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Find the Right Ways to Motivate Staff Members

Help employees reach their potential with motivation.

Getting employees to work to their full potential gives businesses the opportunity to grow and become more fruitful, but it is much easier said than done for several firm owners. The key to get staff members to work hard is to keep them motivated, perhaps through the use of office perks and benefits on the job, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder.

"What determines job satisfaction is not a one-size-fits-all, but flexibility, recognition, the ability to make a difference and yes, even special perks, can go a long way," said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder.

The research revealed there are a number of perks that can keep employees satisfied and motivated in their current positions. Fifty-nine percent said they were pleased with their ability to have a flexible schedule, 35 percent like the fact they are challenged at their job and 33 percent enjoy the opportunity to work from home. 

"Being compensated well will always be a top consideration, but we're seeing work-life balance, telecommuting options and learning opportunities outweigh other job factors when an employee decides whether to stay with an organization," said Haefner.

Infuse energy throughout the entire staff
Management teams don't have to always satisfy their employees with perks and benefits, but those things are always good ways to make sure employees are working hard. When times are tough in the office, many business leade
rs seek other ways to reinvigorate the staff. A recent article for Inc. magazine outlined a list of ways to get employees to approach their jobs with a new energy and zest for their careers.

  • Break of the monotony with a challenging assignment: Far too many employees do almost the same thing on a daily basis. Some may feel they can basically do their jobs in their sleep. This doesn't always have to be the case. Business leaders who see that their employees are bored with their jobs can give them a challenging task that is different from their day-to-day operations. These assignments will often motivate employees to continue to work hard.
  • Ask employees about ways to improve the firm: Staff members often feel more valued by their employers if they are asked their opinions about how processes are completed at the company. Not only will gauging the thoughts of employees challenge them to come up with new ways to work toward growth, but it will also provide them with an opportunity where they can think outside the box and do something different in the workplace.
  • Give staff adequate time away: Getting burned out in the office is something that many professionals experience. Whether it is taking a few days to clear their mind and gain back some energy or simply heading out for a long lunch, staff members need to get away from their jobs for a little while. Stepping out of a challenging work environment for a long or short period of time can help staff members regain the energy they have lost while working hard at their positions.

Business leaders who are looking to get the most from their employees can consider these pieces of advice when they are trying to reinvigorate their staff. It doesn't always take expensive perks or employee benefits packages to keep employees motivated on the job.

Do you feel you are getting staff to work up to their full potential? What are you doing to motivate employees to work harder?