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If you use Sage 50 and Salesforce CRM, here are 7 compelling reasons why you should switch to Cloud accounting now. It's rare that you encounter a company that isn't planning for growth. And for companies using Sage 50, managing growth presents some tough challenges!

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The scalability, immediacy, and accessibility of the cloud removes many of the barriers to enterprise deployment, enabling CFO’s to distribute critical information wherever it is needed and engage with larger populations of users, which in turn drives user productivity,... more >

4 Ways Spreadsheets are Haunting Your Dreams, Your Data and Your Business

There's a monster on the loose slashing your productivity and sabotaging your business with data inaccuracies. This beast has been plaguing your finance teams, sending them deeper and deeper into... more >

Download the 2016 Cloud Accounting Evaluation Guide from Brian Sommer, awarded ZDnet columnist, accounting software expert, and founder of technology research firm Vital Analysis and find out what cloud accounting systems are all about.

What will you learn?

FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a cloud based services solution that leverages the power of Salesforce Platform to manage your people, customers, projects and financials in one integrated services management application.

This ebook will show... more >

Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions are continuing to evolve and the next generation of anytime, anywhere PSA applications are being embraced by more businesses and services organization than ever before. The 2016 Cloud PSA Evaluation Guide will walk you through... more >

How good are your project margins? Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) realize the importance of good project margins, but often fail to adequately measure and control the performance underlying this metric. Along with billable utilization, project margin is the most... more >

In the CPM market, as in other markets, selecting the small independent software vendor carries with it some risk: vendor could go out of business, support demands could overwhelm limited resources, less proven product could fail under large-scale production use. Still, if... more >

Your business is changing. Your market is changing. Even the macro-economy is changing. The question is: Are you changing?

For today’s finance leaders, adapting to this new environment is no longer optional. In many instances, the tools, strategies, methods, and tried-... more >

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies need easy and interactive access to their budgeting and planning systems in order to gain and retain a competitive edge. Cloud-based solutions meet these requirements while solving myriad problems of the past including... more >

The needs for banks to properly manage their data continue to increase. Whether to meet growing regulatory burdens, satisfy financial reporting requirements, or simply to gain business insights, the importance of having a comprehensive data strategy has never been higher.... more >

Download this ebook to learn more about how HR teams can use metrics to show their contribution to the bottom-line by aligning employee and departmental goals to those of the business.

Key areas of discussion include:

  • Creating a culture of recognition... more >

Yes, your company is a ripe target for fraud. But, your company’s protected by your bank, right? The surprising fact that most business owners don’t know is that no, your business is not protected. Read on to see how your business is more vulnerable than you think.

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There’s no excuse for antiquated AP. In this paper we explore the challenges AP professionals face and highlight a more modern and efficient alternative solution.

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While there is a lot of buzz around the different forms of electronic payments, it is often unclear how businesses can take advantage of those options. Continue reading to explore the electronic payment methods that are available to your business, the advantages of each type... more >

When exploring an investment in bringing new efficiency to a business critical process such as the invoice-to-pay process, it’s important to ensure solid ROI, but also take a careful look at the broader value story. Read on to take a look at how real value is created.

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Many accounting department decision makers acknowledge that a manual Accounts Payable (AP) process is time consuming, labor-intensive, and risky. Bring your finance department into the 21st century with an automation technology. Continue reading to gain an understanding of... more >

Bill paying habits among accounting and accounts payable professionals are far more advanced at home than at work. Read now to see how organizations are processing and paying invoices and how the lack of advanced technology at work is a major cause for concern.

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It goes without saying, if you are in business, you spend money. But are you getting the strategic value out of the money your organization spends? Learn how Spend Management software lowers costs, improves visibility and provides higher controls in this new report from... more >

The Time is Now for SMBs to Gain Control Over Their Spending, according to Ardent Partners in its new research on How Small and Midsized Organizations Can Manage Company Spend. In this white paper, Ardent Partners offers a number of recommendations and insights into how you... more >

What information are you not capturing by using spreadsheets to manage your expense reporting, purchasing and invoicing processes? Read this report to uncover the hidden costs of managing company spending with spreadsheets.

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Earlier this year the Global Business Travel Association estimated U.S. travel and entertainment (T&E) spending will reach $310 billion in 20151. With T&E budgets also representing between 10-12 percent of total revenue for most organizations, the systems used to... more >

By identifying the benefits and costs of Integrated Financial Planning (IFP) – this whitepaper will assist CFOs/Controllers to determine how IFP would best suit their organizations. The result: CFOs/Controllers can better prioritize, plan for, and evaluate unifying technology... more >

The term Business Intelligence (BI) is often ambiguous. In popular contexts such as mainstream media, it can simply mean ‘knowing something about your business,’ but BI also refers to a category of software products that are used to display mainly numerical information,... more >

Looking back on the previous century, it can be argued that no other decade can hold a candle to the 80’s. Familiar favorites – like Super Mario Brothers, mix tapes, Cyndi Lauper, Billie Jean, perms – were all born during this time and have become staples of nostalgia.

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