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Gaurav Bhasin
Title: Senior Analyst, Finance
Company: Boston Analytics
(Senior Analyst, Finance at Boston Analytics)
Do i need to add back the loss on translation of foreign currency loan at balance sheet date to Profit after taxes in Cash Flow Statement
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(Assistant Controller)
I've noticed more and more vendors who "require" that we pay them by credit card or ACH payment, in which we are required to give our bank account information for them to...
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As an IT professional, what do you wish you were filled in about with management corporate planning?
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John Carter
Title: Sr Treasury Analyst
Company: Sunmed
(Sr Treasury Analyst at Sunmed)
I have a question regarding Fx gain/(loss) on hedges placed for US Company funding Mexican Sub (Maquilodora) in Peso. It appears Peso is received in at contract rate to...
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(Corp Controller)
My company entered into a contract w/ a customer who pays their invoice in USD but the functional currency (and expenses borne to service the customer) is Euro. As long as the...
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kevin bailey
Title: Pres.
Company: Logical Processing Solutions Inc.
(Pres. at Logical Processing Solutions Inc.)
Many business owners are not aware of the changes they will need to make this year regarding how they process credit and debit cards at their place of business. On October 1, 2015, if...
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Charles Swan
Title: CFO
Company: The Virtual CFO
(CFO at The Virtual CFO)
I am finance director for a 2-day art show put on by our Rotary Club. What are the pros and cons of the various mobile payment systems out there?
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Annette Nellen
Title: Professor
Company: San Jose State University
(Professor at San Jose State University)
  A growing number of individuals and businesses own bitcoin or use it for transactions (perhaps with a third party actually handling the bitcoin to cash exchange).  So,...
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(Sr. International Accountant)
I am confused about when the unrealized currency gain or loss should go to the PL account or OCI account. For example, you have a rate on the transaction date and if the transaction...
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We're in the position where we accumulated several million dollars of cash and are looking for ways to invest that cash. We may need that cash in the near future so putting it to...