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As a financial reporting professional, you are tasked with keeping a lot of people happy - your CEO, your board, your shareholders, and your staff. Set yourself apart by making the most of your time, your numbers, and your team. Determining the best way to present accurate,... more >

Since the 2009 SEC mandate, financial reporting professionals need to be proficient in XBRL. Learn the XBRL lexicon and find out how to put XBRL to strategic use for your organization today. This reference guide will help you expand your knowledge and gain:

Information dissemination has become virtually instantaneous with the advent of the social media and various news aggregators on the internet. Like or not, the accounting function is in the news distribution business. The demand for financial and corporate performance... more >

Your Office of Finance is the powerhouse of the business. It manages the money. Almost every function of the department is critical to the business: from planning, organizing and auditing, to controlling the company’s finances and preparing financial statements. The entire... more >

Spending on digital goods, such as games, apps, and entertainment content, exceeded $57 billion in 2013. And that doesn’t even account for spending on digital services. Subscription, freemium, microtransaction, and more—digital businesses must choose from an array of business... more >

The breadth of digital goods available today is staggering. You can subscribe to everything from identify theft protection and personalized “radio” to streaming movies and sports networks. And there’s probably an innovator dreaming up an entirely new kind of digital good as... more >

For companies selling digital goods or services on a subscription or recurring payment basis, the secret to a 5% revenue uplift may be hidden in plain sight.

The breadth of digital goods and services available today is staggering. You can subscribe to everything from... more >

There are countless resources designed to help Principal Investigators (PIs) and others prepare sponsored research grant proposals, from OMB circulars, to college and university informational documents, to professional journals. However, the financial obligations associated... more >

If you have international operations, your overseas entities may be generating their own income. But the process of getting those profits back into your home country is complicated, governed by local rules and tax regulations. How do you bring your cash back home so you can... more >

Managing revenue is a process that has grown increasingly complex. New standards on revenue recognition announced by the Federal Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) promise to affect more companies than ever — and... more >

Finance is taking on new responsibilities in response to a shift in the business environment. Historically focused on being an effective caretaker and record keeper, the CFO is now required to play a more active role in shaping corporate strategy and driving critical business... more >

For many finance professionals, revenue management is among the top challenges today. With its combination of loosely defined regulations, evolving interpretations, and stiff penalties for noncompliance, revenue management creates unacceptable levels of complexity and... more >

Where did it say “sleepless nights” in your job description?

You know it all too well. But, if you’re like many, you hesitate to admit the reality: It just isn’t easy being a CFO. Your company relies on you for financial leadership, but as your organization grows, so... more >

For finance, three traditional priorities start with the letter “C”: cost, compliance and control. These will remain finance priorities for years to come. However, it is now time to add a fourth "C" to the list: customer.

In the age of the customer, the finance... more >

This action paper starts to paint a picture of a better way to budget – one that reduces the frustrations that are built into budgeting when using spreadsheets. The good news is that Finance professionals can tap into a better way of budgeting. And, that better way is... more >

The field of strategy is undoubtedly the most chronicled subject in the world of business.

What’s amazing is that the disciplined study of business strategy has really only been with us for a few decades, but in that time has spawned literally thousands of works. An... more >

Since the publication of my first book “Balanced Scorecard Step by Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results” I've been fortunate enough to receive calls and e-mails from readers around the globe. The correspondence span many topics, but I've received several that... more >

This executive brief looks at how a single ecommerce and CRM platform opens new possibilities to understand customers, provide better service and drive revenue—without the challenges of integrating standalone systems.

more >

Accounting for equity compensation is complex, and ensuring regulatory compliance with ASC718 guidelines is critical. Download Certent’s Equity Compensation Accounting Primer, to learn and share the five key steps you should take to properly account for your equity... more >

This research study for publicly-traded companies measures the ROI of the purchase of a comprehensive, SaaS-based financial reporting solution that automates reporting for equity compensation programs including ASC 718 compliance and SEC and proxy reporting requirements.... more >

This report provides guidance on how companies should respond to the movement to improve annual reporting to stakeholders, and in particular the provision of better human capital information. Human capital reporting offers great opportunities for HR to demonstrate its... more >

This template walks you through the steps required to create an effective talent management strategy. It shows you how to map out HR goals and priorities for the year that are linked to your organization's strategic plan and goals. It comes complete with fill-in-the-blank... more >

Performance maintenance is a three-part process that involves performance management, recognition, and discipline. When utilized as part of a model framework, it incorporates the full spectrum of performance dimensions and ensures that managers have all the tools necessary to... more >

Obtaining and retaining talent are some of the most important tasks for organizational leaders. These "geese that lay golden eggs" are top-performers who produce the most results and distinguish themselves from generic jobholders by thinking individualistically. However,... more >

In professional services firms, HR's top priorities include how to recruit scarce skills, how to identify and retain their top-performers, and how to cultivate a high-performance culture that will position their firm as an employer of choice. To retain valued employees and... more >

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