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FTC Suits up for Google Case

FTC Suits up for Google Case

The Federal Trade Commission has hired litigator Beth Wilkinson to head an investigation as to whether it will proceed with an antitrust lawsuit against Google. While the FTC has not made any definitive moves in prosecuting the tech giant, Wilkinson's entrance has been taken by many as a clear indicator of what's to come.

Some of the accusations that have been brought against the company are the fairness of its search engine results. According to InformationWeek, there were claims that Google put Yelp content in its own Places pages and that it prioritized its own content in search engine page rankings. Google's actions could impact corporate finance companies among others.

Google's list of potential detractors seems to be growing. CNET reports that the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Center for Digital Democracy encouraged the FTC to launch the investigation, and that overseas, the European Union's competition office is also looking into the company.

Informationweek reports that Google is facing possible allegations on a state level, as they are  also being investigated by Texas for similar antitrust allegations.