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Evaluating expense management solutions? At Nexonia, we mean it when we say that we’re passionate about delighting people, and we truly want you to pick the best solution for your company. As part of our dedication to helping you determine what will be the best fit for you... more >

The Sand Hill Group recently surveyed CEOs and CFOs from leading software companies to gather their insights on the state of the software industry—and to forecast the landscape for the next 24-48 months. Learn what software industry leaders are predicting for their industry.... more >

In analyzing ROI case studies on ERP and financial management applications over the past five years, Nucleus Research has found the average returns from ERP have increased to $7.23 for every dollar spent, up 36 percent from just five years ago.

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In this report, Nucleus Research, will highlight the three Dark Cockpit principles of simplification, automation and focus, and how Microsoft’s investments in usability have helped maximize the ROI of the customer’s Microsoft Dynamics AX investment.

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In this study, Forrester Consulting examines the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential... more >

Historically grown chart of accounts reduce transparency and increase costs. Converting these charts with standard SAP software tools is a costly and time-consuming project for enterprise IT. Learn more about the advantages of a software-based Chart of Accounts Conversion.... more >

Over time, ERP landscapes have grown to become unmanageable thus changing the nature of ERP projects from implementations to landscape transformations. From a business point of view, transformation projects are among the most critical, complex and expensive programs that... more >

Today’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) wears many important hats. Certainly, the CFO remains responsible for the traditional scorekeeper and gatekeeper roles in the accounting, reporting, budgeting, analysis, and financing functions. Unfortunately, many finance and IT... more >

When companies sell off business units, they are now more likely to separate the data for the divested units from their production SAP landscape. Many sales agreements require the data for the transferring business unit to be handed over in an SAP system.

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If you are facing mergers & acquisitions or carve-outs as CIO – bear these five success factors in mind and position yourself as a crucial partner to the CEO and CFO during carve-outs and M&As.

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Monetization or the billing process is often thought of as a necessary evil to just pay the bills. And it does do that; but the monetization process itself can lead to innovation.

One-time billing is not complex, is easily understandable, and is often necessary. Adding... more >

When you’re heads down, data and reports are coming to you from all directions, you’re gathering information from a myriad of departments, and deadlines loom over your shoulder. But there are critical tasks that can be performed prior to crunch time that will make your life a... more >

A common misconception among business owners and finance pros is that sales tax is only relevant for retailers, and then, only at the point-of sale. But non-compliance can surface in companies all along the supply chain and in diverse business processes and departments.

... more >

Successful CFOs don’t make decisions based on feelings – their decisions are based on data and facts. Traditionally, this data comes from reports. But as the landscape of finance is changing, and the finance group is under greater scrutiny to cut costs, grow revenue, and... more >

These trends, as Gartner has coined, “The Nexus of Forces” are forcing IT leaders to reshape processes and re-examine skill sets.

But as IT departments get set to roll out strategic initiatives, there is the dream, and then there is the reality. Download this ebook to... more >

Despite years of companies investing in BI solutions, many IT professionals are still having trouble connecting BI with the business. BI solutions require additional infrastructure that force you to extract data out of the system of record – leaving people right back into a... more >

Most business leaders want to drive high-performance—they set goals, aim to hire the right people, and provide the right resources for success. So why do so few companies actually become HPOs? Often it starts at the beginning—it’s the small obstacles that drag organizations... more >

Talk to any finance professional, and most of them will say the same thing: Excel is part of their everyday routine. And don’t get us wrong, Excel is fantastic at modeling. And there’s no better expert at pivot tables, v-lookups and calculations in Excel than a finance guru.... more >

Transactional volume is growing at exponential speeds. Even though most companies have critical systems, like ERPs, that capture all this data, they are still struggling to access it and make sense of it at the speed of business. Reporting tools are critical, but choosing the... more >

As a finance professional, you have a talent for turning numbers into information and guiding the business to make important decisions with confidence. But the problem arises when we assume that the rest of the business feels the same way about data - and can look at a... more >

You know, when a "cleanly" defined planning process turns into months of tireless back-and-forth, endless revisions, and hair-pulling spreadsheet madness? Here's the thing—it is possible to have planning automation and alignment throughout your whole organization, but luck... more >

Google the phrase "big data finance." and you'll most likely be met with page after page of results that focus on how the financial services and securities industries can use Big Data.

What's missing is an even more significant story: How CFOs, revenue management teams... more >

As a financial reporting professional, you are tasked with keeping a lot of people happy - your CEO, your board, your shareholders, and your staff. Set yourself apart by making the most of your time, your numbers, and your team. Determining the best way to present accurate,... more >

Since the 2009 SEC mandate, financial reporting professionals need to be proficient in XBRL. Learn the XBRL lexicon and find out how to put XBRL to strategic use for your organization today. This reference guide will help you expand your knowledge and gain:

7 Steps to a Faster, Better Close

Information dissemination has become virtually instantaneous with the advent of the social media and various news aggregators on the internet. Like or not, the accounting function is in the news distribution business. The demand for financial and corporate performance... more >

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