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Stephen Helfrich
Title: CFO/Consultant
Company: In Transition/Consulting/Interim CFO
(CFO/Consultant at In Transition/Consulting/Interim CFO)
I recently started working for a company that has a Mexican Mequilladora operation and they have not been correctly implementing FAS 52 as it applies to financial statement translation...
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Jean Chidley
Title: CFO
Is anyone aware of an accounting policy statement supporting treatment of credit card fees as an offset against revenue (e.g., cost of services sold) as opposed to an operating...
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Robert Spokane
Title: Internal Auditor
Company: Shelby Residential & Vocational Services..
(Internal Auditor at Shelby Residential & Vocational Services..)
Question for the Non Profit experts out there about pledges receivable. I have a client who is in the middle of a Capital Campaign and is getting pledges that span from one to five...
Anonymous Member
A customer initiated a wire transfer on 12/30/11 but it did not post to our bank account until 1/03/11 (first banking day of 2012). Could this be considered constructive receipt and...
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(Finance manager)
Hello all, Could you please help me to understand what shall happen to currency translation adjustment in the following situation. There was a intercompany quasi-equity loan in...
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(Director of Finance)
When calculating normalized EBITDA for bank covenants or valuation, do you exclude FX gains or losses? Situation: US corporate sells in Mexico and Canada and sales and receivables are...
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Regis Quirin
Title: Director of Finance
Company: Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP
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(Director of Finance at Gibney Anthony & Flaherty LLP)
I have been asked by a client to implement a credit card platform.  Can anyone suggest a system that they are happy with?  I would rather receive a referral than just go on-...
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Gaurav Bhasin
Title: Senior Analyst, Finance
Company: Boston Analytics
(Senior Analyst, Finance at Boston Analytics)
Do i need to add back the loss on translation of foreign currency loan at balance sheet date to Profit after taxes in Cash Flow Statement
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Nelson Rodriguez
Title: Vice President
Company: Crestmark Bank
(Vice President at Crestmark Bank)
I wanted to get opinions from commercial banking BDO's and sales reps.  Does cold calling work in this business?  If so, any good books or programs out there that cater...
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(Assistant Controller)
I've noticed more and more vendors who "require" that we pay them by credit card or ACH payment, in which we are required to give our bank account information for them to...