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Executives Say Lack of Skill Set Matches Leading Factor in Failed Hires

Executives Say Lack of Skill Set Matches Leading Factor in Failed Hires

The issue of employers having a difficult time finding job candidates with the necessary skills has come to the forefront once again as a recent Robert Half survey suggests executives pin most failed hires on poor skill set fits.

According to a release, the recent Robert Half Finance & Accounting survey found that 36 percent of chief financial officers interviewed said that a lack of a proper skill set is the leading issue in unsuccessful hires apart from specific performance issues.

Unclear performance expectations, conflicts of personality and the new employee's inability to gel with the corporate culture were also mentioned by finance chiefs in the study as reasons for failed hires.

Max Messmer, the chairman and CEO of Robert Half International, said in a statement that apart from the lack of qualified individuals out there, hiring managers are forced to spend a significant amount of time evaluating candidates, which can be a major issue in this economy.

"Companies can't afford hiring mistakes, which are costly and can erode staff morale," Messmer said. "Finding the right match requires time and attention, and it's something even busy managers need to make time for."

The latest survey comes on the heels of recent BDO data suggesting that the shortage of individuals with the necessary qualifications remains the major roadblock for company expansions.  


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This is a very good article. In response to the article, how does one bring themselves up to speed with the necessary skills. Other than formal education which can be costly, what avenues are available to assist individuals? Formal education is good, but some skills you simply do get through formal education.