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ERP software helpful in the enterprise

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems help manage many different aspects of an organization in one system. ERP software often includes sales, customer relationship management (CRM) and financial reporting software consolidated into a single interface. A mobile workforce is changing ERP solutions and experts believe that the rise in social applications is revolutionizing the nature of enterprises and ERP solutions, according to ITNews.

ERP in manufacturing
When ERP software initially came into vogue in the 1990s, it became extremely popular in the manufacturing industry, according to Manufacturing Digital. The news source reported that ERP was useful because it allowed enterprises to consolidate all processes in one place.

Although some may believe legacy ERP software will have difficulty aligning itself with new innovations such as cloud computing, the news source reported that constant updates are available to ERP platforms, making them sustainable in a new technological setting.

Companies continue to deploy ERP systems to increase revenue and drive success, reported Manufacturing Digital. Scattergood and Johnson recently replaced an existing system with new ERP software.

"We wanted a solution that would dramatically increase our productivity, efficiency, inter-departmental communication and processes; and which could be scaled-up without the need for continued investment in additional software," said Robert Hargreaves, CEO of the company, according to the news source.

"User interfaces were designed to resemble the ones they were comfortable with, with improved commands and processes. This not only meant that employees were happier, it also meant that they readily embraced the change and were able to remain efficient and productive throughout what is often a stressful and resource-draining time for a business," Hargreaves continued.

The relevance of mobile ERP
Because bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends are on the rise, it's important that IT departments consider mobile technology in the deployment of ERP systems. Mobile ERP allows users to access systems from smartphones and tablets, helping them to do work from wherever they are.

According to ZDNet, companies in Asia are particularly keen on adding mobile ERP capabilities.

Changes brought on by social media are effecting the importance of CRM, reported IT News. New ERP systems could mimic social media sites in the sharing of useful information between employees.

Yiew Vonn Nhee, who works for a consulting firm in Singapore, has more customers asking for mobile ERP solutions, reported ZDNet. Nhee claimed that it's important that companies pay attention to mobile solutions because they will only become increasingly popular. Even so, their basic ERP systems need to be working well before mobile deployment is considered.

Issues of mobile security
According to V3, issues in security are preventing some firms from using mobile ERP. Smartphones and tablets create vulnerabilities, making mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) systems and software necessary.

"So while firms recognize that mobile investments can help drive productivity, lower costs, improve data quality and help grow the business, many are just not willing to open up their core systems to this way of working," said Jason Andersson, a program director analyst at IDC.

If companies are willing to work with their IT departments to preserve security, deployment of ERP software is likely to improve quality of business.

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