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Clearwire CFO Open to Selling Portion of Business

Clearwire CFO Open to Selling Portion of Business

Company executives are well aware of the fact that the economy is still floundering, despite some signs that activity is truly beginning to pick up.

For this reason, many companies have begun to consider various M&A possibilities, as well as the potential for selling or spinning off portions of their existing business.

According to Dow Jones Newswires, Clearwire, a wireless internet service provider, has benefited from demand for its 4G wireless service, but that hasn't stopped its chief financial officer from considering selling its unused spectrum in order to expedite its growth strategy.

CFO Hope Cochran said at a recent investor conference that while the company isn't in the process of actively selling its spectrum, such a consideration would not be out of the realm of possibility.

"The spectrum is a great asset, and we have a lot of it," she said. "It would be difficult [for us] to utilize all of it."

Cochran's hand could ultimately be forced if the economic climate calls for it, as shares fell approximately 8 percent on September 22, amid investor concern over Clearwire's ability to obtain the financing it reportedly needs, according to Reuters.