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While most enterprises understand the value of an enterprise performance management (EPM) solution, they often find it difficult to justify its benefits and accurately know its costs. As with BI investments, EPM frequently involves significant hidden costs and upfront... more >

Running a successful business starts with effective planning and performance management, and the data you generate during these critical processes is among the most important and sensitive in your organization. A miscalculation, oversight, or a security breach could be... more >

In his latest paper, Tom Kelly offers real-world anecdotes from cloud implementations at a selection of more than 25 companies, from Fortune 500 to private equity-backed companies, showing examples on how the cloud provides fast-growing companies a scalable infrastructure... more >

SPI Research (SPI) presents key performance metrics, latest trends, market predictions, and critical business processes designed to empower you to compare, diagnose and improve performance. This lauded report compares surveys from over 250 participants and provides seven-... more >

Regulation is nothing new for the financial services industry: Rules governing banks and insurance companies have existed for centuries. However, in the wake of the 2008-09 financial crises, governments worldwide have imposed even more rules, intensifying the compliance... more >

What’s the real business value of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications to CPG, manufacturing and supply chain organizations? It’s a question that forward thinking finance professionals are asking as they consider investments in technology to improve how they... more >

Integrate the operations plan with the financial plan. Let’s operate with one set of numbers.” It sounds so easy, but it is not. This document is designed as a guide for the financial group to align plans across the company and use technologies to maximize... more >

CFOs have always served as the patron of financial data – both inside and outside of their companies. Over the years, however, the focus of this role has shifted. As internal business requirements continue to grow, today’s CFOs are expected to focus on supporting management... more >

Our year of birth is both unique and important, because the events we witnessed, the cultural attitudes we live with, and the beliefs of our era have built certain values, attitudes, and behaviors, which then manifest themselves as expectations at work. These behaviors and... more >

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) professionals are in danger of becoming obsolete as more companies outsource administrative, compliance, and generalist functions. Many titles are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur, and FP&A appears to be on the same path... more >

Most companies need to accelerate their accounting close. Our recent benchmark research found that, on average, companies take longer to complete this process than they did five years ago: 8.0 days vs. 7.5 days for the quarterly close and 7.2 days vs. 6.5 days for the monthly... more >

Whether you call it ‘forecasting’ or ‘planning’, the key is to enable a continuous process that delivers real-time, up-to-date information to drive effective business decisions.

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can bring everyone in your organization into your... more >

Organizations are increasingly embracing a new definition of performance. Every division across the company now comes into the equation – from HR to marketing, product development, customer support and everything in between. Time for transformation is now - let's get started... more >

The how-to guide to improving decision making, reducing risk and enhancing business performance. Every successful company reaches an inflection point when the status quo is no longer optimal in driving the business forward at maximum speed.

Here are signs that it’s... more >

How effectively your nonprofit organization uses business technology has a major influence on your administrative overhead and social impact. Are you making the most of what today's technology has to offer? This whitepaper discusses the five key trends that are reshaping how... more >

“Why would I pay for a virtual data room when I can use Dropbox for free?” is a question we hear asked frequently. As cloud storage solutions have become more and more popular, understanding what that means for the security of your business documentation is crucial.

... more >

For finance professionals, there are certain accounting practices better left in the past (e.g. think about the abacus and adding machines!). But today it's not that obvious. Social media, cloud computing, and the internet are all accelerating the pace of business and forcing... more >

The professional services market has been on a roller coaster ride that mirrors the global economy at large. It truly provides a leading indicator of things to come as executives in other industries depend on its advice and guidance. Therefore, the professional services... more >

There are few things more critical to a company’s top and bottom line results than sales compensation. After all, sales are the lifeblood of any business and sales compensation is the primary vehicle to inspire motivation and track and reward sales success.

It also... more >

To understand and mitigate risk within business systems is a key aspect of a finance organization. CFOs, Controllers and FP&A managers have long understood this reality but it is only recently that finance leaders are beginning to reduce risk in sales compensation... more >

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