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Google CEO Facing Challenges in New Role

Google CEO Facing Challenges in New Role

Google co-founder Larry Page decided to take over the role of CEO earlier this year, but this transition has proven to be a difficult one with the company facing a number of challenges, The Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the news source, such challenges have included a U.S. antitrust probe of the company's practices and the changing winds of the industry, which recently led Page to approve the purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.

Page has reportedly been faced with attempts to acquire new patents while keeping the business running smoothly, but his colleagues say he is placing the majority of his focus on the specific things he has control over, the Journal reported.

"Larry's very aware of all the things that are playing out internally and externally, and he cares about it," Sundar Pichai, the head of Google's Chrome browser and operating system, told the publication. "While he takes all that into his mind, the way he approaches work is with a strong focus around products and users."

Aside from these specific challenges Page has faced through his transition to the chief executive desk, a crucial aspect of his job is to mentor those directly beneath him in order to groom them and solidify potential succession plans, according to CFO Magazine.