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Cloud and virtualized machines offer moreperformance management outlets

There are a variety of factors that add into performance management with analy

There are a variety of factors that add into performance management with analytics, not least of which is the overall capability for businesses to effectively leverage these big data tools. Identifying the systems within corporate infrastructure that can best benefit from these solutions is the key to getting the most value from them. Even automated resources can see drastic improvement from judicious application of these solutions to the appropriate hardware, so business leaders and IT specialists should keep an open mind regarding how best to apply predictive analytics software.

GigaOM reported that automotive manufacturers are having success using performance management with analytics within their mechanized production lines. These software solutions help management identify areas that are in need of maintenance or replacement, network these repairs to those available to perform them based on other scheduling tools and simultaneously improve and streamline the HR process. Companies are finding better ways of replacing mundane and time-consuming tasks with automated software solutions, adding analytics programs to ensure ongoing governance and management in the event that something should need fine tuning.

Examining existing infrastructure first
Data Center Knowledge commented that consumers of big data at the corporate level should be mindful that the information assets they're trying to manipulate contain a massive depth that precursory inspection can't encompass. That means garnering meaningful performance management with analytics could take some time to get off the ground. Since these solutions integrate the operational fitness of every system within the organization, making sure that decision-makers have a complete picture of productivity and financial indicators can take a while to establish if no such resources were in place prior to that.

Some firms using these kinds of software applications already have said that such solutions provide extra visibility into customer desires and employee performance they otherwise could never have obtained. These tools ride on the success of legacy systems and existing infrastructure, though, so firms with subpar data management practices may still have trouble getting the full value from these deployments. Businesses are eager to understand their big data assets, since IT experts theorize so much of 2013 corporate budgets will be diverted to safeguarding companies from the inundation of these outlets.

There is more push than ever from corporate entities to bring their file storage tools up to compliance and usability standards, IDC reported. The company's big data technology forecast stated that, by the end of 2015, the global value of big data tools will reach $17 billion, based on the creation of files on a scale never before seen in the technology world. This push for better performance management with analytics can help firms make use of the expansive growth of their data centers, an increase of more than 33 percent per year until 2020, IDC projected.

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