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The field of strategy is undoubtedly the most chronicled subject in the world of business.

What’s amazing is that the disciplined study of business strategy has really only been with us for a few decades, but in that time has spawned literally thousands of works. An... more >

Since the publication of my first book “Balanced Scorecard Step by Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results” I've been fortunate enough to receive calls and e-mails from readers around the globe. The correspondence span many topics, but I've received several that... more >

This executive brief looks at how a single ecommerce and CRM platform opens new possibilities to understand customers, provide better service and drive revenue—without the challenges of integrating standalone systems.

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Accounting for equity compensation is complex, and ensuring regulatory compliance with ASC718 guidelines is critical. Download Certent’s Equity Compensation Accounting Primer, to learn and share the five key steps you should take to properly account for your equity... more >

This research study for publicly-traded companies measures the ROI of the purchase of a comprehensive, SaaS-based financial reporting solution that automates reporting for equity compensation programs including ASC 718 compliance and SEC and proxy reporting requirements.... more >

This report provides guidance on how companies should respond to the movement to improve annual reporting to stakeholders, and in particular the provision of better human capital information. Human capital reporting offers great opportunities for HR to demonstrate its... more >

This template walks you through the steps required to create an effective talent management strategy. It shows you how to map out HR goals and priorities for the year that are linked to your organization's strategic plan and goals. It comes complete with fill-in-the-blank... more >

Performance maintenance is a three-part process that involves performance management, recognition, and discipline. When utilized as part of a model framework, it incorporates the full spectrum of performance dimensions and ensures that managers have all the tools necessary to... more >

Obtaining and retaining talent are some of the most important tasks for organizational leaders. These "geese that lay golden eggs" are top-performers who produce the most results and distinguish themselves from generic jobholders by thinking individualistically. However,... more >

In professional services firms, HR's top priorities include how to recruit scarce skills, how to identify and retain their top-performers, and how to cultivate a high-performance culture that will position their firm as an employer of choice. To retain valued employees and... more >

As talent management becomes the strategic measure, there is also an evolution in recruiting departments, best described as "strategic talent acquisition". Strategic talent acquisition is an aspirational phrase that means a recruiting function that is operating at the highest... more >

This white paper serves as a guide to help healthcare organizations of all sizes identify how they can leverage their talent management processes to create the culture of accountability, efficiency and performance improvement required by health care reform. The case studies... more >

What do we know about effective goal management? For starters, it’s one of the key components of high-impact performance management in organizations. And, if you’re not entirely convinced of it, there’s abundant research out there that links goal management best-practices... more >

If you want to build a world-class workforce, everyone in your organization needs to have a solid understanding of their role and their manager's, the organization's expectations of them, and the behaviors that lead to success. Together, these elements provide role clarity... more >

In the spring of 2015, the CIPD, a not-for-profit organisation that champions better work and working lives, released their report on employee attitudes towards company culture, line manager behaviour and the performance management process.

Sponsored by Halogen... more >

Learn how to implement a successful employee performance management process that leads to improved employee and organizational performance. This eBook guide is packed with useful tips, best practices, and hands-on worksheets that guide you through implementing a best-practice... more >

Developing and maintaining a leadership and talent pipeline makes the list of top concerns in executive surveys year after year. This report examines data from companies around the world to determine how well those organizations are identifying, assessing and developing... more >

In this eBook, you'll learn about the 10 key components required to build a world-class workforce that is aligned, inspired and focused on delivering exceptional results for your organization. The comprehensive guide includes, best-practices, expert tips, practical worksheets... more >

In order to compete in today’s market, more and more private companies are developing equity award programs to attract top talent. Download Certent’s guide – 5 Key Steps to a Successful Private Company Equity Plan – to evaluate several critical first steps to designing a... more >

In 2010, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act ushered in some of the most sweeping changes to financial regulations since the Great Depression. And with those changes came significant uncertainties for U.S. publicly traded firms that use equity as a... more >

An increasing percentage of private organizations are developing equity award programs to attract and retain top talent. Building a solid equity plan from the ground up requires time, effort and collaboration across your organization. Thorough consideration of plan design,... more >

Equity compensation remains a challenging paradox in many companies, both public and private. With its exceptional ability to recruit, motivate, and reward employees across the organization, equity comp rises to board-level significance – and beyond. However, the... more >

In an increasingly complex business environment with so many ‘moving parts’ (economic, operational and technical) the ability to make decisions crisply and decisively is becoming ever more crucial to competiveness. But at the same time, there have been a number of advances in... more >

Industries will soon face some important decisions that may dramatically improve the enterprise's ability to deliver back-office functionality. There is a new cloud-based service, which Gartner calls the "Business Model Platform" (BMP).

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With today’s dynamic market, plans, models, and forecasts can’t be static. Does yours flex with business change?

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