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Former Google Employees Bring New Solutions to Android

Emerging Android security innovations may inspire increased enterprise adoption.

Tom Moss and Gaurav Mathur left their positions with Google last year due to frustration surrounding Android security. According to Wired, the duo's startup venture, 3LM, may have the best strategy so far for enterprise-class mobile security.

In 2010, the disgruntled Google employees were frustrated by the technology giant's willingness to shift the burden of mobile security onto third-party application vendors.

"We were tired of seeing these bad solutions," Moss told the news outlet. "Everyone else is working on applications. But we're working at the platform level."

By adding security and monitoring features at the operating system level, the developers believe their solution can give enterprise IT managers a better handle on Android devices in the workplace, according to Wired. One manufacturer, Motorola Mobility, has already demonstrated its belief in 3LM by purchasing the company for an undisclosed fee.

The emergence of Mathur and Moss's brainchild comes at an important time. According to comScore, Google's Android now has 43.7 percent market share of U.S. smartphone subscribers, making it the dominant consumer mobile device platform.