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Financial management systems are designed to measure and report business performance, but sadly, most systems fail to add value. Evidence of failure arises when one sees:

  • A plethora of detailed, system generated reports that have varying levels of adoption... more >

The subscription business model is not new. In fact, it has enjoyed long-term use as a viable business model to sell everything from newspapers and magazines to home telephone and cable services.

Today, however, the subscription and recurring revenue model has emerged... more >

For merchants that accept Card Not Present (CNP) payments, there are two ways that the new EMV technology can impact your e-commerce transactions:

  • Increased churn
  • Increased CNP fraud
  • Learn what measures you can take to minimize the impact on... more >

This white paper shows how Recurly reduces your credit card declines, recovering 5-9% of credit card revenues and reducing subscriber churn.

In this guide we'll explore:

  • Why recovered revenue matters
  • How we reduce credit card declines
  • ... more >

The positioning of the finance function inside today’s organizations is changing. Long regarded as the back office, now leading finance functions have expanded their sphere of influence beyond traditional financial reporting roles. Leading finance executives have successfully... more >

Data that used to take companies days, weeks, or even months to collect and analyze is now quickly and easily accessible through the use of data analytics. Today’s technology savvy organizations are able to glean knowledge from spend visibility and key analytics to help make... more >

Businesses worldwide are tasked with doing more with less, and accounts payable (AP) departments are under enormous pressure to run more efficiently. As CFOs explore ways to cut costs while also achieving higher efficiency, the utilization of an integrated single platform for... more >

Whether you are new to expense management automation or you’ve been doing it for years, there are always new ways that you can cut costs, improve compliance and speed reimbursement for your organization. Through many years of working with organizations of all sizes, in all... more >

Whether you are new to expense management automation or you’ve been doing it for years, there are always new ways that you can cut costs, improve compliance and speed reimbursement for your organization. Through many years of working with organizations of all sizes, in all... more >

Travel and expense costs continue to rise forcing many companies to confront two major challenges: 1) the errors and inefficiencies of a manual data entry process, and 2) the growing inability to adequately enforce their corporate travel policies. Together these challenges... more >

While travel and expenses are one of the largest categories of discretionary spending, many organizations lack effective expense management procedures. Instead, they rely on inefficient, manual processes that are error-prone, increase costs and impede enforcement of T&E... more >

The growth of a SaaS business depends upon improving two metrics: customer acquisition and customer retention. At Vindicia, our in-depth experience in handling more than 240 million accounts that have transacted over $21 billion for our clients enables us to provide unique... more >

In a recurring business, understanding where you can pick up an extra half percentage point each month will lead to annualized double-digit gains in revenue.

Our experience running SaaS based recurring revenue businesses and managing more than a hundred million... more >

Accounting for equity awards is a nuanced endeavor. Slight differences in plan structure and design can lead to significant changes in terms of amount and timing of expense recognition, tax deductions, and other accounting pitfalls. Changes in terms of awards can also result... more >

Expense management is an important process for businesses of all sizes, but few executives consider the lost time and labor associated with manual expense management processes. With 47% of businesses having switched to cloud-based systems, it?s clear that executives have an... more >

The new research study also includes a four-point “intelligence plan” for assisting businesses in driving better visibility. This plan has been designed for those organizations seeking to transform their business intelligence and visibility initiatives, and each step was... more >

Running a successful small business is no easy feat. It means you’re focused on growing sales, looking after customers, and improving profitability. A big piece of that is staying on top of financial data so you can make well-informed decisions to improve profits and better... more >

The manual process of using spreadsheets for managing expenses has had its advantages, especially before the rise of automated cloud-based expense management software. For many companies, the time, costs, and risk of inaccuracy in the spreadsheet method can lead to the... more >

Second only to payroll, travel and entertainment (T&E) spend comprises the largest business expense. T&E expenses are becoming increasingly difficult to monitor as companies expand across borders and grow through acquisitions. Using automated technology to manage T... more >

Companies have a lot riding on their travel and entertainment (T&E) expense processes.

T&E expenses account for more than 10 percent of the average company’s overall budget, according to Aberdeen Group. T&E expenses are the second-largest cost for companies... more >

Financial compliance is laden with risk, and there is one that many financial executives don’t even know they are taking – poor research methods. Noncompliance and advancing competition result from poor benchmarking, lack of industry awareness, and insufficient XBRL tagging... more >

Financial disclosures provide a wealth of information about company’s financials, forecasts, competitors, and partnerships - as well as industry best practices and trends. Read this white paper to learn how you can use public filings to develop benchmarks that will improve... more >

This white paper addresses several important criteria to seek in a business performance management (BPM) system and software vendor. Some key criteria are easy to overlook because they are not typical check-off features: flexibility, for example, and accessibility of data.... more >

Your organization is growing and extending itself into the global marketplace of suppliers and vendors, but are your traditional AP payment processes holding you back and putting you at risk?

Rx for Global Payment Pains takes an in-depth, unparalleled look at the... more >

Tipalti, provider of the leading global payments automation platform, has released findings from a survey of finance, accounting and business executives that identifies subpar levels of satisfaction with the current state of accounts payable payment processes. The study “... more >

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