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With a Focus on Finance Community, NYSE Technologies May Have Broken the Mold for Cloud

With an eye on the New York Stock Exchange,

As the finance community continues to move toward the cloud, one major financial services organization may have established a new standard for the technology that could have a ripple effect into other markets.

NYSE Euronext recently released its Capital Markets Community Platform, which one industry expert has called "a good example for other vertical markets to follow." James Staten, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, wrote in a recent Forbes report that the latest offering from NYSE Technologies satisfies a need that is common for organizations of all types.

With its Infrastructure-as-a-Service format, the Capital Markets Community Platform makes it easier for financial services firms to establish and use virtual machines - a process that has proven essential to providing the high-speed access to information that is needed for quick responses to market changes.

According to Staten, this platform improves upon a cloud format attempted in other markets, and it could help establish groundwork for future developments.

"Community clouds exist in higher education, pharmaceuticals and other markets, so this isn’t brand new, but is another testament to how real the cloud computing market is and shows a best practice for how to set up a solution that serves the unique needs of a particular market," Staten wrote for Forbes. "Well done, NYSE."

While the NYSE solution is incorporated with VMware virtualization technology, others in the cloud fray are clamoring to tailor their services for compatibility with the finance community. Microsoft recently unveiled updates to its latest cloud-based enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management products, claiming the changes are in line with current demands.

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