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Get Creative When Recruiting Your Next Finance Employee

Employees want to find a company that reaches them in an innovative way.

CFOs who want their finance teams to be a primary asset to their companies know the importance of getting top talent to join the ranks. However, many recruitment strategies are outdated and leave some of talented members of the workforce waiting for offers from the businesses that blow them away.

Some innovation could go a long way in help managers find the employees who can make a positive impact on their company. According to Forbes, taking a risk and being different is a strong strategy for recruitment. In some cases, this means tailoring a hiring plan toward individuals rather than trying to get job candidates to conform to what the company has in mind for a new hire.

Think Outside the Box
When seeking out the top talent, CFOs can't expect that top-notch candidates will simply appear. In fact, recruiting is even more difficult in today's business world as companies get even more competitive with one another. Some unusual strategies could end up being the difference in bringing some of the most skilled workers to the enterprise, and letting them land with other firms in the industry. Here are some outside-the-box methods recruiters have found to be effective:

  • Catch the eye of prospective workers: A simple job posting on the Internet and having a Facebook page complete with information about the firm simply won't cut it. Inc. magazine outlined how online infrastructure company Gigya used Valentine's Day as an opportunity to allow employees to "break up" with their job and to give away business cards that had a coupon for a free dessert. By showing workers that the company is willing to be creative, CFOs could see higher levels of interest in their firm.
  • Show continued interest: Some potential employees may choose a different business to work for when they leave college or their previous job. However, that doesn't mean CFOs and their teams should give up on these workers. It's important to show these members of the workforce that the firm wants them whenever they are ready. CFOs must understand that they are going to have to compete for their teams, even if it is over an extended period of time.
  • Take advantage of non-traditional media: Although Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have taken off in the recruiting world, businesses have a long way to go to master all of the innovative strategies they can use to pique the interest of top talent. For example, Business Insider said a YouTube channel could be a good way to get the company noticed. A video that shows the fun culture of the company or a podcast that discusses how the firm carries out processes could help garner interest from the most skilled workers.

Don't Wait for Potential Employees
After CFOs have developed a better understanding of what it takes to recruit the top talent, they must realize they can't wait for prospective employees to approach the company, they need to be more proactive in their hiring strategies. Job search sites and social media platforms aren't just for jobseekers, they can also be useful tool for CFOs who are tying to add the right people to their team. 

According to Business Insider, screening these websites is a strong strategy for CFOs who want to handpick their staff. Social media sites also give employers an opportunity to look at some of the interests of potential employees to ensure they they will fit right in with the rest of the team.