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Precise fixed asset data is essential to most higher education institutions, particularly from a business perspective. Reliable fixed
asset records enable business officials to protect the investments. From providing values for insurance coverage to reporting
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What are the CFO's biggest issues and opportunities?

Get the annual CFO Sentiment and Planning Report by CFO Alliance and find out what the top challenges and opportunities CFOs report to face in 2014. This study surveys a broad sample of senior financial... more >

What are the CFO's biggest issues and opportunities?

Get the annual CFO Sentiment and Planning Report by CFO Alliance and find out what the top challenges and opportunities CFOs report to face in 2014. This study surveys a broad sample of senior financial... more >

Until now, it has been nearly impossible to benchmark your stock plan operations and reporting versus other companies. The data was only available anecdotally. But EASi’s 2014 Stock Administration Operational Benchmark Study finally lets you see how you stack up.

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The Forrester Wave™: E-Signatures, Q2 2013

Download the complimentary copy of the The Forrester Wave™: E-Signatures, Q2 2013 by Craig Le Clair, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research, Inc., to help you evaluate the right eSignature solution provider... more >

Electronic signatures can accelerate the contract execution process while improving consistency and quality. DocuSign enables companies to adopt electronic signatures to streamline contracting while reducing costs. Deployed properly, DocuSign can deliver payback in fewer than... more >

Read research by Aberdeen Group on how companies are turning to sales analytics solutions to provide enterprise-wide data flow into the forecasting process. Learn how these solutions can help you create a better snapshot of future revenue and empower more efficient, margin-... more >

Read research by Aberdeen Group on how top-performing sales teams are using contemporary technology tools to reduce their sales cycles and increase their win / loss "batting average". Learn about how to better leverage people, process and technology to optimize your sales... more >

Money makes the world go ‘round, but can you tell your organization’s “money story”—how it generates revenue and profits, maximizes cash flow and steers clear of trouble? Not the practiced version that is supplied to the company’s investors, but the actual per unit economics... more >

Expense management is an important process for any business, big or small. Yet, very few on the executive level think to consider the money and time lost by using Excel or other spreadsheets and systems to complete expense reports the old-fashioned way.

A September... more >

Travel and Expense Management cannot be pushed to the side. Organizations require greater business intelligence and visibility into their T&E in order to remain competitive while also understanding risk and the ability to mitigate risk with greater knowledge gained... more >

For business/HR leaders, growth is both a welcome opportunity and a ruthless challenge. Innovative strategies for effective human capital management are needed now more than ever to help firms simultaneously grow, find talent and hang onto the talent they currently have. But... more >

Finding and securing the workforce of tomorrow is one of the biggest concerns facing businesses today. The stark reality is that half of all CEOs want to hire more people in 2014, but nearly two-thirds are worried about finding the right skills. So the stakes are high and... more >

As businesses grow more optimistic about opportunities for growth, the pressure is on for sales organizations to meet ever-higher revenue targets. Download this exclusive report from Harvard Business to learn new insights and stats on how data and analytics is spreading to... more >

Neither Integrated Business Planning (IBP) nor its close cousin, driver-based budgeting, are new or radical concepts; most line managers do them intuitively when they use non-financial drivers to model their resource requirements and line-item expenses. However, very few... more >

As the volume of outsourced products and services has surged in recent years, so, too, have the risks associated with vendors and third party providers. This is occurring in highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare, in media and retail, as seen in... more >

It's been 12 years since passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and, depending on the organization, about a decade that companies have been required to comply with the internal control over financial reporting standards as set forth in SOX Section 404.

In many respects,... more >

After seeing sales performance increase, 94% of firms have raised revenue targets for the new year. But while the targets are up, confidence on hitting those numbers is down. 2014 sales success will be dictated by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of our sales teams.... more >

Enterprises need to produce results faster, and that means eliminating paper and transitioning to fully digital processes. Digital transactions have become the new currency. Cloud, mobile and digital technologies such as e-signatures automate analog processes. This research... more >

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion has been a hot topic both online and offline due to the speed of the acquisition and the price tag that accompanied it. The following White Paper provides CFO’s and financial executives an outline of the necessary actions... more >

The Last Mile of Finance is a term that describes the business processes and activities that take place between the trial balance and the filing of SEC-required statements and other statutory reports. At present, the Last Mile has become much tougher to traverse due to new... more >

Successful CFOs understand the benefits of deploying capabilities across finance such as automation, data convergence, collaboration, and security to produce a more cohesive and efficient organization. A lack of a consolidated, holistic business view due to disparate sources... more >

Business never stands still. E-business has broken down natural competitive barriers, creating new challenges and offering new opportunities. And as competition heats up, so does demand for resources. Many CFOs and CIOs wonder if their in-place planning, budgeting and... more >

Learn how automating your Financial Close Management (FCM) can save you time and reduce errors through the entire close, consolidate, file and report process.

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Recent years have seen a global economic collapse, the demise of several major banks around the world and the possibility (some would say probability) of sovereign default. Companies that were once household names have disappeared, or are a shadow of their former selves,... more >

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