational operations company, the different exchange rates applied for translating to the presentation currency (Current rate method) in...