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Expert: Cloud Migration is a Company-wide Process

A company's IT department may be able to help the business work out the nuance

In recent years, businesses worldwide have pulled the trigger on new cloud computing projects aimed at reducing costs and improving employee productivity. But, according to one expert, businesses making the move to the cloud must collaborate with all areas of the company.

Speaking at the recent Computer Audit Control Security 2011 in Brisbane, Australia, Alastair Banks, technology risk partner of Deloitte, asserted that a company's IT department should be at the forefront of any cloud computing project, according to Computerworld.

Though many cloud computing solutions will be used company-wide, it is the IT department that will generally understand the nuances of the cloud, as well as the security implications of the technology.

Banks also noted that companies should include their risk and audit teams before deploying cloud solutions. Doing so can ensure plans are in order and that a move to the cloud won't violate various data protection standards and regulations.

One area of the cloud that has garnered a lot of attention recently is Software-as-a-Service, which enables users to access software programs through the web. According to Gartner, global SaaS market revenues will surpass $12 billion this year, making SaaS the largest portion of the cloud.

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