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Google tells businesses to back off, let them work on Google+ for enterprise

Google developers are telling businesses

While much of the recent attention in the tech industry has revolved around the impact of Google's new social venture Google+, enterprise leaders may need to put off their excitement for a little while.

Christian Oestlien, a developer with the company who worked on the Google+ project, recently wrote in a company bog post that, although a significant number of large companies have expressed interest in Google+, the enterprise edition still needs some work.

"We have been watching Google+ take shape over the last week and we've seen some really great companies get involved," Oestlien wrote in the blog post.

"Right now, we're very much focused on optimizing for the consumer experience. But we have a great team of engineers building a similarly optimized business experience for Google+. We are very excited about it and hope to roll it out later this year," he added.

According to Oestlien, Ford is one of the first big-name companies already working with Google to help curtail the technology to enterprise needs.

While many companies may wish they could get in on Google+ as soon as possible, further development could provide an experience that distinctly benefits businesses. With some work, perhaps Google can learn from its previous attempts to enter the social fray, such as Google Wave, that have fallen flat.