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Reducing transactional risk in your retail business

Chargebacks, accounts receivable and sales tax compliance: the Bermuda triangle of back-end business management where time and money seem to mysteriously vanish. At least it can seem this way to retailers who are... more >

Getting the right tools for the job

The inevitable confusion regarding tax-free sales isn't for the faint of heart. It takes a sales tax survivor to get it right. With the right game pieces, players, and equipment in place, however, even the most challenged can succeed... more >

Six ways to derive greater value from your ERP system

ERP systems are a major investment, so companies naturally want to justify the expense with bigger and better business returns. Many companies pay close attention to costs and timelines when implementing a new... more >

8 best practices for managing risk in your business

Mitigating risk is a big part of running a business. As the CFO, it’s your job to protect the company against disruptions that could adversely impact operations, or productivity. How much does sales tax play into this... more >

This report uncovers the direct and indirect costs of managing sales and use tax compliance that your organization may be experiencing and provides a strategy for reducing these costs through cloud software.

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No risk, no reward. Popular sayings for many entrepreneurs and small business owners and a pioneering attitude that undoubtedly serves them well. But, there are times when it’s better to play it safe—like when it comes to sales tax compliance... more >

Are your everyday business activities creating tax risk?

A common misconception among business owners and finance pros is that sales tax is only relevant for retailers, and then, only at the point-of sale. But non-compliance can surface in companies all along the... more >

Buyers of accounting software are being bombarded with a veritable lexicon of new product names, architectural and technological attributes and other software characteristics. The challenge, today, is learning how to separate the innovative and future leaders of the financial... more >

What are the CFO's highest priorities for driving growth in 2015? Get the annual CFO Sentiment and Planning Report by The CFO Alliance.

Find out what the top challenges and opportunities CFOs report to face in 2015. This study surveys a broad sample of... more >

What are the CFO's highest priorities for driving growth in 2015? Get the annual CFO Sentiment and Planning Report by The CFO Alliance.

Find out what the top challenges and opportunities CFOs report to face in 2015. This study surveys a broad sample of... more >

You can make excuses or you can make progress So why haven't you made the switch to cloud accounting?

Most finance executives instinctively know that a strong accounting system is critical for keeping the business running smoothly. Then why is it that so many... more >

The growth engine of the world’s economy has shifted from manufacturing to project-based, people-centric services businesses. These businesses rely on Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions to manage resource scheduling, time capture and billing. PSA automates core... more >

By nature, corporate resources are limited, so deciding how to allocate the various pieces presents a daily challenge. It can be frustrating to be sure—but improve the way you negotiate and manage resources, and you’ll improve upon every business function in your company.... more >

Five Key Questions to Answer about Your Equity Plan

The challenges are endless for stock plan professionals. The world of equity compensation is complex and governed by ever-changing rules and regulations. Have you ever considering outsourcing certain tasks of... more >

Learn how to make the business case for an Incentive Compensation Management system. Understand the ROI delivered by such solutions so that you can justify the ‘spend’ and feel confident that your organization will realize tangible and meaningful business results.

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Successful companies move forward. They look to the future. That’s why Predictive Analytics are essential to setting business strategy and leveraging data to look ahead and predict how those potential strategies will meet corporate goals.

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Once the appropriate vendor and the right ICM technology solution for your company have been selected, it’s just beginning. Following the selection process, companies prepare for ICM implementation or ICM activation, and this phase is a key part of the ICM process.

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Employees work on two levels. On a fundamental level, they work for their own career and daily responsibilities, and on a greater level, they work for the company as a whole, upholding and advancing its mission and goals. The key to maximizing each employee’s value and... more >

Properly designing and implementing a bonus compensation structure requires looking to the future. It demands detailed financial planning around how performance may drive company revenues and how bonus payouts will impact the bottom line. Planning for bonuses can be... more >

Millennial workers are a vital part of U.S. corporate culture, as they are the largest generation since the baby boom. They are already making their presence felt by introducing different ideas about the best ways to work and new sets of workplace values. Managers are quickly... more >

It’s no secret that technology is drastically transforming the way finance and accounting teams operate. However, many core processes that are vital to an organization’s success are still carried out using repetitive, manual processes. Gartner’s recent IT Market Clock report... more >

Newly emerging EFCA (Enhanced Finance Controls and Automation) platforms are now providing organizations with robust solutions that close the gap between ERP and CPM, automate critical financial processes and unify controls across the organization. Read this new FSN executive... more >

To be successful in today’s cutthroat market, smart Value Added Resellers (VARs) have learned that there’s little room for error. Razor thin margins make every sale an opportunity to make or break profits, while stiff competition and sky-high customer expectations make it... more >

Read this eBook to learn how improving employee engagement within your organization can deliver better sales, more revenue, lower customer turnover and overall happier employees.

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The Path to Better Revenue Management

Many CFOs have dreamed of end-to-end order-to-cash visibility, but for many, the vision still remains elusive. The reason for the disconnect may vary, but often manifest in familiar themes: revenue leakage, inaccurate revenue... more >

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