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There are few things more critical to a company’s top and bottom line results than sales compensation. After all, sales are the lifeblood of any business and sales compensation is the primary vehicle to inspire motivation and track and reward sales success.

It also... more >

To understand and mitigate risk within business systems is a key aspect of a finance organization. CFOs, Controllers and FP&A managers have long understood this reality but it is only recently that finance leaders are beginning to reduce risk in sales compensation... more >

If your company is like most, you’ll probably perform the annual review of your sales compensation plan and make adjustments where the company sees fit. Using data from previous year’s compensation plans and the outlook for next year, your goal is to build a plan that not... more >

Imagine a company in which Sales and Finance agree on everything. A company in which Sales never mumbles under their breath about the penny pinchers in Finance, and Finance never wants to tell Sales where to shove it when they request yet another SPIF. Where they are, dare I... more >

When we talk about investing in incentive compensation, it’s important to remember that 800 billion dollars is spent on sales compensation annually; that’s three times as much as is spent on advertising. When you think about all the effort required to track the performance... more >

Too often, companies consider their incentive strategy to be a side component of their success, and relegate compensation plans to the sales department. But the truth is, incentive compensation affects everyone —not just your sales force and compensation analysts, but... more >

Here are the top twelve compensation plan mistakes we see these companies make over and over, even though they have good intentions. Read on, and don’t despair. We’ll let you in on a solution by the end!

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One of the fundamental questions facing CFOs in small and medium-sized organizations is whether to select a ‘best-of-breed’ solution or a software suite as they look to improve the technology foundation for their processes.

Determining the tradeoffs associated with... more >

Is your team expert in closing the quarter for your equity compensation plan? If the answer isn’t an emphatic “yes”, download the Equity Compensation Accounting Primer, to learn and share the five key steps you should take to properly account for your equity compensation... more >

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which was enacted on April 5, 2012, makes pursuing an IPO more attractive for many smaller companies by relaxing certain accounting and other regulatory burdens. Under the JOBS Act, Emerging Growth Companies (EGCs), which are... more >

Tips from the Top 20%: Learn How Top Performing Companies Manage Sales Tax

Every business has their own way of managing sales tax, but what are the key metrics that define best-in-class? Aberdeen Group conducted a research survey to understand how... more >

While many manufacturers and distributors feel there is little risk to sensitive corporate information or funds being obtained by hackers, there is a rising tide of threats to information security. If not addressed thoroughly, malicious software attacks can put your company's... more >

Margin management remains a top priority for all manufacturers and distributors due to expected increases in manufacturing costs, as well as the challenge of utilizing meaningful sales price increases in a volatile business environment. With margins already stretched to the... more >

Risk management has become increasingly important to stakeholders of organizations who are concerned about overall business risks. No organization can succeed without taking on some level of business risk, and recent events have proven the importance of adequate risk... more >

With the recent passage of a bipartisan, two-year budget agreement, it may be time to take a look back at important developments in Washington during 2013 and what they may portend.

2013 was a crucial year for federal tax rates affecting the middle market. Though no... more >

In this paradigm where strategic plans are increasingly based on their financial impact, the role of Finance is quickly evolving from a back-office function to a more strategic advisory role. At the same time Finance is being asked to be more agile and responsive to... more >

Scenario planning helps organizations manage uncertainty by providing alternative views of the future against which strategies, tactics and budgets can be tested. Done well, the approach incorporates scenarios into business management processes on an ongoing basis. Scenario... more >

In this white paper, we present best practices for various forms of planning such as the annual budget, rolling forecast and long-range plan, to help financial professionals not only be more efficient and successful in their role, but to facilitate the transition from the... more >

Much is written about KPIs in services organizations, and the impact these metrics will have on operational effectiveness. While independent consultants and research groups identify a plethora of KPIs, services leaders find many to be esoteric. Meanwhile, small and mid-sized... more >

Learn how to make the business case for an Incentive Compensation Management system. Understand the ROI delivered by such solutions so that you can justify the ‘spend’ and feel confident that your organization will realize tangible and meaningful business results.

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