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Constant economic churn and technological change have made profitable growth more elusive than ever. As today’s CFOs try to improve their companies’ decisions, however, many are impeded by financial systems environments where information is inconsistent, incomplete and... more >

Every services finance executive is feeling the pressure these days. You've got to manage your cash flow and improve your bottom line in an uncertain economy. But how?

This exclusive guide—written and designed for CFOs and finance executives in the services... more >

Service Performance Insight (SPI Research) believes the professional services market is back – showing growth rates in excess of 10%. This growth bodes well for PS executives who work to expand geographically and introduce new services. However, it is not... more >

Software finance executives are feeling the pain—you've got to help your company navigate out of the downturn, while keeping up with the demands of your CEO and board.

In this guide, written by and designed for software and SaaS CFOs and finance executives,... more >

Financial leaders today balance the need to manage an increasing level of business complexity with the need for speed. In today's complicated business climate, is your accounting software helping you grow and compete—or holding you back? How do you begin to research, evaluate... more >

Learn the best practices to avoiding common audit-related pitfalls.

Independent external audits of GAAP financial statements are an inescapable reality for finance professionals. External audits are required by statute for public companies and are also... more >

Every finance executive is feeling the pressure these days, struggling to provide greater and more strategic value to their organizations but spending significant amounts of time managing inefficient accounting processes. You've got to manage your cash flow... more >

With complex regulations, continually evolving interpretations and stiff penalties, the mission-critical task of revenue management is more complex than ever. 66% of companies fail to evaluate the revenue impact of deferred revenue, and a whopping 92% of public companies say... more >

Chances are, you've asked yourself the same crucial question that's applied to every strategic decision in your business: What's the ROI? A solid business case not only unlocks budget dollars, it provides a roadmap for successful deployment and maximum... more >

FP&A is a crucial component of the CFO’s job, but it is often frustratingly ineffective. As a result, many organisations use the data produced by finance only for compliance; their strategic decision-making remains uninfluenced by it. With the global economic outlook... more >

This TDWI Best Practices report will help you identify the opportunities that BI offers to finance and accounting executives, managers, and analysts; the obstacles in delivering BI to the finance department; and best practices for ensuring a solution’s success.

more >

The how-to guide to improving decision making, reducing risk and enhancing business performance. Every successful company reaches an inflection point when the status quo is no longer optimal in driving the business forward at maximum speed.

Here are signs that it’s... more >

Integrate the operations plan with the financial plan. Let’s operate with one set of numbers.” It sounds so easy, but it's packed with complications. Simply put, companies do not know how to align supply chain and financial planning to produce a common plan.

... more >

Finance executives recognize that the value of narrative discussions of financial results. Download this free white paper to learn how financial statements, annual reports, and management reports can—and should—do more than just collect and display a company’s numbers. You'll... more >

Timely and accurate financial reports are the must-have foundation for running a successful business. As a finance professional, you’re responsible for providing your company’s decision-makers with clear and actionable financial data, and ideally, insights on how to interpret... more >

Much is written about key performance indicators (KPIs) in services organizations and the impact these metrics have on operational effectiveness. While independent consultants and research groups identify a plethora of KPIs, services leaders find many KPIs to be challenging... more >

In this paradigm where strategic plans are increasingly based on their financial impact, the role of Finance is quickly evolving from a back-office function to a more strategic advisory role. At the same time Finance is being asked to be more agile and responsive to... more >

Here are the top twelve compensation plan mistakes we see these companies make over and over, even though they have good intentions. Read on, and don’t despair. We’ll let you in on a solution by the end!

more >

Excellence in Financial Management: Creating a modern cohesive finance department with ERP.

Effectively managing finance across the enterprise requires different disciplines. From strategic roles (i.e. financial planning and analysis) to fiduciary processes (i.e... more >

How effectively your nonprofit organization uses business technology has a major influence on your administrative overhead and social impact. Are you making the most of what today's technology has to offer? This whitepaper discusses the five key trends that are reshaping how... more >

Budgeting Challenges: How to Avoid Spreadsheet Hell

A year is becoming a long time in the life of an enterprise. Establishing a well-defined budget can be a first step towards more regular forecasting and planning.

Budgeting in most companies is not an... more >

Learn about the choices for improving cash flow management, reporting, analysis and planning, and how better cash flow capabilities will help you outperform your competition.

This informative report will help you measure the impact of automated access to dynamic,... more >

While sales tax compliance is no laughing matter, the following list of what to do to increase sales tax audit risk hopefully demonstrates the right approach to ensuring real compliance. Here are Avalara’s 8 (tongue-in-cheek) surefire ways to increase your company’s sales tax... more >

In its annual CFO Evolution® Survey, Armanino, the largest California-based accounting and consulting firm, found that 40% of technology CFOs plan to take their companies public. Are you part of this aspirational group? If so, download the white paper, “The CFO’s 5-Step Guide... more >

CSO Insights a leader in providing sales best practices through user research metrics. CSO Insights 2013 Key Trends Analysis provides an overview the eight key attributes found in high performance sales organizations. Download now and compare how your sales team's best... more >

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