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Profit is King
At your company, everyone cares about profit, but what can they do about it?

For almost all companies, profit is a lagging indicator. If we collect the right amount of revenue, if we keep expenses in check, if we are diligent about... more >

As companies seek ways to increase profit margins and improve overall business performance, business leaders are increasingly turning to pricing as a discipline that can boost their bottom lines. A search of publicly available data reveals a significant number of blue-chip... more >

With complex regulations, continually evolving interpretations and stiff penalties, the mission-critical task of revenue management is more complex than ever. 66% of companies fail to evaluate the revenue impact of deferred revenue, and a whopping 92% of public companies say... more >

51% of businesses say they’re shifting the way they price and deliver their products or services to customers. The shift to a recurring revenue business model is happening across industries and continents.

In this new world of commerce, there has been no blueprint to... more >

Whether you’re two guys in a garage launching a new business or a large enterprise, shifting to a recurring revenue model will turn your business on its head.

Instead of tracking products shipped to customers at arbitrary intervals, your business must breed long-term... more >

Practical Guidance for your subscription business.

The Accelerate eBook is a collection of articles by thought leaders and industry experts - real businesses that are seeing success in the Subscription Economy. Read the eBook and walk away with...

This report provides advice on valuation - what to do and what not to do. Learn what Silicon Valley experts in accounting, investment analysis, business strategy and law have to say about talent, technology, business infrastructure and valuation formulas.

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Newly public companies are in a brave new world. Scrutiny comes from all angles and it’s constant. Investors, regulators, analysts, consumers and others now have more access to what’s going on in the company, and they have an insatiable appetite. In the early days of being... more >

Follow these steps for a smart and sane IPO process that gets your show on the road. Plenty of details can trip up your filing. This report is part two of RoseRyan's series on executing a flawless IPO.

more >

This overview of acquiring inspires you to kick all the tires so you don't end up with a lemon. Every aspect of the target's operations, from HR to sales, deserves prying eyes. Find out what to look for and what to avoid so you can get what you bargained for in your deal.

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Mistakes in tracking and accounting for equity-based compensation often cause restatements and other finance troubles. This report offers eight best practices.

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Drawn from true tales from RoseRyan's 20 years of consulting, this report offers on-the-ground advice on how to cope when chaos strikes. It outlines the five most likely chaos-causing situations and offers tips to avoid the fault lines.

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This guide for CFOs in high-growth companies covers the need for speed and emphasizes how today's CFOs require a robust crew to steer away from business risk and toward opportunities. It covers real-time data, managing your team and workplace culture, among other topics.

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A right-sized ERM program can rescue your company from disaster and make decision making smarter and more strategic. This report covers steps for midsize businesses to create a program that doesn't soak up loads of time and resources.

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A tardy audit can delay financing and sap time and energy from your business operations. This extremely popular paper holds tips for how to prep for and ace your audit.

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It's rare you run into a company that isn’t strategizing for growth. The notion of “if you’re not growing as a company, then you’re dying” is powerful. And in this age of everything moving at hyperspeed - growth can happen faster than you have time to react.

A lot of... more >

How do Midmarket Finance Executives Meet the Challenges of Change Across the Enterprise?

Based upon a survey of over 200 midmarket executives, these latest findings reveal how your peers are taking a more strategic role in middle market businesses, and investing... more >

Making a successful business case for investing in software to increase automation of the close requires more than simple calculations of costs and benefits. An effective business case must educate decision-makers and build awareness of the issues preventing a faster close... more >

Financial leaders today balance the need to manage an increasing level of business complexity with the need for speed. In today's complicated business climate, is your accounting software helping you grow and compete—or holding you back? How do you begin to research, evaluate... more >

Labor and expense planning and forecasting, also called workforce planning or people planning, are somewhat standardized business processes. Although these methods are found to be unsecure and cumbersome such as sharing spreadsheets or rigid cube-based technologies, how can... more >

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