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Fantasy Excel Shortcuts For Business

Don’t you wish there were Excel shortcuts for the really critical business situations you face every single day--like dealing with an annoying co-worker (or boss) or the never-ending meeting from hell?

CFO Wayne Spivak wishes so too. Inspired by a lively after-work conversation, Spivak decided to pose the question to Proformative’s wise and all-knowing community of corporate finance professionals, “What fantasy Excel shortcuts would come in handy in your day-to-day job?”

Proformative’s community of CFOs, corporate finance & accounting experts are an enthusiastic bunch, weighing in on heady—but no less influential—matters such as best practices in revenue recognition, budgeting and how to ask for a pay raise. The Fantasy Excel Shortcuts discussion, however, really caught fire; proving beyond a doubt that beneath those impeccable finance exteriors lurk very creative people.

To start the conversation, Spivak listed his personal favorite fantasy shortcuts that everyone can relate to, such as:

•             ALT MB = Mute Boss

•             CTL FFM = Fast-Forward Meeting

And for the more junior corporate finance staff, he added:

•             ALT UCS = Un-confuse Spreadsheet, fix mess

Minutes after posting the topic, additional fantasy Excel shortcut ideas started rolling in from senior-level CFOs and management consultants and others, including:

•             CTRL+SHIFT+$ = Close Deal With Prospect

•             CTRL+SHIFT+$$ = Upsell

•             CTRL+SHIFT+% = Get A Raise

•             SHIFT-HYTV = Hide YouTube Videos

•             SHIFT-SWESPN = Stop Watching The World Cup

•             SHIFT+MR = Mind Read (format the worksheet according to what is on my mind)

Proformative editors attempted to steer the conversation back to reality, with a suggestion of an Excel shortcuts cheat sheet as well as a treasure trove of free Excel templates. Naturally the community took us up on our offers of free stuff, but the crowd quickly diverting the conversation back to dozens more fantasy Excel shortcuts, including:

•             CTRL+SHIFT+MANA = Make All Numbers Agree

•             CTRL+SHIFT+AUTO = Auto-generate The Results Needed.

•             SHIFT+MEFI = Make Employees Follow Instructions

•             SHIFT+SFT = Software Free Trial

•             CTRL+SB = Sign-off Budget

•             SHIFT+SI = Simplify Information

•             CTRL+RSCF = Return Signed & Completed Forms

•             CTRL+UIGLTYASQ = Use Info Given Last Time You Asked Same Question

We always knew that the Proformative community does great things on small budgets, and this proves our case. We’d love to hear your ideas too. You can read the the original discussion and comments here and may all your fantasy Excel shortcuts come true!

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