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The new Revenue Recognition Standard (ASU 2014-09) scheduled to go into effect in 2017 promises to simplify and create uniformity around the way companies book their revenue, but the new rules also bring the threat of chaos for companies that don’t properly ready themselves... more >

In the past decade, companies have increasingly been opening factories and offices in China, India and other countries in an endless chase for lowest-cost, high quality labor and to enter new markets. The result has been mergers, acquisitions, consolidations and new... more >

As the pace of innovation accelerates, customer needs change and industries converge, many companies find it challenging for their information technology to support the rapidly changing needs of the business. To maintain relevance and drive growth, companies must innovate... more >

How to ensure data is on-time every time.

Financial services are the data services, they are so data reliant that milliseconds count. Speed and availability are what you strive to deliver better than the competition; ensuring you retain the top spot in the market.... more >

Run, Build and Transform Business in an Age of Complexity.

The pressure for enterprises to go faster for less cost yet remain in control is rising. Demand for new products and services and the velocity they are adopted is causing an explosion in complexity, and it’s... more >

Today businesses run on applications; tomorrow those applications will be the business.

Applications are the heart of modern business and consumer demand is fueling rapid change and complexity.

In the eBook learn:

  • What is DevOps and why it was... more >

Waiting on your business critical SAP processes is no fun to anyone. You, your colleagues and your customers are left to pick up the pieces including:

  • Delayed decisions
  • Interrupted Supply Chains
  • Missed Month End deadlines
more >

Lost in a sea filled with islands of IT automation?

Let’s help you knock down the automation silos, optimize your utilization of system resources by orchestrating workloads, and provide an enterprise-wide view of IT operations.

more >

Packaging, workflows and a generic deployment model.

Applications and services are made up of more components and integrations today. Couple that with a much more competitive business world and this complexity has changed everything for both development and operations... more >

Increased demand, 24/7 operations added complexity - the evolution of the Job Scheduler to Workload Automation.

Job Scheduling and Workload Automation are a well understood need in the industry. There isn't a single enterprise environment that has not come across the... more >

100s of entities, a deadline only a few days away, another big scramble.

Despite the extensive functionality in Oracle Financials, the regular scramble to close your organization’s books at the end of every financial period — be it month-end, quarter-end, or year-end... more >

Recurring delays and errors equal unhappy customers.

Management of your critical enterprise processes has become a pressing challenge. Too many of your staff are tied up finding and diagnosing process errors. Your SLAs are frequently missed, and customers perceive poor... more >

The System Copy problem is getting worse. Why?

Some SAP systems can take up to 10 days to complete a SAP system copy. That’s 10 days of unproductive time. Why? SAP does not provide the necessary tools out-of-the- box to automate and handle the process efficiently. It's... more >

Recurring delays and errors equal unhappy customers.

You’ve made a major investment in SAP software to run your critical enterprise processes. Management of these processes has become a pressing challenge. Too many of your staff are tied up managing the process. SLAs... more >

There is general agreement that companies should close their books within one business week. However, most companies need longer. As a consequence their executives don't have timely access to essential perfomance metrics.

What many don't know is that practical changes... more >

Latest research covering the Application Release Automation (ARA) market has just been published by Amy DeMartine, Senior Analyst at Forrester. ‘Market Overview – Application Release Automation Tools’ highlights issues enterprises need to address and strategies they need to... more >

Decision-makers are still figuring out the impact digitization is having on the maintenance of their day-to-day practices, and are strategizing about how they can use digital trends such as Big Data, social technologies, the Internet of Things, DevOps and mobile-first... more >

No more late work nights and missed service-level agreements for all systems involved.

Many enterpises rely on Oracle Financials to run their business, enabling them to plan, manage, and monitor all their financial data and reporting. But despite the extensive... more >

Make sense of the semingly impossible.

Event traffic is increasing exponentially; it has become practically impossible to understand how changes in assumptions or conditions in one arena will affect operational delivery in another.

In this whitepaper, we explain... more >

Ensure Maximum ROI is Achieved From SAP Investments.

You've made a major investment in SAP software to run your critical enterprise processes. Now you want to know what is possible with automation to get more from your SAP and non-SAP environments. Get a detailed view... more >

In light of the ubiquity of Cloud and Big Data, EMA explores the benefits of workload automation.

The end goal of enterprise IT is to deliver services to the business in a well-performing, secure, compliant and reliable way.
As these services depend on data and... more >

Lower costs, faster job completions, and increased reliability.

Enterprises with a large number of customers need to be able to accurately and efficiently perform payment and dunning runs. Time is of the essence and accuracy is key as both processes impact revenues and... more >

This executive guide is a resource providing CEOs, CFOs and HR professionals with the information needed to make the most successful Document Management buying decision for your business. The right DMS should address your business needs with the appropriate accessibility,... more >

Is your company COBRA compliant? Do your COBRA administration processes include sending all 25 written notices and tracking all 29 possible dates for each employee? Does your employer have proof, including copies, that Initial Notices and Election Notices were mailed? A... more >

Do you know what your employees really want from your organization? You can, and it pays to find out. But you may have to look beyond survey results (although we highly recommend them) to find out what really drives employee engagement.

more >
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