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Historically businesses have suffered gaps in the ‘opportunity to cash’ cycle as they seek to hand-off responsibility for each stage of the process from one person to another or one department to another. But eliminating the gaps depends on modern financial software that... more >

Billing is a key moment of truth for all businesses. Every interaction with the customer ultimately gets filtered through billing. It’s an endless combination of quotes, account creation, orders, pricing, payments, settlement and subscriber management.

If your company... more >

Subscription billing models come in a variety of different flavors and apply to many different categories of businesses. This guide provides an overview of considerations for businesses when selecting the best vendor to handle billing.

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Selecting a payment gateway for your subscription business is one of the most important business decisions you’ll make.

The right payment gateway will allow you to get paid without taking up too much of your money in fees while making it easy for customers to pay you.... more >

The new VAT rules are complex with many implications for merchants. We’ve compiled the Recurly VAT Top 10, an essential VAT checklist for merchants who sell digital / electronic services to the EU consumer market.

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“Payment ecosystems” is a term that typically evokes complexity and confusion among novices and professionals alike. Terminology, networks, and regulations are some of the factors that create and foster this less than positive perception.

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Subscription and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are commonly misused words that often confuse rather than educate. The concepts behind subscription and SaaS business models are relatively simple, but having a clear understanding of critical variables and metrics can have a... more >

Security breaches relating to credit and debit cards are making news – and causing big problems for credit card providers, merchants, and customers. Breaches damage the trust that consumers have placed in the merchants that get hacked, and in credit cards in general.

... more >

Subscription businesses have often been referred to as the holy grail of business because of the recurring revenue generated from customers. However managing day-to-day billing transactions can be daunting for business owners who typically resort to building their own billing... more >

In 2004, Netflix was sued by its shareholders over its reported churn rates. The shareholders argued that Netflix “[used] an improper calculation of the rate that produced an artificially low churn rate.” A judge threw out the case, ruling that there is no single industry-... more >

Enterprise Performance Management now requires a “Modern Modeler,” a new role that brings data management and financial analysis together to provide the company with real-time and contextualized models. To fully support the modern modeler, companies must combine the... more >

Everyone loves a good spreadsheet. But if you have more than a few employees, more than one sales rep, or more than one SKU, tracking, analyzing, and sharing your data can become a nightmare. Spreadsheets and paper-based processes can’t give you deep, real-time insight into... more >

Being in the office of finance, you’ve kept your organization running smoothly for as long as
you can remember—meeting deadlines, managing the budget, and paying the bills. But
after supporting other departments for years, now it’s time to meet your team’s needs... more >

Many companies, unfortunately, spend too much time just preparing the reports. To be
competitive in the market, companies need to move beyond simply reporting; they need to
analyze the data in the reports and adjust their tactics based on the results. Use these... more >

Prophix develops Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software that companies
use to manage their financial and operational processes, mainly in the finance department.
Prophix 11 is a CPM product built for budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial reporting,... more >

The term Business Intelligence (BI) is often ambiguous. In popular contexts such as mainstream
media, it can simply mean ‘knowing something about your business,’ but BI also refers to a category
of software products that are used to display mainly numerical... more >

Prophix develops Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software that companies use
primarily to manage processes in the finance department, streamlining budgeting, planning,
financial reporting and consolidation, and scorecarding.

Historically, enterprise-... more >

The continual changes in the business climate constantly challenge companies to find more effective
business practices. However, common budgeting limitations are preventing companies
from moving forward; they have become so universal and accepted in the... more >

Why is faster closing important? A faster close is a good indication of how well a company’s
financial systems and procedures are performing. In today’s competitive market, the accounting
function needs to improve existing processes and, at times, infrastructure... more >

Financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting are processes that are essential to organizational success. By creating accurate and informed plans, organizations can give business leaders confidence when they make decisions. This is due to the fact that leaders will have... more >

you have multiple business units, offer several product lines, operate across geographical
borders, and are expected to achieve significant growth rates. However, the more
complex your organization, the more difficult it is to gather and analyze the data you need... more >

In this white paper, we will examine how technology’s rapid advancement has forced businesses
to adapt in order to contribute value. Organizations can address this requirement to become
more nimble by using new technology that delivers remarkably accurate data... more >

By identifying the benefi ts and costs of Integrated Financial Planning (IFP) – this whitepaper
will assist CFOs/Controllers to determine how IFP would best suit their organizations. The result:
CFOs/Controllers can better prioritize, plan for, and evaluate... more >

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software serves as the unifying technology that underpins Integrated Financial Planning – enabling companies to harness their data and automate complex planning processes for better decision making.

The Complete CPM Readiness... more >

There are a number of solutions on the market that solve spreadsheet challenges. Most of these utilize off-the shelf products and tools that reuse existing hardware setup and licenses companies already have in place. The ideal solution will take your existing business... more >

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