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Once the appropriate vendor and the right ICM technology solution for your company have been selected, it’s just beginning. Following the selection process, companies prepare for ICM implementation or ICM activation, and this phase is a key part of the ICM process.

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Employees work on two levels. On a fundamental level, they work for their own career and daily responsibilities, and on a greater level, they work for the company as a whole, upholding and advancing its mission and goals. The key to maximizing each employee’s value and... more >

Properly designing and implementing a bonus compensation structure requires looking to the future. It demands detailed financial planning around how performance may drive company revenues and how bonus payouts will impact the bottom line. Planning for bonuses can be... more >

Millennial workers are a vital part of U.S. corporate culture, as they are the largest generation since the baby boom. They are already making their presence felt by introducing different ideas about the best ways to work and new sets of workplace values. Managers are quickly... more >

It’s no secret that technology is drastically transforming the way finance and accounting teams operate. However, many core processes that are vital to an organization’s success are still carried out using repetitive, manual processes. Gartner’s recent IT Market Clock report... more >

Newly emerging EFCA (Enhanced Finance Controls and Automation) platforms are now providing organizations with robust solutions that close the gap between ERP and CPM, automate critical financial processes and unify controls across the organization. Read this new FSN executive... more >

To be successful in today’s cutthroat market, smart Value Added Resellers (VARs) have learned that there’s little room for error. Razor thin margins make every sale an opportunity to make or break profits, while stiff competition and sky-high customer expectations make it... more >

Read this eBook to learn how improving employee engagement within your organization can deliver better sales, more revenue, lower customer turnover and overall happier employees.

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The Path to Better Revenue Management

Many CFOs have dreamed of end-to-end order-to-cash visibility, but for many, the vision still remains elusive. The reason for the disconnect may vary, but often manifest in familiar themes: revenue leakage, inaccurate revenue... more >

Having done numerous studies of EPM (centered on budgeting, planning, forecasting and strategy) and other business applications, we believe that there are three metrics that drive the selection process:

  • Quantifiable Benefits: This involves not just describing... more >

Host Analytics is highly focused on the confidentially, processing integrity, availability, privacy and security of its customers’ data. While security is important to any SaaS provider, it is particularly critical to Host Analytics as customers are entrusting it with their... more >

As technology has evolved, CFOs and their teams have become technologically savvy with a strong desire to cut through the weeds and get directly in touch with the data to support the tactical and strategic needs of the business. The information technology (IT) department, led... more >

As companies grow, the ability of finance teams to provide decision-makers with timely, accurate, and actionable data becomes increasingly important.

As Gartner, a leading IT research company explains, “[EPM] suites facilitate efficient, compliant and transparent... more >

In today’s economy the ability to make fact-based decisions faster and with a higher degree of confidence can be the difference between success as a growing business or a company becoming part of a statistic. The tools that are at business’ disposal aren’t always equal in... more >

The success of any finance department is closely tied to the quality and motivation of its employees. To best serve your company, you need highly skilled employees who are actively engaged in their work.

A large percentage of finance professionals find that their jobs... more >

To date, the Wisdom of Crowds family of reports remains unique in that it is the only comprehensive research on BI usage and trends from the viewpoint of end users. By looking first hand at the experience of IT and business users as well as industry implementation consultants... more >

Today’s Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) face a barrage of challenges when building the foundation for a sustainable organization. Each building block added to the picture, each internal system being purchased needs to be analyzed for ROI using hard data and viewed from the... more >

Explore why CFO’s and their finance organizations must adapt to the changing landscape of their markets and how big data, organizational collaboration, and new cloud-based planning and analysis technologies are driving successful change.

In this Harvard Business... more >

The software industry is in an era of explosive growth. This 2014 study of CEO / CFOs’ outlook reveals that 29% say their planned revenue growth over the next 12 months is 50% or higher; and within that group, 17% believe their revenue growth will increase by 100% or more.... more >

Assessing the Results of the Financial Executives Research Foundation/Protiviti 2015 Finance Priorities Survey

Most finance functions today are incredibly busy, with waves of work rolling in at a greater pace and frequency. The business activities they support... more >

Many companies rely on spreadsheets as a key component in their financial reporting and operational processes. However, it is clear that there is considerable effort and risk inherent in spreadsheet use that should be evaluated in light of alternatives.

For many... more >

Through a survey of 100 tax and accounting leaders at U.S. businesses with revenues of $500 million and above, Bloomberg BNA discovered that corporate America operates under a veil of conscious uncoupling where tax policy and capital expenditures are concerned.

The... more >

Choosing the best technology for fixed assets management is only the beginning. Achieving strategic fixed asset management requires thoughtful planning, development of consistent policies and procedures, and a commitment to realizing the full value of proper asset management... more >

Compliance with the final tangible property regulations can be complex and will certainly require significant effort on the part of nearly every taxpayer. While no one looks forward to implementing major changes to their tax and accounting policies, the right software can... more >

Poor tax systems and processes often trap the tax department in the high-effort cycle of manual data management, compliance, and reporting, with little time or opportunity to deliver real business value to the organization. It’s time to break the cycle and give the department... more >

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