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When it comes to sales tax, the complexity of the drop shipping equation is made more so by issues of nexus, product sourcing, customer location, and drop shipper location. For purposes of simplicity, this paper from Avalara discusses sales tax issues at the intersection of... more >

This Sales Tax Survival Guide from Avalara will help you:

  • Understand the challenges and risks associated with managing sales tax compliance.
  • Develop strategies to help you survive sales tax challenges.
  • Know which state and federal sales tax changes... more >
  • The report recognized that, “Host Analytics shows the most breadth and maturity among the rapidly growing software-as-a-service (SaaS)-only FPM solution providers.” Having evaluated 11 different software vendors across 55 evaluation criteria, Forrester analysts placed Host... more >

    There are many ways to assess the health of a company, from quantifiable data such as a strong balance sheet to less tangible factors like a satisfied workforce and happy customer base. A growing business needs to keep constant tabs on a whole spectrum of information in order... more >

    The performance of middle-market firms following the recent global economic downturn has been impressive. Today, however, middle-market firms, like all companies, face the prospect of slow economic growth and a range of other challenges that threaten their ability to thrive... more >

    Developed by Avalara tax experts, the following top ten sales and use tax tips will help your business develop an effective proactive sales tax strategy long before the auditor knocks on your door. These tips are a starting point to address sales and use tax compliance in... more >

    CFOs agree: SaaS “cloud” solutions for financial management bring significant advantages to the organization: higher productivity, smarter revenue recognition and greater strategic insight.

    But what’s the right solution – a best-of-breed approach that lets... more >

    In many ways, corporate finance functions encounter challenges similar to those that confront teams of mountain climbers as they determine how to best scale snowy peaks. Just as climbers must employ advanced skills and training to negotiate such uncertain terrain, so, too,... more >

    career resources guide

    Proformative's guide to resources for advancing your career.

    more >

    An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is widely used as a business management tool that includes all facets of the business from accounting and budgeting, to operations, supply chain and manufacturing, through sales and marketing. It integrates all data and processes... more >

    As federal and state governments turn their attention to capturing more revenue from Internet sales tax, many ecommerce businesses are finding themselves under increasing scrutiny. This paper from Avalara will help you understand and be prepared for some of the basic... more >

    ERP Selection Guide

    Benefit from the in-depth experience of Proformative’s community of senior corporate finance professionals. Gain top-level insights into ERP selection and... more >

    A new study from Saugatuck Technology shows that 51% of finance and IT executives feel their existing systems limit their ability to reach strategic goals. The culprits? No flexibility, siloed systems, poor access to information, and the high cost of maintenance. 33% of these... more >

    The financial system you are running today can likely trace its heritage back to the ‘80s and ‘90s. Since then, the needs of finance organizations have changed dramatically, but financial systems have failed to adapt at the core. This whitepaper discusses how today’s finance... more >

    Two of the hottest topics in technology discussions today are “big data,” enormous volumes of structured and unstructured data that is being generated, and “analytics,” how to leverage that data for business intelligence. These topics are also a source of confusion for... more >

    Get the latest research from a leading technology analyst firm and enhance your FPM evaluation today.

    The report states that “Cloud computing is gaining increasing acceptance from finance professionals because it offers faster time-to-value and lower costs compared to... more >

    To assess the state of risk management following the financial crisis, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) conducted a survey sponsored by Protiviti of 350 senior-level executives at financial institutions across the globe.

    Key takeaways are:

    ... more >
    How do you determine what business records need to be kept and for how long they should be kept? What are the penalties for not properly saving the necessary documentation? As a finance executive, you have to be able to quickly and accurately decide what to keep, where to... more >

    If your company is currently seeking or considering venture capital funding, download this informative whitepaper, full of helpful advice and best-practices.

    Topics covered include:

  • Is VC right for me? Understanding how your business goals impact the... more >
  • Anxious to take advantage of the benefits of cloud financials but concerned about the ability to customize the software to meet your unique needs?

    Stop wondering and get the facts from someone who specializes in cloud technology!

    In this whitepaper “Cloud... more >
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