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Financial services firms are reshaping how their finance, risk, compliance and treasury department processes, information and infrastructures are aligned. External mandates have established the requirements and business pressures have forced the reorganization of executive... more >

Research demonstrates that a well-run finance department has a direct impact on profitability. A 2012 study of CFOs in the insurance industry by accounting firm WeiserMazars found a remarkably high correlation between the proficiency of the finance department and the company’... more >

They’re called ‘low-hanging fruits’ and until recently, Asia had an abundance of them. They include cement, iron and steel for infrastructure, hotels and housing; coal, oil and gas to power electricity grids; meat and fast-food outlets to cater to more affluent and faster... more >

As management teams across the world become increasingly dissatisfied with the quality and timeliness of management information, new technologies are emerging and ‘breaking the mould’ of traditional financial consolidation systems that were developed in the 1990’s.
... more >

Selling is harder than ever before. In this paper, we provide sales effectiveness insights we discovered from our customers. Buyers demand extreme reliability, relevance, convenience, and responsiveness. Despite these significant shifts, most companies operate a static “rear... more >

Inaccurate sales forecasts can have a devastating effect on market capitalisation, business reputation, staff morale and bottom line. Yet for many CFOs, the quarterly sales forecast is the last that they see of the businesses’ revenue prospects for the next three months. It... more >

As companies struggle with the uncertainties of rapidly recovering markets and global instabilities, many have come to realize that they cannot plan and forecast with the speed and agility they require. Improving their planning and budgeting processes continues to be their... more >

More than three decades after their introduction, the popularity of spreadsheets shows no sign of abating. Spreadsheets are the de facto ‘workhorse’ of the finance function and have ridden out every successive advance in technology. They can be found on laptops, viewed on... more >

Spreadsheets often suffer a bad press at the hands of the Business Intelligence software industry and other business stakeholders (auditors, regulators) who favour limiting their use or displacing them from core financial management applications. Yet despite the many... more >

As global competition continues to intensify, investors and boards are demanding more top-line growth as a way to further increase shareholder value. Many are pursuing this growth in revenues and earnings through mergers or acquisitions, which are some of the more challenging... more >

A common scenario in today's medium- to large-size companies is the planning, forecasting and budgeting process is managed entirely by the finance organization, often leading to operational and integration issues.By extending business performance management software, such as... more >

The past decade has seen an explosion of data, fundamentally transforming how businesses make decisions and improve their bottom lines. For business executives who seek to respond to market movements, timely decision-making is more critical than ever and demands swift access... more >

Over the past decade, senior executives have increasingly demanded more data-driven guidance from their financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams. Once-sufficient simple reports and dashboards are no longer enough as key stakeholders look deeper for the "why behind the... more >

As cloud storage solutions have become more and more popular, understanding what that means for the security of your business documentation is crucial.

There are many types of cloud file sharing and storage solutions, at all price levels- from free up to hundreds of... more >

Business collect, track and analyze data from a wider and deeper set of sources than ever before. They use these analytics-based insights increasingly in every aspect of their business - to assess financial performance, process quality, operational status, risk and even... more >

While most enterprises understand the value of an enterprise performance management (EPM) solution, they often find it difficult to justify its benefits and accurately know its costs. As with BI investments, EPM frequently involves significant hidden costs and upfront... more >

Running a successful business starts with effective planning and performance management, and the data you generate during these critical processes is among the most important and sensitive in your organization. A miscalculation, oversight, or a security breach could be... more >

In his latest paper, Tom Kelly offers real-world anecdotes from cloud implementations at a selection of more than 25 companies, from Fortune 500 to private equity-backed companies, showing examples on how the cloud provides fast-growing companies a scalable infrastructure... more >

SPI Research (SPI) presents key performance metrics, latest trends, market predictions, and critical business processes designed to empower you to compare, diagnose and improve performance. This lauded report compares surveys from over 250 participants and provides seven-... more >

Regulation is nothing new for the financial services industry: Rules governing banks and insurance companies have existed for centuries. However, in the wake of the 2008-09 financial crises, governments worldwide have imposed even more rules, intensifying the compliance... more >

What’s the real business value of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications to CPG, manufacturing and supply chain organizations? It’s a question that forward thinking finance professionals are asking as they consider investments in technology to improve how they... more >

CFOs have always served as the patron of financial data – both inside and outside of their companies. Over the years, however, the focus of this role has shifted. As internal business requirements continue to grow, today’s CFOs are expected to focus on supporting management... more >

Our year of birth is both unique and important, because the events we witnessed, the cultural attitudes we live with, and the beliefs of our era have built certain values, attitudes, and behaviors, which then manifest themselves as expectations at work. These behaviors and... more >

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) professionals are in danger of becoming obsolete as more companies outsource administrative, compliance, and generalist functions. Many titles are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur, and FP&A appears to be on the same path... more >

Most companies need to accelerate their accounting close. Recent benchmark research from Ventana found that, on average, companies take longer to complete this process than they did five years ago: 8 days vs. 7.5 days for the quarterly close, and 7.2 days vs. 6.5 days for the... more >

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