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The Last Mile of Finance is a term that describes the business processes and activities that take place between the trial balance and the filing of SEC-required statements and other statutory reports. At present, the Last Mile has become much tougher to traverse due to new... more >

Successful CFOs understand the benefits of deploying capabilities across finance such as automation, data convergence, collaboration, and security to produce a more cohesive and efficient organization. A lack of a consolidated, holistic business view due to disparate sources... more >

Business never stands still. E-business has broken down natural competitive barriers, creating new challenges and offering new opportunities. And as competition heats up, so does demand for resources. Many CFOs and CIOs wonder if their in-place planning, budgeting and... more >

Learn how automating your Financial Close Management (FCM) can save you time and reduce errors through the entire close, consolidate, file and report process.

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Recent years have seen a global economic collapse, the demise of several major banks around the world and the possibility (some would say probability) of sovereign default. Companies that were once household names have disappeared, or are a shadow of their former selves,... more >

Read this whitepaper for expert insights by David Parmenter on why we must learn and apply today’s better practices in planning and forecasting models. Insights from this paper will help you migrate into the 21st century with better annual planning tools, or down the path for... more >

Today’s CFOs are under pressure to control costs, meet expanding reporting and compliance requirements and support corporate growth initiatives (capital investment, foreign expansion, mergers and acquisitions, etc.). To meet all of these requirements, CFOs should consider the... more >

Spreadsheets have no place in forecasting, budgeting and many other core financial routines. Spreadsheets were not designed for many of the tasks they are currently used to accomplish. A spreadsheet is a great tool for creating static graphs for a report or designing and... more >

This paper addresses the challenges of planning, budgeting and forecasting in a spreadsheet environment and highlights the advantages of using a software solution designed specifically for dynamic planning. The business challenges and drivers are discussed, including... more >

Jeremy Hope, co-founder of Beyond Budgeting Roundtable discusses how KPI's help leaders see patterns and trends and feel confident on the ideas and suggestions put forward resulting in a more accountable and transparent organization.

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For decades, perhaps even centuries, retail has been guided by a surprisingly useful adage: “Watch the nickels and the dollars will take care of themselves.” But times have changed. In today’s retailing environment, executives and managers must cope with the conflicting needs... more >

Achieving hardy performance over the long term requires businesses to develop healthy forecasting processes. Forecasting health can be developed, or restored, by adhering to the six principles presented in this paper. The successful implementation of a rolling forecasting... more >

Learn how a Finance Center of Excellence (FCOE) can help your organization share knowledge, skills and best practices and maximize the value of your financial analytics deployments

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Whether finance managers realize it or not, there is a strong chance their forecasting processes are suffering from a malady. Antiquated processes and tools combined with misconceptions regarding forecasting accuracy and quality have sickened the majority of forecasting... more >

Simply providing the “numbers” just doesn’t cut it anymore. What stakeholders want and those in internal management need, is a better understanding of what all the numbers mean. They want a story around those numbers, the story of what has occurred, with a possible... more >

In common with financial reporting, business intelligence capability has become more pervasive as end-user tools have become easier to use and integration capabilities have improved. These days, BI resources are just as likely to be in the hands of end-user departments as IT... more >

Use this book to understand why integrating and unifying your closing, consolidating, and reporting process is critical. Learn about re-engineering your point solution approach to these activities by investing in integrated solutions. Achieve automation and enhance your... more >

Over the years, CFO Research Services has documented the efforts that finance departments have consistently and consciously been making to transform themselves from traditional “scorekeeper” roles into more active partners in the business. As today's businesses navigate the... more >

Financial services firms are reshaping how their finance, risk, compliance and treasury department processes, information and infrastructures are aligned. External mandates have established the requirements and business pressures have forced the reorganization of executive... more >

Research demonstrates that a well-run finance department has a direct impact on profitability. A 2012 study of CFOs in the insurance industry by accounting firm WeiserMazars found a remarkably high correlation between the proficiency of the finance department and the company’... more >

They’re called ‘low-hanging fruits’ and until recently, Asia had an abundance of them. They include cement, iron and steel for infrastructure, hotels and housing; coal, oil and gas to power electricity grids; meat and fast-food outlets to cater to more affluent and faster... more >

As management teams across the world become increasingly dissatisfied with the quality and timeliness of management information, new technologies are emerging and ‘breaking the mould’ of traditional financial consolidation systems that were developed in the 1990’s.
... more >

Selling is harder than ever before. In this paper, we provide sales effectiveness insights we discovered from our customers. Buyers demand extreme reliability, relevance, convenience, and responsiveness. Despite these significant shifts, most companies operate a static “rear... more >

Inaccurate sales forecasts can have a devastating effect on market capitalisation, business reputation, staff morale and bottom line. Yet for many CFOs, the quarterly sales forecast is the last that they see of the businesses’ revenue prospects for the next three months. It... more >

As companies struggle with the uncertainties of rapidly recovering markets and global instabilities, many have come to realize that they cannot plan and forecast with the speed and agility they require. Improving their planning and budgeting processes continues to be their... more >

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