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Chances are, you've asked yourself the same crucial question that's applied to every strategic decision in your business: What's the ROI? A solid business case not only unlocks budget dollars, it provides a roadmap for successful deployment and maximum... more >

What are the CFO's biggest issues and opportunities?

Get the annual CFO Sentiment and Planning Report by CFO Alliance and find out what the top challenges and opportunities CFOs report to face in 2014. This study surveys a broad sample of senior financial... more >

What are the CFO's biggest issues and opportunities?

Get the annual CFO Sentiment and Planning Report by CFO Alliance and find out what the top challenges and opportunities CFOs report to face in 2014. This study surveys a broad sample of senior financial... more >

Learn the best practices to avoiding common audit-related pitfalls.

Independent external audits of GAAP financial statements are an inescapable reality for finance professionals. External audits are required by statute for public companies and are also... more >

Until now, it has been nearly impossible to benchmark your stock plan operations and reporting versus other companies. The data was only available anecdotally. But EASi’s 2014 Stock Administration Operational Benchmark Study finally lets you see how you stack up.

more >

In its annual CFO Evolution® Survey, Armanino, the largest California-based accounting and consulting firm, found that 40% of technology CFOs plan to take their companies public. Are you part of this aspirational group? If so, download the white paper, “The CFO’s 5-Step Guide... more >

The Forrester Wave™: E-Signatures, Q2 2013

Download the complimentary copy of the The Forrester Wave™: E-Signatures, Q2 2013 by Craig Le Clair, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research, Inc., to help you evaluate the right eSignature solution provider... more >

Electronic signatures can accelerate the contract execution process while improving consistency and quality. DocuSign enables companies to adopt electronic signatures to streamline contracting while reducing costs. Deployed properly, DocuSign can deliver payback in fewer than... more >

CSO Insights a leader in providing sales best practices through user research metrics. CSO Insights 2013 Key Trends Analysis provides an overview the eight key attributes found in high performance sales organizations. Download now and compare how your sales team's best... more >

Read research by Aberdeen Group on how companies are turning to sales analytics solutions to provide enterprise-wide data flow into the forecasting process. Learn how these solutions can help you create a better snapshot of future revenue and empower more efficient, margin-... more >

Read research by Aberdeen Group on how top-performing sales teams are using contemporary technology tools to reduce their sales cycles and increase their win / loss "batting average". Learn about how to better leverage people, process and technology to optimize your sales... more >

Excellence in Financial Management: Creating a modern cohesive finance department with ERP.

Effectively managing finance across the enterprise requires different disciplines. From strategic roles (i.e. financial planning and analysis) to fiduciary processes (i.e... more >

Money makes the world go ‘round, but can you tell your organization’s “money story”—how it generates revenue and profits, maximizes cash flow and steers clear of trouble? Not the practiced version that is supplied to the company’s investors, but the actual per unit economics... more >

Expense management is an important process for any business, big or small. Yet, very few on the executive level think to consider the money and time lost by using Excel or other spreadsheets and systems to complete expense reports the old-fashioned way.

A September... more >

Travel and Expense Management cannot be pushed to the side. Organizations require greater business intelligence and visibility into their T&E in order to remain competitive while also understanding risk and the ability to mitigate risk with greater knowledge gained... more >

For business/HR leaders, growth is both a welcome opportunity and a ruthless challenge. Innovative strategies for effective human capital management are needed now more than ever to help firms simultaneously grow, find talent and hang onto the talent they currently have. But... more >

Finding and securing the workforce of tomorrow is one of the biggest concerns facing businesses today. The stark reality is that half of all CEOs want to hire more people in 2014, but nearly two-thirds are worried about finding the right skills. So the stakes are high and... more >

As businesses grow more optimistic about opportunities for growth, the pressure is on for sales organizations to meet ever-higher revenue targets. Download this exclusive report from Harvard Business to learn new insights and stats on how data and analytics is spreading to... more >

FP&A is a crucial component of the CFO’s job, but it is often frustratingly ineffective. As a result, many organisations use the data produced by finance only for compliance; their strategic decision-making remains uninfluenced by it. With the global economic outlook... more >

Neither Integrated Business Planning (IBP) nor its close cousin, driver-based budgeting, are new or radical concepts; most line managers do them intuitively when they use non-financial drivers to model their resource requirements and line-item expenses. However, very few... more >

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